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  1. I have no problem with 'kuffin' kids , my old man did it to me and i think i grew up quite a normal person, he was not a violent man i was just a difficult kid when i look back on it now i can see why he did it, i now have a 14 year old son and have never had to hit him. You know the law is at it wits end when you get best part of 70 kids grouping outside the 'kensington road youth club' and the 'trinnity church' filling the street from curb to curb, and all the cops can do is send round 1 car and 1 van a total of 5 cops, to do what i was not quiet sure felt sorry for the cops what would you do, all they could do is to stand there and go " stop, don't do that" " i told you to stop it"," can you move along please", i thought of spraying the little B*****ds with a dye and then when their parents came in to complain about it you could find out who they are and do something about it , as if you caught a kid and took them back to their parents they would come out with " My child would never do that, you must be wrong" if we get another 'Get together' i will try to get a foto
  2. Digga

    Bottled Water

    i use an excellent water filter myself it is called bushy's and once the water has been through it it tastes lovely B)
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