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  1. looks pretty drab to me
  2. If a person were to engage him in debate then unexpectedly headbutt him hard and precise to the nose, is he likely to make any formal complaint to the authorities he doesnt believe in. A friend is asking.
  3. Perhaps removing ourselves from the ECHR would give us more scope to deal with the problem.
  4. Mostly down to poor parenting I believe. Always seems to to me fat people in there 50s have fat kids in there 20s who have fat kids at school. Sure there are some who have health problems which cause it but they are in a minority. My dad always used to say "There were no fatties in Belsen son". Bit dramatic but never the less true.
  5. Anyone had a septic tank installed recently ? looking for reliable installer and idea of cost.
  6. Looking for somewhere on the island to get my binoculars repaired, any ideas who might provide this service are welcome. Scurrilous suggestions as to why i have binoculars are not.
  7. If the island took a number of refugees and the outcome of the war was not in their favour then i assume they could apply/claim political assylum. Would they then be given the right to work here ? and what would they be entitled to in the form of benefits if they were not ?
  8. Would you say that if she was convicted in say a Libyan Court ? its only established by USA standards which are pretty much trial by Mob & Media.
  9. Chutney


    That argument could be used for absolutely any law. You enforce it when you can and have the resources to do so. Its a lame excuse to not introduce appropriate legislation.
  10. Chutney


    How about an all island 60mph limit for a 3 year trial period. look at the road death rate then and see if your statement holds true.
  11. The prize for nonchalant walk goes to the geezer in the blue loafers.
  12. finally finished. What an intrusive waste of my time that was. Thommo, my old man refused to fill in certain parts back in the 80s, he got a whopping fine as i recall. I wonder which government departments have access to this data.
  13. I've been kicked off the website over 20 times this morning with 'sorry theres a problem', I'm still on the first questions about one of four occupiers. At what point legally is it reasonable for me to either switch off and say this is unworkable or bill them for my time as its their problem ?
  14. Chutney


    Dave Lowe on 477213, top lad. Think he lives Braddan area.
  15. She wouldn't have known the rules of kingliness as she never Googled Haz on the internetz machine. Probs Opera'd him tho.
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