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  1. Oh, dear. Even when I stop posting it seems as if I manage to cause trouble! In all honesty, I did my level best to leave without flouncing - because it’s always the cause of justifiable hilarity when someone ‘announces’ their departure from Manx Forums as if it’s a world-shattering item of news. So I tried to slip away very quietly in the hope that my absence wouldn’t be noticed. Obviously, it didn’t work. I had received (as I realised later) a number of PM messages asking if I was okay. May I apologise for not responding to many of those well-wishers and thank them for their concer
  2. My identities are Lonan3 and Terse (which I haven't used for a very long time and I don't think I can recall the log in password for). The other two are people I have met
  3. I remember a guy in a van selling herring. He used to ring a very loud hand bell and yell "Herring... fresh herring!"
  4. I don't want to defend Suarez in any way whatsoever. He may well be a brilliant talent but he's a severely flawed person who clearly needs a lot of psychological help before he returns to the game. That said, however, if the injuries he actually inflicted on opponents were worthy of the ban he received, what should have been given for some of these?
  5. I feel sorry for Chile. They did everything right and played football that was good to watch and losing a penalty shoot-out to the host nation must be gut-wrenching. Brazil have been a bit disappointing so far, but they seem to get the rub of the green, which suggests that they can win without being particularly great or exciting.
  6. This page isn't available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else.
  7. Well, he has been accused of being the second biggest asshole at the World Cup - after Sepp Blatter, that is.
  8. He's obviously there because of his record!
  9. I want the USA to go through just so this spoof Twitter account continues! https://twitter.com/usasoccerguy
  10. Someone probably relieved not to be facing him - the potential headlines being obvious.
  11. If we'd known the odds were that good....
  12. >I've been watching the England match. Oh so you're the viewer mentioned by the BBC... How did they get on? I've been in Shoprite; priorities you know... TBT I forgot to mention that it wasn't broadcast on the BBC - so you appear to know as much about cricket (the greatest and by far the most important game in the world) as you do about football.
  13. >I've been watching the England match. Oh so you're the viewer mentioned by the BBC... How did they get on? I've been in Shoprite; priorities you know... TBT I was watching the cricket. The England team were almost, but not quite, as bad as the footballers. At least they put up a fight.
  14. From the worst performance though. The cricket is much better. Well it was until the next to last ball!
  15. I've been watching the England match. Real backs-to-the-wall stuff as they try to get a draw. One wicket standing, five overs left and Moeen's made his maiden century - really gripping!
  16. I love the way that TJ begins by blaming everything on Islamic fundamentalists, moves on to point the finger at Western powers. then decides they're controlled by the 'international bankers and transnational corporations' and goes on to tell us to ignore them and concentrate on the elites 'who are obsessed with ushering in a one world government.' Eventually, as he keeps moving up the chain, he'll come to the point where the only person to really blame is the god that mankind invented - every god - to use as an excuse for our own greed and megalomania.
  17. And the future is? http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140623-the-real-life-hoverbike Electric bikes? Pfffft!
  18. And still got unceremoniously dumped out of the major competitions! There have been a few voices claiming that Cole - and even Terry - should have been in the squad but, although they both useful players in the past, neither of them would have been up to the current task. In many cases it has been loyalty to long-serving players that has prevented younger talent from emerging and all credit to Hodgson for challenging that philosophy to some degree. I have to say, though, that I think it was a mistake to include Lambert once Jay Rodriguez was injured - their partnership was the best thing ab
  19. Says the only person who probably won't accept that Jagielka and Baines were culpable for the second goal.
  20. It may well be that, after the next election, Kate Beecroft will be seen as a potential CM - as might Cannon or Thomas. None of them have sufficient experience just yet, and I don't think they'd relish donning the mantle with the dead wood they'd have to use to construct a cabinet. If Bell were to finally realise that he lacks any leadership qualities whatsoever and decide to resign, the numpties are perfectly capable of turning to someone as inappropriate as Robertshaw, or even Teare as a temporary solution. Peter Karran, though sincere in most of what he says (it's difficult to be sure bec
  21. Poor choice - packages don't throw up on the back seat.
  22. You know the expression; 'would you like to talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what's happening?
  23. No offence, but I'll pass. I had an American friend who'd played at college level who explained it to me very well. Understanding it didn't actually make it any better - it still came over as rugby for the less intelligent. I had the same trouble with rounders and netball baseball and basketball if that's any comfort.
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