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  1. P.K. got his arse kicked and is still moaning about it. Nice to know I have that effect on him.

    1. Gladys


      You are a bully - that nice Mr PK and all.

    2. Rhumsaa


      I was shocked

  2. Anyone want a 2012 Naked Stavros Calendar half price...

    1. buzz


      Yes please, it'll keep the wife away from the fridge

    2. Stavros


      Excellent, I think I could use that as a tagline. You can have one for free for that.

  3. Victoria gave birth to the Beckhams first girl today weighing in at 4lbs 3oz. The weight of the child is yet to be announced.

    1. Merkin


      Are you made up? :-)

    2. John


      of protons and atoms???

  4. You know it's going to be a bad day when it starts with shaving foam up your nose and toothpaste in your eye.

  5. thinks teenagers sound like murlocs.

    1. thebees


      Get on the game then fellarrrrrrrrrrr :) Merry NY x

  6. Kissed a girl and I liked it. Next time I'll use a matte finish magazine and not a glossy one though.

  7. thinks Rhumsaa & Gladys have got some sort of secret sexual code going on.

  8. is worried about Gladys being concerned about the mental health of a sausage touching himself...

    1. Gladys


      Now you are really doing my head in!

    2. Stavros


      You see what you've done there.

  9. Google 'Ewmew Fudd' on I feel lucky.

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