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  1. I haven't used an antivirus for ages. I am behind a router, use the latest firefox, keep my email as webmail, and don't open suspicious looking attachments. Haven't had any problems on Windows or Linux for years.
  2. I wonder if she will be 'Monroed'...
  3. Apparently, Frank Lampard is being a right tit about Barton being in the England squad, won’t talk to him, pass to him, all that stuff, and got up to move to another table at breakfast when Barton sat at the same one. Apparently as soon as he stood up and moved, Barton called after him "Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to nick your breakfast you fat prick" and Lampard threw a hissy fit and stormed out. from someone who works for the FA/England
  4. Could turn out like Emerald vs Euromanx: Two companies go head to head, both sustain losses, one survives and then hikes up prices.
  5. germann


    Miles Corlett is your man. He doesn't advertise which would suggest he is probably really busy too but it's worth a try - 480746. Top notch service & knows his stuff. edit: typo
  6. This sort of abandonment goes on all the time in Poland, especially in smaller towns. A family goes on holiday, or the kids get bored of the dog. Daddy then goes for a drive and Fido has gone to 'live on a farm'.
  7. But they'll probably get one of these instead:
  8. Waiting for a decent 'evaluation/FCKGW' version to come out on the web.
  9. I doubt Manx2/Euromanx/FlyBe would have anything near the negotiating power of BMI who are a pretty big player at LHR.
  10. It's not Dieter Bohlen who is the scary one, it's Nina Hagen The winners of Popstars were a lot better than Leona Lewis, imo Monrose - Shame
  11. I think Amadeus will agree with me on this one:
  12. The regime in Cuba has been lucky in the way that Fidel is dying so bloody slowly. His brother has been in charge for quite a while now, so the transition of the dictatorship has gone pretty smoothly, with his brother introducing his own policies during this time.
  13. "She said I needed equitette lessons or samfink" Equitette. Etiquette you fucking moron.
  14. Thats unusual, I missed my London flight a few months ago, they were very very nice and put me on the Manchester flight and didnt charge me anything sadly the train people still wanted £70 to get me to london but I made it! Euromanx FTW. I think it's the Euromanx staff at Liverpool who are the problem. In fact all the staff at Liverpool Airport seem to be a miserable shower. The staff in security act like bouncers at chucking out time.
  15. We'll only tell you if you scan and upload the pictures you have already!
  16. This film is currently getting rave reviews in Russia: Остров (The Island) Highly recommended.
  17. The inquest is a total waste of money. The Daily Express should conduct a text poll and go with its verdict. Cheap and will give the Express plenty of opportunities to show yet more front page photos of the people's whore.
  18. Did you spot the cameo of Stephen Merchant?
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