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  1. Prison governor says "The truth is, of course it's a risk, but then everything you do is balance of benefit and risk and we didn't do it lightly." so what is the benefit exactly ?
  2. Im upgrading my very old laptop and I’m having to update 4-5 excel spreadsheets that auto populate some word docs that were originally made in office 2007 (or thereabouts) by someone else. I’m going over to office 365 which is not compatible with them. any idea of the likely cost for someone o do this and who would anyone recommend. I need them for a very small business.
  3. King Orry the Dane...... errr no, Norwegian actually.
  4. I’m in need of 4 crowns replacing, a bridge and a load of other dental work but have no idea who to trust. Any recommendations?
  5. I know a bloke who was proud of the fact he could get two 9 bars up his arse. Lovely picture.
  6. Lots I’m guessing , as most people want their building equipment at the time, not in 48 hours. Hence the existence of building suppliers and b&q
  7. seems fair to me when you consider that someone can go out shoplifiting or commit a bit of criminal damage, get a caution and their work never knows. As for this fella I'm sure they've got a lot invested in to his training and experience. Why flush it away when they can ground him for a couple of years
  8. Chutney

    Bad Drivers

    24 hour Forehead mounted remotely viewed GoPro. Accessed by the Po.
  9. Possessing an offensive weapon has to be in a public place An offensive weapon is defined as any article made, adapted or intended for use for causing injury to the person of another. therefore anything from a samurai sword to a pencil can be an offensive weapon. usual caveat - it was in my day anyway.
  10. Don’t know if this has been touched on in this thread but I heard today a number of surgeons have been simply sifting the system for suitable patients and calling them in to advise private is the way to go for them. Is this normal practice ?
  11. Ok so they are self interested mercenaries but these people either save lives, extend length of life or significantly improve quality of life. When you put their pay alongside top end bankers, sportsmen, entertainers, celebrities, et al, then I really don’t question what they’re being paid.
  12. Chutney

    Wild goats

    There was a farmer up near Bulgham who used to regularly ‘thin’ the herd. Since he’s gone they seem to be everywhere. I have occasionally wondered whether there would be any legal issue if you took a few for yourself, either as pets or for meat.
  13. Ooh I thought of one. Leaving the engine running when you alight from the vehicle (if he did that is).
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