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    Gaming Chairs

    both very nice chairs, they look to be pretty similar to be honest. I've got one of these, it's perfect for me. http://www.sumolounge.com/omni.php?re=na I'd be interesting in hearing what you think on whichever one you purchase though. Ooo i like how that bean-bag comes with Tea n Coffee making facilities does she do extras as well
  2. OMFG......Bushys.... what a youth i had.... necking copious quantities of red stripe,moose-head,Stella,holsten Export,Murphy's and many many pints of Black Russian to a point that i could hardly stand, then to finish the night I would hunt down one of the particularly classy birds that always seemed to be on offer in that fine establishment that fancied a fumble and then release my charm, wit, and intellect on them to smooth talk them round to fulfilling my naughtiest thoughts..... which at that time of night was a taxi home and a culinary delight from Route66 (Galaxy apartments)with what could only be described as one of everything from behind the counter in a bun :-)
  3. nice offer digga but thats ;ess than half price, if you made it a ton i could be persuaded ) it has a 8gb memory card with it as well You have a pm
  4. i dont really need one but will give you £80 ............if you want shut of it that is...
  5. correct Jim, was going to reply the same earlier, if the pipes are to shallow it is the site QS who is responsible to ensure that the plans are followed now if the plans allow the pipes at this depth then it is a foul up but the Architect if that is the case then the whole estate is in danger
  6. opps thanks for the offer Bones
  7. sorted , yay for mothers who are always prepared ,
  8. as discription says just had a large filling drop out and could do with one , seen them about and thought 'blimey they look handy' but sadly never bought one , Now i need one :-( contact via Pm please if you have one i will pay or replace soon as somewhere is open that sells them
  9. I'm alright as all the snow on the roof of my van is on a roof rack so im safe as it's designed to carry stuff on
  10. I think she needs to get her Daughter to stay off the drugs
  11. Digga

    Lens Flair

    5 looks to be walberry farm top left with middle farm builds bottom left... good work by the way :-)
  12. Digga

    Snow !

    That's the nicest thing said to him by some girl in years. you sir owe me a cup of coffee, i just need to get the last one out of my keyboard now
  13. Last time I damaged the screen on this laptop I used Lcds4lessand was really suprised with the service from them,had to strip the screen out to get the model/serial of the original screen and then ordered the screen which came direct from the Supplier in the US for Acer to the isle, the screen was really cheap but was an exact replacement only downfall was the postage was about £60 but it was here in 3 days with full fitting instructions included with i thought was strange concidering that i already had it in pieces
  14. Come on Guy's, in the 'Sales pitch' it mentions a 'State of the Art' automatic carwash system so just go with it. it's cost them a lot of money to have it installed
  15. Digga

    Lens Flair

    I tried to steal your Combine havester but it just looked wrong once i'd finished, i was close but no cigar
  16. all i did was select part of the image just to the right of the prism stain and then set the brush with just wide enough to cover it and then in one sweep move up just enough to cover it, I've also stole some hay off one of cret's images in lens flair again no real care but just for fun
  17. Digga

    Lens Flair

    Some B'tards been in and stole most of your haybales
  18. just a quick touch with the healing brush in photoshop7.0 took 2 sec's but with some patience you wouldn't know its been done
  19. Digga


    So did anyone else manage to see this 'fly on the wall'film/documentry last night, It gave an actual account on what the army where up against in one of the more difficult areas in Afganistan over a single tour ......... if you didn't, you should, I thought it was well worth a watch... Restrepo
  20. Digga

    Snow !

    A mix of Apple juice and urea is used at east midland airport to de-ice planes most of the time........
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