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  1. I was eating a giant pretzel while watching '24' the other night, when a huge piece of salt lodged itself under one of my laptop keys. Any idea how to safely remove the key/keyboard to get the bugger out? (It's a cheapo Acer Travelmate 2410 if it helps)
  2. Here's a foreign band with a really strange name.
  3. Sorry, I've no idea what woossshhhh actually means, irrespective of size. Thought you said you were a seasoned forum user. Pants on fire.
  4. Same here. Would love to have a Slingbox in the IoM sending me decent telly, but can't.
  5. Fucking hell. Bit of a waste of resources to rescue a couple of morons who are seasick and scared of the big waves.
  6. An even cheaper option is to buy a couple of big cakeboxes, download DVD Shrink then trawl the web for free DVD rental trials.
  7. Was a great place when Pauline & Mike were in charge. Happy days
  8. 3d, 4d, whatever.. the place is still a shitehole!!!!
  9. Lilja 4-Ever Possibly the most depressing yet powerful film I have ever seen. If you are a subscriber to an online DVD rental service, stick on your list. This film will haunt you for a long time to come.
  10. Go easy on the mayo, don't eat shite ready-meals, takeaways and cakes, walk to work, exercise. It's not fecking rocket science. Everytime I come back to the UK, even from sausage & lager loving Germany, I can't get over how many fat people are around, especially women. The IoM is even worse, the only slim people here seem to be Eastern European migrants. And yet the country is obsessed with watching Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey et al instructing them how to cook to the extent that they spend more time watching cookery programmes than they do on cooking. wtf???
  11. I'm guessing they're waiting for it to be written off, and are that mean that they don't see the point of chartering in the meantime as they are going to get the money to buy a replacement. And a loss of revenue claim will no doubt be filed too, judging by their tardiness to charter a replacement.
  12. Apparently Liverpool were away in Portugal on a team building session and Bellamy beat Riise up with a golf club! http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=138903
  13. Why can't we just have a good old fashioned war? Chav conscripts would make perfect cannon fodder.
  14. Then jailed for assault, leaving alienated daughter in arms of junkie.
  15. What s/he said. Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
  16. I tried Vista this evening. Looked really pretty, then it started nagging at me. Microsoft must have hired some Polish women.
  17. Nothing says 'I love you' quite like saturated fat and slutty lingerie clickity-click-click-clicky
  18. The problem with AV products with high-ratings is that they often turn out to be sluggish bloatware with too many unnecessary features. Norton and McAfee were forever adding new snake oil to their AVs in a bid to 'out-star' each other in magazine tests, only to see their once decent products end up as cack-ware.
  19. The problem on the IoM is that, in Douglas especially, you cannot avoid bad areas in the centre. Pretty much the whole of it can be a get-jumped-by-pissed-up-gits-lotto on a weekend night. I've felt safer walking through rough areas of Warsaw, Berlin, Athens and Quito on a Saturday night than Strand Street and the Prom
  20. A blonde, beautiful and talented comic actress who died young? Apart from blonde and young - no. An airhead, publicity-loving blonde who died young? Perhaps we can find a likeness a bit nearer to home. By 'Monroed', I meant shagged on the slab! Legend has it that MM was buried with two broken legs after her stiff had been stiffed
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