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  1. Not when it comes to party fundsl and 5 years ago.
  2. I think I overheard an interesting conversation in the pub a couple of weeks ago, something about people not paying back as agreed the money put up for their campaigns. But it was noisy, and it could have been a conversation about putting up the money as there's a need to fix the camp drains.
  3. I'd like to see Teare take a long walk on it.
  4. I was hoping they were going to invade Manx Gas.
  5. It's going to be a northerly gale 8 later.
  6. I bet he copied his resignation letter off Peter.
  7. There's a couple already not standing. What about Bell and Teare who are cracking on in age now?
  8. I'd be interested to know if there has been a major percentage shift in the number of our graduates returning here to work after university.
  9. I wonder what the top 5 election issues are going to be this year? Probably the same as last time. And nothing changed, except the same problems only got deeper and more expensive. If we don't see much change after this election, I can see many people chucking things in here, nevermind wanting to settle.
  10. Good luck with that one. You'll need a time machine and have to head back to 1703. And tell people that one day the empire Britain is building, and all the people getting subjugated and robbed in their own countries will all be living here at our expense. But you won't get the chance to say it, after 10 minutes you'll be locked in a sanitarium for going on about banning horseless bicycles that can go at 220mph.
  11. The desk would have radioed the boat that they'd closed check in and that no one was walking through the corridor. The boat would then start the door closing procedure, and that procedure is taken very seriously, for obvious historical reasons. This is down to the desk mob.
  12. Your mistress should have added you to hers if you were stopping there overnight.
  13. My first guess would be he twatted his dad.
  14. Get it 'cheap' before Vision9 take over.
  15. Rubbish. According to the Theft Act 1981: (my bold) So the Prosecution has to prove that the accused knew that the goods were stolen. If they can put up any case why they might have thought that the goods were obtained legally, then they would be in the clear. Possession isn't enough. As to serial numbers, I shouldn't imagine that most items of make-up etc have their own unique serial number that gets recorded on sale or not. Obviously larger or high value goods (cars, electrical items, phones) will have them but even then the above will apply. Ok. Are you in the market for a
  16. Tweek


    What if it's your future son or daughter? Shouldn't you at least get to discuss it? Sometimes reassurance that people will not be alone, helped financially, responsibilities will be shared etc. can make a big difference to such a decision. Too many blokes just walk away from their responsibilities.
  17. It just needs to be proved as stolen goods. If the serial number is identified as stolen from a shop...if you have it you'll still get done for handling stolen goods.
  18. Men do have tits. What do you think nipples are?
  19. I think the chances of finding some kind of life on Mars are still quite high. Some forms of bacteria can survive in space (tested by NASA). If life developed in the first billion years on mars, it may still be there, under the poles and living in rocks or deeper underground.
  20. But where's Gawne suddenly finding the money to run them this year? He, and some of his senior officials at the DOI, need to sit in front of a legitimate Public Accounts Committee. Just the recent expenditure on the prom consultancy, the sloc and now this shows the DOI is out of control and needs holding to account.
  21. It is a bit of a tax on oldies though. Quite often they are not on the internet. I'm gonna start sending them a bill each time they send me some marketing crap.
  22. Run! They've come for our nuts.
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