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  1. He's not, thankfully. Its for this reason I'm so surprised he's actually coming over here, not complaining though.
  2. Seen him twice, once at V festival (98) and once at his own night in Liverpool. At V98 he wasn't that great, but put him in front of his "own" crowd and he is a completely different act altogether. On the basis its a tenner to get into the Courthouse to see a local DJ every weekend, £40 for this is fine with me.
  3. Seahog Hunter fishing boat, Snipe trailer Electric start Honda BF30 4-stroke outboard Auxiliary engine Garmin 298c Colour Screen GPS and Fishfinder with Irish Sea Bluechart Cobra Marine Radio Nav Lights Anchor Rod holders Bilge Pump Flares Engine serviced recently, boat frequently used and ready to fish. Currently lying in Douglas. £4250
  4. Is there any service history? How long have you owned the car?
  5. They didn't win my support this morning, they were pissing me off and quite a few of their other potential customers.
  6. A little less heavy than james blunt, should go down well with the bikers.
  7. Exactly where did he fall from? 30 feet above the road? I can only assume the brigde was 30 feet up in its lifting stage and he was trying to jump it ?
  8. Was that really the cause? Did it have nothing to do with the speed of the car and/or actions/reactions of the driver? Cause or not, double white lines are more likely to stop someone overtaking in that area than a speed limit imo.
  9. Quality pictures mate, never seen those before, thanks very much.......
  10. On sale now at devereaus
  11. Its pasty baps that led to my inspiration of a sausage roll baguette, yet to carry it out, but one day i will.
  12. Sold my Scooby now White van man now - bah! (being practical sucks...) If its practicality your looking for, what about this ?
  13. PG's Pizza, egg bap for the bargain price of 80p
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