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  1. When's it starting? How has the strike affected s4?
  2. Always knew it was a problem, but the second paragraph is plain bonkers!! http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews....-PLAGIARISM.xml
  3. The Pakistanis round here are going bonkers about it. Corrupt, or not; like her or loathe her, she did represent a semblance of democracy in Wackystan.
  4. Would any Manx residents' details be on the discs?
  5. It's hop tuu naa every night in my neighbourhood:
  6. Thanks Greetings from the desert
  7. My Nokia went back one hour. My timezone didn't. Was an hour late for work on Sunday
  8. 1) Chelsea 2) Liverpool 3) Man Utd 4) Newcastle Utd Down: Derby, Fulham, S*nderland
  9. Was down there last weekend. You can't get too close to it, as it is surrounded by the world's biggest building site. It looks like 1945 Warsaw at the moment, but if the rest of Dubai is anything to go by, it will be incredible when it's finished.
  10. Just got a cheap n95 over here. Any links to sites with apps would be much appreciated! Mine must be marketed for the locals as it came with an English-Arabic dictionary and an app for prayer times
  11. Nice one! I will give it a whirl! Many thanks to you and your sister from dusty Khalifa City
  12. Rock Bottom is indeed still open! I have a copy of Skype from oldversion.com, but it is only any good for text chat. Apparently only the very latest works for voice, pc-pc.
  13. Can someone help me out here? I am trying to acquire the latest version of Skype here in Abu Dhabi, but the gov't of the UAE have blocked skype.com's website for being unislamic (ie. it undercuts the local telco monopoly). If anyone can link to a site where I can get the latest version for Windows, please let me know!
  14. Check your household insurance policy. You never know...
  15. Just been asked this question via email. No idea what the answer is. Anyone got any ideas??
  16. You've started early on the Babycham
  17. Just finished watching the last 3 eps of season 3. My head hurts!
  18. I found these trolleys in my local supermarket today!! Ze Germans must be stocking up on underwear in time for the TT!
  19. Champions League- Man Utd beating Liverpool in the final, or vice versa. AC Milan don't deserve to be there, and Chelsea are Chelsea. Plus it would be hilarious to see both sets of fans to have to head all the way to Athens!! League & Cup, both Man Utd too. Just can't stand Chelsea for all the usual reasons. And Man Utd have played some incredible football this season.
  20. And what if they fail? Nothing. If you pass, what do you get? A visa or a work permit? No. So what's the fecking point? I'm sure all the Philipinos and Sith Ifricans will be queuing up to spend 50 quid of their hard-earned cash to get a poxy certificate. And why only non-EU citizens? Are Poles more Manx than Ukrainians?
  21. Last time I went into HSBC in Douglas, about a month ago, there were three members of staff herding people towards various paying in/out/sideways machines, and just one 'normal' cashier on duty to deal with a long queue of us luddites.
  22. Then why don't you give up? It isn't that hard- and all the NRT that you need is free on the NHS in the IoM
  23. Got it! Excessive hammering on the keys has ground it down, and now it's joined the harmless Weetabix and Tayto crumbs under the space bar
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