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  1. The first four episodes have made it onto the web, even though the series doesn't start until tomorrow! Apparently someone nicked a copy of the soon to be released DVD installment from the factory and uploaded it! Wish they'd do the same with 'Lost'
  2. germann


    Go to Samos! It's got everything that Turkey has, but without those pesky bombs
  3. I don't like the idea of texting with a touchscreen. I'm more than happy with my cheapo Sony Ericsson 750i for short trips and my old 20gb ipod for longer journeys.
  4. Over 4 kilos of lager, confectionery, M&S ready meals and Terrace Chippy's finest. Hope to sweat it all off in the desert from tomorrow!
  5. 689,901 tracks in 50,239 albums by 16,104 artists, instantly accessible is better than any other download source that I have found on the web, and that includes easynews.
  6. Because allofmp3 lets you choose the quality of the track. The higher the quality, the more you pay. So cheapskates and audiophiles are both happy. I tend to get songs from allofmp3 when I don't have time to trawl the net or can't be assed looking elsewhere.
  7. Go over to play.com Free delivery means that you won't waste time finding a perfect system only to find that shipping to the island is either prohibitively expensive or non-existent.
  8. So what will you give up, and what self-improvements have you promised yourselves? I am going to learn Russian, get some scuba certs and continue to smoke like a chimney. I will give up quiche, cos it's horrid.
  9. Rhumsaa for mod status! Go on, go on, go on!
  10. As the title suggests, this is not safe for work!! clickity-click
  11. Does anyone know if there is anywhere on the island that would remove the simlock from a k750i? I've done a bit of research on the web, and service cable is needed.
  12. Merry Christmas I hope Santa brought you all lots of nice pressies
  13. Velodrome cycling is as boring as Nascar. Factomundo! They should blow the entire budget on getting the Tour de France to do a stage on the IoM.
  14. Finally got through to BA customer 'services'. Been told that it'll be arrving Boxing Day at the earliest. No pressies from me tomorrow
  15. Anyone know if there's a number in Ronaldsway that will help me trace my luggage? Flew back with BA to the IOM yesterday from Frankfurt via Birmingham and Glasgow, and although I was mighty relieved to get through the last of the fog, the baggage wasn't so fortunate. BA's website has given me a very vague 'ITEM LOCATED. AIRLINE IS CONFIRMING' since yesterday evening, and their so-called hotline tells me that it's too busy to take any calls! Any advice/experience please?
  16. On the subject of large, I just spotted a 50gb torrent over on Demonoid- 172 JS Bach cds
  17. I think it was a full 90min detention if you didn't make a marked improvement on the unseen round. Sodding detention indeed. Hated those bloody spelling lists.
  18. That was the idea. In reality, you'd just beg, borrow and steal answers from the pupils who didn't spend their Xmas hols messing with a new ZX Spectrum in order to get enough right.
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