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  1. The Health budget seems healthy to me...... Actual Actual Actual Actual Budget Difference 2009/10 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 to 2013/14 Health £124,989,831 £115,527,463 £121,349,197 £124,844,968 £137,810,000 £12,820,169
  2. Amadeus, the answer will be for the total salary bill, as with anything you have to look at the wording, it would be more interesting if the question had asked how many baggage handlers there are, working hours, unsocial hour payments etc, and broken down to payments per hour, so that you can see how much an early flight costs compared to a midday flight and when there is an extension requested for a late flight. The amount of money we have spent at the airport over the last 5 years is staggering and still haven't seen the benefits, are we getting the bigger aircraft coming in? Radar upgrade - fine, X ray machine fine, a building to house machines and baggage - hmm...... I still don't see the IOM Government reducing spending, if anything they are increasing it, though they are increasing the spending from the reserves and reducing the revenue costs, pity they have only made £37 million of savings since 2009, they had a windfall of £53 million this year, used £33 million to cover the reduction in income they hadn't budgeted for in election year! £20 million went into reserves and £55 million taken out of reserves, therefore £35 million has been taken from reserves - bring on the three monkeys.......
  3. Dodger

    Sewage Tax?

    There is a possibility of this, but it requires Tynwald approval. I have not seen it on an order paper....yet!
  4. They actually dropped it by a penny and then up by 3, a 2 pence increase, the UK did it to try and boost the economy. We will use it to increase income to reduce our deficit. An extra £1.8 million to the manx treasury
  5. The last one frittered a lot. What's the point china? If they are not elected by us? Because we would see what their long term strategy, (for the island, hopefully)is ............
  6. I read the forums still, not really had any cause to add anything to the contributions. The car park needs levels done at a cost of £500 but the Commissioners have advised that this has not been budgeted for and therefore is on hold. I am in the process of seeing if I can get levels either through the chamber of trade and commerce or privately sponsored. The cost by the way is a tenth of a traditional build at £695,000 and would benefit both businesses and residents by 55-60 net spaces. Hang on Dodger I may be slow but "a tenth of a traditonal build at £695,000 and would benefit....55-60 spaces." What is it you do for a living because it cannot involve maths.You are stating on Manx Forums that a traditionally built car park for 55 cars built on land already owned by Peel Town Commissioners would cost £7 million ? And you propose to build a movable structure (I have been on the website)in a Heritage area that will be both ugly and noisy. (a bit like driving onto the Steam Packet)What do you think that residents would have to say about that ? Oh and to rub further salt into the wounds I dare say that residents would have to pay for the privilege !! Such a monstrosity would never get planning permission and would never be used if people had to pay to park.... I look after property, 58 commercial and 56 residential, I do the leases, assignments and delapidations. Back in 2001 there was a feasability study carried out to put a multi storey onto Douglas Street/Market place car park, cost then quoted over £3 million, I have not had it recosted, but in 10 years I would expect costs to have increased, without compounding the Manx RPI, it would be a 44.1% increase. Take into consideration employment cost increases over inflation and materials............Is a traditionally built car park likely to be quieter than this one? A removable structure would allow it to be reused if plans changed further down the line and would have a resale value, does a traditionally built car park have a resale value or is it a cost to remove?! I take it you are saying there are no parking issues and that we don't need extra spaces? The businesses don't seem to agree and shoppers are not bothering to drive in as spaces are limited. If you provide an Extra 55-60 spaces, the residents would use the 110 spaces free as they do now, the extra spaces could be rented to those who would like to and pay and display for shoppers, after a free period. If we have extra parking capacity we could also look to bring office space back to Peel and help regenerate Peel further. The cost would be paid back over the life of the asset, which is 25 years. The asthetics of the car park could be looked at and potentially covered with a facarde to make it fit in better, though it would cost extra. You are forgetting that at present I am trying to get levels to take it to consultation and if it is decided that Peel doesn't want it then so be it, this is another feasability study, looking at ways to improve parking. Lets hear your suggestions as to how you would improve parking going forward and any other improvements for Peel as a whole whilst you are at it.
