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  1. ?? what new pipeline?? Dragon rock is the Douglas side of port Soderick ...the lion rock is southern end but I thought there used to be a cafe/restaurant there but never seen any steelwork to show its position ...Fantastic pics btw Keristal
  2. Digga

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    if the stratos the real deal is should be a quad cam motor for starters
  3. M&S used to do a Home cook Scotch egg in their 'Gastro pub' meal range .....12 mins @180 and you have a Hot runny yoked yummy treat...............http://forevereggsploring.com/2013/05/22/pork-farms-wins-ms-award-for-runny-scotch-egg/
  4. You Could always try the 'WaterBoard' they have loads..plus the chemicals they use go in our water that we drink hence foodgrade chemicals
  5. Hasn't some one just been to court for using closed 'greenlanes'???
  6. But for that to happen they would have to be 'Working'.....not sat in their bunkers drinking tea....Man from the Bureau says it's to cold to work tonight on heath n safety grounds
  7. the Stat's also say that 100% of the vehicle accidents involved Vehicles ....simple answer is to ban Vehicles and Everyone will be happy .......no i don't think so what needs to happen is a consistancy in prosecutions for Vehicle related Incidents needs to be introduced...Once one is in place and it's followed up with Fines,Bans Disqualifcations etc then bring another inline and follow that up the same way , Eventually the Idiots on the road realise that you will not 'Get off'....... Ideas like.... lets say a 'Headlight bulb out' will cost you a £40 on the spot fine and a follow-up
  8. Ha Ha Ha Yes I had heard...,but Seriously what do you think they bought it for? .......
  9. I see that the tractor is now down the boat ready to be wisked away...and then they can start denying it ever happened.....and funnily they seem to have tried to have hidden it....
  10. I cannot believe that all over the Uk they can Launch and recover Inshore boats with nothing more than quads, land rovers,lawn tractors nothing special nothing fancy the only piece of 'Specialist equipment' if an is a bloke with some clear common sense.....It's all we need at the Airport, not fricken idiots ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeboatphotography/sets/72157624402355151/detail/?page=1
  11. they should use the show field out at Knockaloe farm in patrick, there is a huge amount of space out there
  12. Eh....That's not toppled 'Over' ...Obviously a no news day today then....clearly trying to make something out of nothing
  13. It wont be long before they close it a night and during the winter months for good....
  14. most likely Filming of some fancy sports car or Promo video on the mountain or maybe even Adhesion tests on the surface to see if surface was up to being used as a race track....
  15. a civilian Hummer is just a body shell with the running gear off a Ford Explorer....remember the ones from the 90's that had a problem with cell phones interfering with the cruise control...where did you think all the recalled ones went after being scrapped /condemmed....as there was a serious number of them in the states that got written off as a suitable fix could not be found at the time...
  16. never had a problem doing that in the past ...
  17. They would Albert, if not more. I dont know what the barn that was quoted for above was really designed to house but proper Salt Barns are not all weather sheds with a steel frame and corrugated sheets on the roofs and walls. The Salt Barn at Glen Duff is an all timber Jobbie which looks like a massive igloo. The walls are concrete as is the floor. An ordinary all weather barn made with steel would be an all weather, pile of rust, within a decade if it is used to store rock salt. a quick search for Salt barns in Google and it returns salt barn's http://www.deboer.co...-solutions/12
  18. Hang on Stu, karting is not about 'who' can go the fastest down the straights it consistency that wins out right, whats the point of going fast if you can't get round the corners, I karted for a few years up at Jurby and was also to big to be competitive with the kids but the Heavy class was good entertainment, the Lawn mower type can be rather quick if you buy the right motor think they are called 'Parts Matched' and could cost up to £800 a piece but for rental you dont want 'peaky' engines you want robust reliability the sort that just keep going regardless
  19. Digga


    It looks like His cheese has slid off his cracker........
  20. I went through a fantastic wheel wash on the Fishers Hill side of Ballakeighen it must have been at least 10 to 12 inches deep....
  21. how old? model?...and seriously! Socks and Slippers.....i never would have guessed
  22. graded stock is fine if you don't mind that it might have a dint in a door or side panel which nine out of ten people would hang a picture of their favorite rugrat over anyway...I bought from Ec&C before and i will again...If they have what i need when i want it then that will do me even if it's slightly more expensive than on the web ...
  23. Eh!!!! there is only one thing 'too dense' around here he's freefalling in less dense atmosphere....where the wind resistance is less but he will still produce a sonic boom just a smaller one...think of it more like a sonic Burp
  24. but that's not the Clocks fault...thats just feckin stupid drivers that need re-educating or licences rescinding...it a 'privilege' not a 'right' to drive...
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