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  1. Where he talks about investigations on his own time and the taxpayer savings; does anyone know what he’s actually referring to?
  2. I assumed it was just his Twitter feed, but as an "NGO"
  3. Surely you can't have it both ways though? You can't say people are smart enough to pick a representative with integrity and competence, but apparently aren't able to make it out the door without tripping down the steps. This is what is so often over-looked. There's no reason to think we would be better off with 10 MHKs or 50 when at 95% of people probably can't explain National Insurance or how capital spending differs from revenue spending. There's a weird expectation now that the state can address problems people cause for themselves.
  4. If only: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ronaldsway-fence-will-be-built/
  5. Not sure what this really achieves. Have better CM candidates previously missed out due to MLC votes?
  6. We should probably just bring back a hereditary monarchy
  7. To be fair, a community initiative worked for the Ramsey Post Office
  8. Hopefully this whole debacle has put to bed the idea that direct democracy is a good idea
  9. I've usually pre-booked a car at about £60. Just an option if you don't find anyone! https://www.airport-pickups-london.com/
  10. I'm surprised there are many permanent staff. Most of the staff at shows at the Gaiety look like volunteers, and you'd think other event staff are employed on a casual basis rather than full-time.
  11. There's been rumours since September. AXA trying to get shot of all their Wealth business in the UK.
  12. I don't think there is any way to avoid them issuing a bond to recapitalise the scheme. Yeah they can take steps to reduce future liabilities (close the final salary scheme, move everyone to either a new average salary scheme or defined-contribution, protections for those close to retirement) but those savings will only take affect in the long term, still leaving the massive liability already accrued. Unless there are some legal ways of reducing this, then the cold reality it has to be paid.
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