  7. Was that meant to sound so smug? Smug, no it wasn't - Sorry I just wish people would get involved and help rather than just criticise those that do.
  8. I look forward to your standing for the Commissioners next year. You will have your chance to state your case.
  9. I read the forums still, not really had any cause to add anything to the contributions. The car park needs levels done at a cost of £500 but the Commissioners have advised that this has not been budgeted for and therefore is on hold. I am in the process of seeing if I can get levels either through the chamber of trade and commerce or privately sponsored. The cost by the way is a tenth of a traditional build at £695,000 and would benefit both businesses and residents by 55-60 net spaces.
  10. Quote That is why I believe the CM should be elected in such a way that he has the confidence of both Tynwald Court and the people with a direct manadate. It would also at that point be extremely important to reduce the power of the block vote so a directly elected CM had a more diffcult job pushing his will through the parliament and would therefore have to remain constantly vigilent. Quote Woolley, the way I read the above quote is that the people endorse candidates that have the support of the outgoing House of Keys, hence the "confidence of Tynwald" as the candidate would need to get a certain amount of support, say 13 votes to have their name added to the ballot paper and the people then endorse the candidate that they feel will best represent the island as CM.
  11. Taking your point about IRIS and using it as a proxy for captial works generally. The proposed next stage of the IRIS project came before the court during my year and I was shocked by the quality of the presentation. I stood up and said so and stated that I was deeply unhappy with the numbers as they appeared all over the place. I also stated that having looked at the reasons for this I was, and remain, unhappy with the way capital projects are put together and put through the system. The work thereafter did not go ahead. On this point I agree with you. Chris, without going too far into IRIS, it is interesting to note that only a department sees the detailed costings of a capital project and that there is no treasury check on whether the costings are accurate until after the project has been completed. Usually Tynwald gets an abridged version which is voted upon, the 2007 regional strategy document had a £4.1 million typographical error, which was not spotted until it was pointed out to them in 2009! We should scrutinize capital projects better going forward and look at current projects to see if there are ways to make cost savings, bearing in mind that the consultants are on a percentage of the total cost of the project, it is in their best interest to be generous with the figures. Cost savings should also be considered on running costs and used to determine if the current projects need to be amended to different technologies due to long term, annual, financial savings, therefore reducing the tax burden.
  12. Cost or not, without the ability to ask questions the public will never get to know the answers, especially without the freedom of information bill. I recon that some questioners already know the answer and ask the question to make it public. Why shouldn't an MHK ask a question that has arisen from a concern raised by a constituent?
  13. Give half a chance I would but the wife won't for some unknown reason, she is still happy to pay inflated rates for decreasing services. Haven't a clue what you mean about a review in the paper, perhaps confusion is reigning somewhere in your mind.... Sorry must have mistaken you for someone else... No problem...I think we are both on the same wavelength according to your previous post about the state of the sewage/sea in Peel. We have been let down badly by our local representatives who I feel are against it purely as an electioneering campaign against our current MHK (who has done absolutely sod all apart from being involved in IRIS). Also with reference to the Tesco comments, wrong store..think of another one that ends in shite...how can someone comment against experts without experience and qualifications in that field!