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  1. Tried leaving the Island at the weekend - chaos, all the cancellations, and none of them due to weather conditions, all down to piss poor service by carriers, BA, Easyjet and Flybe, surely they must be accountable for the service level they are offering, I pitied the ops people trying to justify the cancellations, sort out taxis , accommodation etc for so many people, totally under resourced - lots of pissed off people , doesn't give a good account of the Island
  2. Yes it is sheltered, i suppose its the question is he as eligible as the next man? Probably but a few people p1ssed he gets a 2 bed - when other people been told they cant have same,
  3. Cooryt Balleigh, Not BalleighCourt both in same area, Cooryt Balleigh is Gov Housing
  4. Yep, Cooryt Balleigh - (2 bed) wheels within wheels
  5. had something similar when mine just froze on me, following forum advice, took back cover off, removed battery replace after 30 seconds and turn on, worked for me - good luck
  6. Why should the midden of the north get more? After all, Auntie Annie and Big Al arranged for the regeneration fund to spruce up the vacant lot on Parliament Street. That should be enough for a century, IMHO. Yawn!!! arse
  7. Asked my missus for a valentines lamb shank -- no chance
  8. Do the same taxes apply to all airlines? I am flying over in the summer and got tickets for about £12.00 but taxes take the price to over £100 so in theory won't it be expensive whoever flies in?
  9. Was probably a foreign registered car then... other countries are allowed to have MN in their number plates you know. Hence the question, 4 numbers followed by MN Thought it was exclusively a manx registration but certainly didn't look it
  10. did it have a GBM plate on it (as it should) No there was no gbm plate, in fact number plate was white rather than the usual yellow, also to clarify, it wasnt 1234 MN - that was just example of the format!
  11. Thanks for all replies, and I thought it was Manx, why I queried was it was left hand drive and looked very Eastern European
  12. I saw a car in London yesterday with registration of 4 numbers followed by MN (1234 MN), manx or not?
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