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  1. Best travel camera I have is a Canon S95 and a waterproof case :-) ..i have used it many time and friends always 'borrow' it when they go on holiday... works well but not travelled much recently, your welcome to try it, would prefer it used than just sit in a draw in the flat and not be used, comes with 2 batteries and a charger
  2. Oooooof Bad choice of Day, I will be at the Rovers Chrismas party all day ...I may,if Time an imbibement allows, come over all rambunctiously and with scant disregard to Introduce myself to the knees of the Elves
  3. mines been out since the last update ...its right in the notification bar but just not the weather app...and for whatever reason the alarm was working off the weather app clock , so the alarm was out, turn the app off and the alarm was right.. didn't matter what i did everytime I changed it to GMT+1 in the settings and backed out of the app it was wrong, so go back in to settings and it had changed back to EST.....I see Isle of Man is now right but Douglas is still wrong ..(telecom htc m8)
  4. I got a load of 1/8 rallycross stuff you can have if you want for a 100 quid?,hyper7pro,3pk transmiter,specktrum module + receivers, torsen diffs, 25kg steer servo,servo saver...stack of tyres,glowplugs spares yadda yadda yadda ....
  5. Any one taking Bets on how long Peel road will be shut today due to the Heavy thunderstorms forecast??
  6. ^^Amadeus for CM!!!^^
  7. Digga

    Gta V

    Lol...Rockstar say they have cured the random spawning in GTA5...you can imagine my surprise when i came out of the house to find this in the road...
  8. A waste o Money .....+ More money will need to be Wasted once it arrives as is it still wont fit threw one of the Bridges which needs to be modified or torn down n rebuilt.....
  9. How dare you bring Facts in to this MassDebate ...Don't you know better!!!!
  10. Digga

    Gta V

    anyone else suffering with a loss of story direction since the 1.03 patch .... seems to be a bug in the hard installed data on the hard drive and apparently if you don't do the missions in a certain order it bugs-out and you cannot finish....which is where i am ..twuntybollocks but it's not just me there are thousands since the 'Fix' was introduced to the online version which is full of bugs
  11. Digga

    Gta V

    Ah!!! that good then...
  12. Digga

    Gta V

    How are People finding the Online side of GTA5. I've not played the online yet but was wondering Is there a Manx Crew on it at all???
  13. By the rate they are putting up these turbines out in the Walney windfarm area we'll soon be able to walk to englandshire....
  14. Digga

    Lens Flair

    LOL was talking about this last night with Scotty Young....wheres the kitty furniture??
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