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  1. Is there any feed back to what the Isle of Wight residents think about this idea? and can they get permission to close roads like the IOM does?
  3. Pubs and Clubs When are they likely to be allowed to open again?
  4. Sounds like our beloved Speaker has spat his dummy because the CM told the public before he told him about the return to work MR Watterson said this type of behaviour makes me sick
  5. A Few handful of Tin Tacks every so often cured the problem last time
  6. Get the firm over who did Tesco's parking area job done in no time at all P.S They should have sent the Horse Trams to Ramsey to compliment their new Marina
  7. Maxmann

    Post Office

    They have a new CEO Richard (cant remember his name) on £125.000 a year and have also retained the temporary one Lisa Duckworth she is also on £125.000 a year no wonder they are running at a loss
  8. Is legal to fill buckets for plant watering using a hose?
  9. All day we face the Barren Waste without the taste of Water Cool clear Water
  10. It has great sentimental value a lot of young Onchan girls became women in that building
  11. The campers had already complained of the noise the generator was making, so the owners must know the names of the people who were staying there' it might have been someone who was staying there
  12. make the buggers sail its our company now
  13. Maxmann

    TT 2018

    Petrol jumping from £1.26 a Litre to £1.30 a Litre was certainly a rip off
  14. Anything which keeps Jo Pack off the air is fine by me
  15. Maxmann

    TT 2018

    Are the course car drivers properly trained to drive at high speeds on closed roads or just wannabe boy racers?
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