(no pun intended) I have been looking into IRIS since 2007 when the regional strategy came out, Tim wasn't in charge of sewage at that time so can't really be electioneering (for 4 years)! He was in charge of Highways.How convenient for you now that he has been dropped in the IRIS As for experts, how expert do you need to be, to tell that sewage doesn't smell of roses? Read the posts from people who have no complaints about settling plants, I certainly haven't and spent my childhood living near one.There is a post from someone in Switzerland if I remember correctly saying the same. Have you been along Gansey area or Port jack recently, that isn't sewage! I am campaigning to make certain that we don't have an open sewage treatment plant in Peel and I would like it to be reviewed sooner rather than later, no-one wants raw sewage pumped into Peel bay!But you would be happy to have it at Patrick NIMBY?? A question that you haven't asked is why were only the commissioners consulted, there were/are no plans to consult with Peel! If the electorate have to be consulted to make a decision then the Commissioners are surplus to requirements..you are the elected representatives, make the decision and be prepared to accept any consequences I have also never got to the bottom of why Tim rather than the Minister or member with responsibilty for Sewage (David Quirk) signed the 2007 regional strategy. Why should you? Sorry, almost missed this one. Convenient, Tim has been in a position where he could have sorted out this problem, he is chairman of WASA. Gansey, didn't the comment come back that there was a septic tank leaking? Port Jack, I used to go swimming in, back before the days of IRIS, though I assume you are referring to wrack decaying causing a smell? Patrick, you need to remember that this is a Western sewage treatment plant, looking to treat St John's and Foxdales as well as Peel's sewage. Patrick also has the Government owned farmland similar in distance from the town as Ramsey's plant. Commissioners making the decision, instead of the MHK's responsible for providing the service? Why do you think that they wanted the Commissioners on board?
  14. I think all politicians should be made to do that. Dodger I admire your pluck and you surely cannot be a worse MHK than the clueless Tim Crookall.The fact is that Peel Bay is a cess-pit.Now that the Island is potless this will always be so and you can put your hand up and claim that you were responsible.That beach will have to be fenced off soon (under EU directives) and all because there may have been a "smell." Oh and you have been living in Peel since 1996...I have Rabbits older than that.... I have not hidden the fact I had casting vote over IRIS in Peel, I stand by my decision, it was NOT the right option for Peel. It is strange that at the start when DLGE were discussing this with representatives of the board it was as stakeholders, at the public meeting that came to mean the town consultation, therefore not going out to consult with the residents of Peel. It was expected of the board to "sell" the idea to the people if we voted in favour. On a different tack, I and the family went to Tynwald and in Tynwald mills there is a new sewage treatment plant in the overflow car park, does it smell? Go and do the sniff test and then consider one that is open, 2.9 acres and dealing with the combined flows from Peel, St John's and Foxdale. As for funding for the works, the Government has recently approved £39 million for IRIS upgrades, so the money is still there, I also predict that there will be a move to put the cost of IRIS on the Rates as is the Water rate (totally seperate from local authority rates). The Sewage Act allows for that already..... IRIS on the rates then !! £20 million for a new sewage plant in Peel divided by (I guess) 2500 households that will be £8000 each then !! I really do think that Mr Dodger would enhance his election chances by becoming a trappist monk..assuming that they have to renounce posting on forums as well as speaking. The poor dear isn't blessed with a winning intellect, is he? I already have the bald spot You have missed on the splitting of the costs, Foxdale and St John's, they are going to have theirs treated by the Western Sewage treatment plant and as it is a Western sewage treatment plant, realistically it can be located anywhere in the West, Ramsey's is in a farm outside the town boundary, Meary Veg is a farm in Santon. Why should Peel be the only place to accept a treatment plant within the town boundary? The other point you have missed is that the £20 million approx for the treatment plant is a capital project and therefore will be from reserves, whereas the operational costs are what will be put in with the water rates if the next Government decide to impliment this, I am against this proposal as it is based on the value of a property and not the ability to pay, therefore hitting the elderly and low income families the worst.
  15. So you have no problem with an open sewage treatment plant in Peel and never had a problem with parking, the cost is £695,000 and cross compared (Top Deck) spaces were well below the £14,000 per space that Another Level quoted. I was providing like for like quote and if extra money is available there is an option to blend it in better, it will have to be self financing over the life of the asset, though we could do what central government has done with other Capital projects and pay for it over 50 years rather than the 25 year life expectancy? I think it it going to be an interesting chat when I get to actually meet you.
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