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  1. ?? Relocated clock tower??? really!!! how far are they moving it, how much will it cost to move it,Could they not alter the design of the plan around it, seems to be a paper moving exercise except the paper is printed with pound signs and worth face value ... have to say though it makes more sense to have the greater amount of parking on the building side of the road as it will reduce the amount of people crossing the road and hopefully reduce the usual backlog
  2. I went to recover a postie van that had 'Roofed it' going up past Crosby Terrace many years ago ......Now that takes 'skillz' to do that in a 1.8 diesel escort van.....once it was back on its wheels..checked the fluid levels and drove it back to EB's Workshop.........ah the memories
  3. Digga

    Petrol Prices

    paid 151.9p for Diesel today at the Milestone.......ouch!!
  4. That is Exactly the same as I was having...on 2 different compters on different routers and my Htc...like you say I made no changes to my personal settings and everything works again ...? can telecom block websites?
  5. Hello Peeps... All weekend from home I have been recieving a DNS error when searching for Manxforums either with a known 'good' bookmark or typed into a search engine....so I thought it was my router and on a reboot nothing changed....just tried on our guest router at work on a different laptop ..same error and can't find Manxforums if i use the Browser on my HTC....But if i use the Work Network which is a direct to our servers in the UK it works OK??? I'm confused....are there any issues you know of?
  6. Hope it goes better than this one http://www.27bslash6.com/missy.html
  7. helped themselves to the Piggy bank by the sound of things ..
  8. Ho ho that ol' Chestnut....
  9. If your talking about a certain MGf and a lad from Mychreests that apparently didn't happen.....
  10. well its still working here at SpringValley..
  11. Digga

    Hango Hill Defaced

    Was there when I went past today. Just what it's supposed to achieve is anyone's guess. Er Overtime........sillyboy......
  12. :-(.. Bad Times but at least they found him and know for sure......
  13. you can get Biltong from Robinsons......or try deli35 down on the quay
  14. Yes I am Oh No Your Not!!!!!!!!!
  15. Er.....your not in the Isle of man are you..?
  16. 'Waterworks' is the Name on the tractor, yes I too have thought of complaining as there is NO need for so many feckin orange flashy lights on one vehicle......must be Over compensating for something incredible small..
  17. Digga

    Lens Flair

    There were 3 of us went in on Sunday about 9.30 ish,It wasn't the best conditions as we've been out in Better/worse dependant how you look at it ...if you get the wind/waves coming straight up the beach its Brilliant but there are some very serious rip currents when your in there....there is nothing better than to go out in a big sea and get one of mother natures finest massages for free..
  18. Digga

    Lens Flair

    Let me Guess...Fenella Beach 27/11
  19. Digga


    We too had a couple this weekend... he said 15 mins and it was 20 mins to being on our table , tasty and tidy, but heat levels for the rustica could be a little more but with never having anything from them before thought it best to try standard ones first......so cant complain.. plus he had to come up through the decacle that are the prospect hill improvements..... ...will be back for more for sure......
  20. Personally I think its time to reopen The Coal Mines in the Uk.......
  21. If i remember rightly .........My Grandad was interned on the island ,I'm pretty sure He returned to Iceland after the war, then came back when allowed, stupidly I never really took an interest while He an Nana was alive but now and again I have a curiosity ....think When they returned they used to run Killane Nursery in andreas and mother used to work for faraghers in Ramsey......[i think]....it's times like these you wish you had listened more..
  22. http://www.4rfv.co.uk/brieflisting.asp?scategory=818&company=37733
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