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    They probably kept a note of it with the card. And sadly this'll mean that the bank won't be liable for their losses. Either that, or a simple 1234 or 0000 PIN was used.
  2. One good thing about Robinson's: TAYTO CRISPS! EDIT: Bloody hell! I've just noticed that they sell them online, and can ship a box to Polska for a fiver!
  3. only 26.99 delivered from play.com All I need now is a ps2
  4. Great idea! Count me in! Haven't won a sweep since a certain Paul Rideout goal
  5. Can't stand the Thai joint on Bucks Road. Not because of the food, but because it leaves you stinking of vegetable fat from the kitchens downstairs. Best food: L'Experience (bit pricey, mind) the Indian on the terrace & the Chinese takeaway near Parliament Sq, Ramsey.
  6. My last gas bill over here came to 16 quid. And that was for three months. Manx Gas are taking the urine. Especially when considering there's a load of it under the sea on their doorstep.
  7. germann

    Taxi Survey

    Got them over here in Warsaw too. Only problem is that some of the older drivers spend more time squinting at the screen and prodding the buttons on the device than looking where they're going.
  8. What's with all this paranoia on this board? If you want I can set up a manxforums.pl on an obscure server on the border with the Ukraine. We can then give ourselves truly anonymous usernames & spread the skeet like a load of ol' Peel fishwives! That's what forums are all about, yessir!
  9. Why not? Must be worth a mint.
  10. Good tip. I'll take heed of that. D'oh
  11. sorry Cret, only just spotted this. Stale is probably the wrong word, although I'm not sure of the right one! What I mean is the water becomes unpalatable, it dvelops bubbles and tastes awful. Try it. fill a half pint glass with water, taste it, then leave it for a hour, come back and taste it again. You'll soon see what I'm getting at! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The word is 'stagnant' stag·nant adj. 1. Not moving or flowing; motionless. 2. Foul or stale from standing: stagnant ponds. 3. 1. Showing little or no sign of activity or advancement; not develop
  12. Are there any _decent_ PS2 emulators available for Windows/Linux? Would love to give this game a go when it finally hits the shelves, but don't really want to fork out for a console that's getting on a bit.
  13. Just run the tap for a few minutes and the water is just fine! I miss being able to drink water out of the tap (especially after a skin full!). The water over here is foul.
  14. Can't say I find any of this surprising. I host a forum over here in Poland and some members were trying for months to get a bash organised, but it never came about. It's the nature of the world wide beast. Plus, since it was Easter Saturday, I guess most members had family commitments or breaks off island organised... Would love to have gone to the Lounge last night, to put a few faces to names, but flights are a bit steep this time of year, and I doubt even Paul H would have given me a lift!
  15. germann

    Cruise Boat

    They're nicking all our callig & xxxxties, yessir
  16. I wonder what 'parking controller', I mean 'traffic warden' was foolish enough to slap a parking fine onto a lawyer's car? It's the only way this could have happened. And I'd have paid serious money to have seen the gobs drop at the Department of Home Affairs when it sank in!
  17. And maybe even charge interest! There must be some serial offenders out there who could claw back some serious lolly, Surely if they've acted illegally they ought to be liable to providing records of those who have paid fines over the years??
  18. What about the Manx way of pronouncing the numbers '13' & '14' with MASSIVE glottal stops after the first syllable. Mad!
  19. germann

    Grid Lock

    Bloody hell! Has a sense of morality finally made it to Ramsey?
  20. germann

    Grid Lock

    That was tried in central Athens for a few years. And it filled the streets with even more cars, many of which were far from road worthy. If it was tried over here, the only people to benefit would be Laxey Garage & people selling 50 quid bangers in the Courier!
  21. Perhaps Ronaldsway could re-brand itself as 'Liverpool Norman Wisdom International'?
  22. If anyone thinks that they will fly direct to European destinations then they're very much mistaken. Airlines have always struggled to fill IOM-Dublin flights, and the SeaCat to Dublin is rarely even half-full. With a such a small population, easyJet will just be after our successful routes, and will inflate the fares after killing off the opposition; Just like what they're doing over here in Poland at the moment. And then we can all forget about getting those cheap 'connecting' fares with BA for journeys further afield....
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