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  1. Not sure they can do the fabric (as they tend to be slippy fabrics to reduce drag to improve speed to generate lift) but here is the suit colouring program so try and design yourself a buzzy bee http://phoenixfly.whoarethosetwo.com/
  2. Rog has just posted a video up from today. Enjoy http://vimeo.com/97010914
  3. A few photos from todays flights Roger is in Blue, I'm in red
  4. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/carltonreid/roads-were-not-built-for-cars-book-and-kindle-and/posts/
  5. Incredible - you can't argue with the logic of what I posted so you instead attack my personality. You have spent 20 odd pages on this thread saying that cyclists don't ride three abreast when someone comes along and says "yes they do" - you decide with no knowledge of what happened that it was a quick chat, regardless of what the law says and everyone driver on this thread says and that it was acceptable. Obviously you don't get it. We have to share the road with cars and unless we follow the rules and respect car drivers then why should we be treated with respect and have the right t
  6. Lets break it down. There was a period of disbelief, a time for a thought period of "hang on, that ain't right", a period of err... then "I can take a photo", then "where is my phone", then "no, that's my wallet", then finding my phone, getting it from my hip pocket (not easy with a seat belt on), then getting it out of it's cover, then unlocking it, then finding the camera app, the waiting for it to start, then looking at the screen, then finding the zoom in, then waiting for it to focus before finally taking the photo. Yep - that's a while in my book. Slim, it might not be what you w
  7. That was some assumption there! I was in the back seat.
  8. If anyone can recognise these three please give them a heads up that they aren't doing the rest of the cyclists on the isle of man any favours at all. They had been riding three wide for quite a while before this was taken - I wasn't quick enough with the phone.
  9. For supplying such a good example of world class s/s riding you are forgiven I did SSUK in 09, SSEC in 10 and was planing on doing SSWC last year but I couldn't get away to it.
  10. WTF ??? Shorter events for SingleSpeeders?? You gearist... S/S events in the UK and Europe tend to be as difficult as wussy multi geared XC events just with a bit more drinking. And more fun.. I did offer to arrange a SingleSpeed hill climb on the saturday this year but apparently there wasn't enough real ale on the island to keep more than 5 S/S riders sufficiently hydrated.
  11. Oh look out - someone has a different opinion - it must be wrong. Lets insult them and perhaps they'll go away...
  12. Does anyone actually know if speed was a factor in these incidents? Has this been stated at a coroners inquest? You lot make so many assumptions. Sorry to say it but it's just simple bad luck - wrong place, wrong time. You don't have to be going fast to die - just get hit in the wrong place on your body by the wrong piece of road furniture, kerb edging, piece of bike etc etc and thats it - game over. Top of my head I can think of one very obvious bike fatality in the last five years which was sub 30mph (Peel road whilst roads were closed) 100mph + crashes are survivable provided nothi
  13. Naah - the daily commute is on my cube road bike and the bars are narrower than my shoulders. The mountain bike bars are a sensible width though. Rode that to work for a bit after moving to Port Erin but had to replace the tyres after 3 weeks so got a road bike!!
  14. I'd settle for tin box drivers obeying the rules of the road and staying the f*&k away from me. (I ride on my own - so single file, I average 20mph on my 16 mile journey so I'm not going slow, I have 4 taxed vehicles so I'm paying towards the upkeep of the roads and I have 3rd party cycling insurance..)
  15. As Molly says it's like your old grifter 3 speed hub but it's 8 speed. A good range of gears with a wide enough spread to get me up Croga (normally inner ring) then onto big enough gears to not spin out to easily on the flat. None of that old "chain through the centre of the hub thing" that sturmy archer used - this has a nice easy to disconnect nut on a cable so you can take the back wheel out easily if you get a puncture.
  16. Here is a nice one - ride it away today!! http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50931-cycling-on-one-pompetamine-versa-size-medium-l500-ono/page__p__687620#entry687620
  17. The reality is that even when cyclists are riding on their own cars do not give them sufficient room. I can't ride any more single file than I am already.
  18. It should not be safer to ride side by side if car drivers actually left the room that the highway code expects a reasonable standard of driver to leave. The reality of the situation is that a number of drivers do not leave as much room as they should. In fact most drivers do not leave as much room as is expected. In fact as I highlighted in a previous post it seems we are not teaching new drivers how much room they should leave... For instance on my ride home today a car nearly clipped my arm - I'm not overly worried about this except f0r the fact I was doing 30mph and they were doing a l
  19. Thanks for your sympathy. It's no fun at all opening your eyes to find you are lying in the middle of a road with no clue how you got there as you hit your head that hard on the ground that you've shattered the liner in the crash helmet.... Then being asked by a policeman how you got there and not being able to remember how you left home, how you got there or what happened. Then eventually leaving A&E with a piece of paper describing the symptoms of head injuries and having to give it to your girlfriend as she has to keep an eye on you for 24 hours in case you have swelling in you
  20. Maybe from you but not from the vast majority of the fourwheeled wankerdom. I commute from Port Erin to Douglas every day on the bike on my own so I'm obviously riding single file. As such why am I treated like a target?? As an example both last night and tonight I was nearly tagged by a learner driver - even from day one drivers aren't being taught the correct way to pass a cyclist.. Cyclist are meant to be treated like vehicles when they are passed. For example you should not cross double whites to pass them (happened today) on a blind bend (happened today), near a junction (happened
  21. I've just found the starter box for the IC engine cars, the power box and the glo plug connector so they'll be included as well.
  22. A job lot of radio control cars for sale. Starting with a pair of nice easy to drive Associated monster trucks Then when you have the hang of driving those An Associated 1/10 4wd drive road car Then when you have the hang of driving that 2 Serpent 1/8 Nitro IC 4wd circuit cars. The serpents are seriously fast. 80mph + real speed with the right gearing, 3.5cc motors running on nitro fuel, 2 speed auto boxes on both cars, independent suspension etc etc. Loads of spares for the cars, tyres, spare body shells, radios etc etc. I'm not splitting the cars or radios or
  23. The Friends of the Earth are very into the green element of cycling and they do have the assistance of Government and private sector companies. In the last two years they have arranged and participated in the resurfacing of the nunnery path specifically for cyclists and more recently they have arranged for the DOI to do some work on the train tracks by union mills. This sunday (20th may) they have arranged for two cycle rides to set off from the Bottle neck car park in Douglas at 11am. One ride for juniors is going to the war memorial and back and the other is heading out along the Heritag
  24. Better than mine This is a more normal situation...
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