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  1. Always knew it was a problem, but the second paragraph is plain bonkers!!


    LONDON (Reuters) - More than half of teachers in a survey said they thought plagiarism from the Internet is a problem.


    Some students who steal essays wholesale from the Web, they said, are so lazy they don't even bother to take the adverts off the cut-and-pasted text.

    Fifty-eight percent of the teachers interviewed in the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) questionnaire had come across plagiarism among their sixth-form pupils.


    Gill Bullen from Itchen College in Southampton for example said pieces handed in by two students were identical and "significantly better than either of them could have done."



    "Not only that, the essays given in didn't quite answer the title question I had set."


    A teacher from Leeds said: "I had one piece of work so blatantly 'cut and pasted' that it still contained adverts from the Web page."


    Connie Robinson from Stockton Riverside College, Stockton on Tees, said: "With less able students it is easy to spot plagiarism as the writing style changes mid-assignment, but with more able students it is sometimes necessary for tutors to carry out Internet research to identify the source of the plagiarism."


    Mary Bousted, general secretary of the ATL, said: "Teachers are struggling under a mountain of cut-and-pasting to spot whether work was the student's own or plagiarism."



  2. Was down there last weekend. You can't get too close to it, as it is surrounded by the world's biggest building site. It looks like 1945 Warsaw at the moment, but if the rest of Dubai is anything to go by, it will be incredible when it's finished.

  3. Can someone help me out here? I am trying to acquire the latest version of Skype here in Abu Dhabi, but the gov't of the UAE have blocked skype.com's website for being unislamic (ie. it undercuts the local telco monopoly). If anyone can link to a site where I can get the latest version for Windows, please let me know!

  4. Being a firman is ace. You can get paid loads and do foreigneres witgh all the loads of free time


    When it comes to scandals and naughtiness on the island, this has to be the biggest scam going. Kitchen fitting is the best as that fits in nicely with shift 'work'.


    But don't forget Summerland 30 odd year agao as there were many lives saved doing the job, a bit like the great fire of london


    BUt I must say if MY house were blazing I wouldn't complain very muchh.


    You've started early on the Babycham :blink:

  5. Champions League- Man Utd beating Liverpool in the final, or vice versa. AC Milan don't deserve to be there, and Chelsea are Chelsea. Plus it would be hilarious to see both sets of fans to have to head all the way to Athens!!


    League & Cup, both Man Utd too. Just can't stand Chelsea for all the usual reasons. And Man Utd have played some incredible football this season.

  6. And what if they fail? Nothing. If you pass, what do you get? A visa or a work permit? No. So what's the fecking point?


    I'm sure all the Philipinos and Sith Ifricans will be queuing up to spend 50 quid of their hard-earned cash to get a poxy certificate.


    And why only non-EU citizens? Are Poles more Manx than Ukrainians?



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