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  1. They're not gulls, seagulls or herring gulls. They're sh:tehawks.
  2. Speaking of puke, has anyone slipped on that projectile vomit currently festering at the bottom of Crellin's Hill? Minging!!
  3. Tell your journo friend that he has a moral responsibility to make a .torrent file of the game
  4. Obviously the tabloid & glossy mag hacks have stopped offering her bundles of lolly: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...2261190104&rd=1
  5. The Wheatsheaf on Lord St. was a top pub, only to be replaced by yet another tossers' bar.
  6. http://www.pornolize.com/pornolize4?lang=e...p&submit=submit http://www.pornolize.com/pornolize4?lang=e...t&submit=submit Discretion required - not work or child friendly
  7. I'm 32 and drink high-octane booze at rock bottom prices here in Poland, so perhaps the sulk is more of a drunken slur!
  8. What the proposal is saying is that it's ok for under 21s to drink American Budweiser, but they have to wait to try the genuine Czech stuff. Three years of drinking urine is a bit harsh, eh?
  9. Count yourselves lucky. If I drink the water over here, I'll have the squirts for days.
  10. Fried beef with green pepper in black bean sauce from the New Hong Kong gets my vote. Although Charlie from the New World, RIP, was a dab hand at all things Chinese!
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