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  1. May as well give the ol' band a plug... http://www.myspace.com/suspectpackage There's a few tracks from our album up on there, unfortunately with it being MySpace we can't put all the tracks up. EDIT! Through the joy of the Fuzz website we have put all our tracks up on the internet and you can download every one from the album for free! Check out suspectpackage.fuzz.com and grab as much as you can. If you like it and want to tell your friends that would be amazing, they can download it too
  2. Constituancy: Garff Candidates visited: 1 Manifesto Received: 1 Cards through door: 0 We got a visit off Steve Rodan, I didn't realise anyone was standing against him this year until he told me.
  3. And if you weren't? Well you missed a damn good fest! But aswell as that these guys from Leeds rocked the stage pretty damn hard so take some good advice and check them out when they're back over!
  4. I'm selling this little beastie. As you can see from the pic it's got a few knocks on the case but it's in perfect working order. I've only gigged it 3 or 4 times in the 2 years I've had it and other than that it has only been used for home practicing. The footswitch... ...was knicked from the Traf so I'm afraid I don't have one of those anymore. I'll give you the mains and connecting leads though £400 ovno Thanks.
  5. SUSPECT PACKAGE CIRCUS WORLD and TREVALYN PIRATES This is our first time playing The Office so it would be nice to see a few faces down
  6. That Mark Watson guy is spot on, he talks about stuff so believably.
  7. There's a rather heated debate about this going on on Manxbands too: http://www.manxbands.co.uk/forum/forum_pos...p?TID=9024&PN=1
  8. I nearly got hit in the face by a pidgeon today. My claim to fame though was watching a pidgeon sneeze, that was amazing.
  9. You could try DAM Productions, I think they still do that kinda thing.
  10. Haha I missed that bit, I caught about the last 10-15 minutes of it and found it hilarious. It gets very close to the line at points but I think it works well. Apparently some people have been saying it is rubbish... I don't think they get it.
  11. Exactly what you said. I hate the bottom of boats, especially the thought of swimming around them. ARGH! They always remind me of that bit in Indiana Jones (although that isn't where the fear comes from).
  12. sirdick

    Tk Max

    I went to one in Manchester under the impression there was a chance I could get a 'bargain'. Everything was expensive compared to what I would normally pay, designer labels mean nothing to me so the bargain was wasted. I might go for a look-see, but I can't see me doing all my clothes shopping in there. Back to the Red Cross!
  13. Great review from the papers: http://www.iomonline.co.im/ViewArticle2.as...ticleID=1717327
  14. So I've just been told. It was a while ago but I thought she had a break off air, seems I was wrong. My choice isn't really anything to do with her show or any other, I just tend not to listen to radio full stop.
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