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    Modern Warfare 3

    Yup. My copy came Saturday morning. Git!!!!! mind you i think i'm only grumpy as game are not dispatching mine till today the usless bar stewards....[grumbles] next time i'm ordering one from amazon ,play and hmv
  2. Digga

    Modern Warfare 3

    .....I see that Amazon have not stuck to the release date and there is currently a mass of people online as of thursday night....
  3. It's cheap for a reason......................
  4. I keep getting 'little love letters' on my van window for some clown on Raphael/Grosvenor Road telling me that 'this area is Grade A parking' and that I Must stop parking there.....what the Hell is grade A Parking?? ... Ok I drive a company van but why should I be stopped from parking outside my flat, I dont have a car and I can see no point in me buying one just to get to and from work that is an absolutely crazy idea....and anyway some of the cars in our area are longer than my Van and the owners seem to have no grasp on how to park it correctly to save their life...... the problem in Dougl
  5. Nope but I've be swung around by the Tits before..............................................Baddum Tish...I thank you
  6. 2 tickets for the Christians on Saturday nite going cheap . £30 for the 2 text 497872 ask for Kev
  7. Digga

    Top Job, Boys

    The second picture says a lot about manx drivers, why are they just sat there?? and why not pass the tram on the right.... fecking clownshoes deserve to sit and wait if they cant figure out how to pass a stationary horsetram
  8. Digga

    Who Should Go?

    By the drivel that he speaks I often think he's taken both.... maybe tinpotwald has a couple of jars of both and they just help themselves on the way in the door......
  9. I used to launch my jetski with an old mk2 escort estate no problems, just remember to stop the engine if your not actually moving, if you leave the vehicle 'ticking over' it WILL sink ....what are you launching size wise and with what??
  10. Digga

    150 Mph Naked

    Anyone remember when dangerous driving and driving at excessive speeds were against the law? what are you on about, there is no speed limit but obviously you walk everywhere so anything faster than 4 mph is just Tooooooo damn fast and as for dangerous driving most others have a grasp on the 'mountain system' can you please point out where he was dangerous driving
  11. Digga

    150 Mph Naked

    I can't believe the police are going to waste time and money on following this up... he did this on a quiet road early in the morning, if it had gone wrong just notch it up to 'natural selection' if they do charge him for 'exposing himself' they better do the right thing and charge the Purple helmets with the same offence.....
  12. scissors or wire cutters are your friend you know????? especially at that time of night
  13. Digga

    F1 2011

    New camera is ordered and on its way :-) pics i'll try to get if i dont get lost in the spirt of things and just wander round aimlessly Gorping like a fool, started to watch the chinese gp this morning the build up can drag a bit but if you dont watch it you miss so much info so got to lap5 before work got in the way, i know the results but i like to watch the whole race through, should really sort out a check list of stuff i need to take with me... unfortunatly i'm away for the turkey gp so will have to try and find a beach bar in the maldives that will show it (honeymoon btw but we have bee
  14. Digga

    F1 2011

    I saw last weeks Malaysia f1 but i've managed to record them all but yet to see them , will need to revise as I managed to blag me a free trip to Monaco :w00t: with pit pass's and starting grid walk through to boot,it was only just been confirmed yesterday so in a bit of a flap now have trackside first floor viewing on the turn in at 'sainte devote' Yay!!!!!!! also choice of 2 yachts one at the chicane and one at Tabac.......excited is not the word, may have to get a manx flag boxers on strip off and run around on the Grid and give brundle a kiss just to put him off his stride
  15. I'm pretty sure leg supports are concrete filled and not solid cast Iron,
  16. Oh my God , Won't anyone think of the Children!!!!!!.........................
  17. Digga

    Lens Flair

    A good Friend took this on with a brand new compact camera having unboxed it just 20 mins earlier quoting she did not have a clue what any of the setting were, just a lucky shot on a cold winters morning i suppose.... and now with added tiltshift
  18. Digga

    Lens Flair

    Not sure if i like the effect but give it a try anyway
  19. Digga

    L.a. Noire

    L.A. Noire Blimey this looks to be a little special
  20. jcb!!!!!! so it was a fast track then, cant see that meself, but could well be Nah Gazza, it's a Bastardized 3cx with its limbs removed, looking at some pictures i've seen, they have been swamping the poor thing possibly shorted out the transmission coils pack which would render it immobile even if the engine was running, just seen it getting towed back down the appron ways at the airport toward the firestations,
  21. I cannot comfirm or deny this has happened at this moment
  22. So did they replace all the plastic kerbs that they previously placed in a high impact areas hence the large amount of broken kerbs after the first upgrade to the cross four ways
  23. http:// manxman.com/fringe/tracks/SulbyFringe_RolyDrower_TheStandoff.mp3 have added a couple of spaces between // and manxman to show the link
  24. This is absolute 'Gold', it makes me howl with laughter
  25. I'm Spartacus! so is my Wife..................
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