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  1. You've just got to love the double standards at play here:


    Think back to a very similar situation 9 years ago


    For ethnic Russians- read ethnic Albanians

    For Ossetia-Kosovo

    For Georgia-Serbia


    The only major difference is that Russia, unlike Albania had the power to come to the aid of its people in a breakaway province.


    And as for Saakashvili.. The sooner the FSB send in a hitman, the better.

  2. Is this the beginning of the end?


    Newzbin has today received a letter from the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

    In the letter, they claim that some editors may be reporting material from Usenet that is infringing the copyright of their members.


    While these claims have not been substantiated, it should be noted that Newzbin does not condone the distribution or indexing of such materials. We will immediately act to remove any items that are found to be infringing copyright.


    Please take a moment to refer to our Terms and Conditions, in particular sections 4 and 4.2.


    Please note that we may revoke privileges, or ban accounts, of users found to be violating these Terms and Conditions.

  3. Darn shame if true. I always liked Euromanx.


    Good riddance. Crap from day one.


    BA Connect were the best, especially with the fare structure for onward connections.

  4. Hello


    I use my laptop at work and at home. Both internet connections are controlled by the firm I work for. They have a block on mp3 downloading, and that prevents me from downloading my favourite podcasts, both through iTunes and my browser.


    Is there anyway I can get round this? I can download zip/rar files without any bother, so I was wondering if there was anywhere online that could convert files to other formats online, so that I can download.


    I am not trying to get illegal content from the web, nor am I wanting to discuss the ethics of bypassing corporate filters! I've got a 24 hour trip back to the island next week & I want something decent to listen to other than the music on the ipod.


    Any help much appreciated.

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