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  1. Hope he’s registered with an NHS dentist as He’s going to need it after biting one of those things. I’d rather chew a breeze block.
  2. The technology to somehow chip a vehicle so that upon entering a 30- 40 - 50mph or even temporary speed zone it becomes restricted to that speed cannot be far away. In fact with modern cars it’s probably already a viable solution. Let’s hope it’s not far away.
  3. Some of the comments on Facebook were priceless. B&q need to get in a stock of pitchforks.
  4. I think you’re fibbing back during that period transferee applicants would do the physical test in force and the result, pass or fail would be given to the IoM Constabulary. What you achieved on the bleep test wasn’t relevant . in early 1994 two male officers transferred from the Met and Essex, both grew up in England in late 1994 four male officers were interviewed with positions for all of them should they pass the interview. One was a returning Manxman, all the others were England born and bred. Only one failed the interview, which I assume was you. I know this as it was i that was returning home from the Met Police. Our start date was February 1995
  5. Hmmmm so those previously convicted of drug offences did they consult all their old customers or did they just consult the queen. Or is he suggesting old victims don’t count .
  6. Peel - where the girls are the boys
  7. Well I learned something there. Amadeus isn’t the Afro carribean female I suspected.
  8. The way they post relevant information is piss poor. It’s a clear ‘fuck you’ to the residents.
  9. So where exactly does one find an up to date road closure list and their plans for tomorrow
  10. Prison governor says "The truth is, of course it's a risk, but then everything you do is balance of benefit and risk and we didn't do it lightly." so what is the benefit exactly ?
  11. Im upgrading my very old laptop and I’m having to update 4-5 excel spreadsheets that auto populate some word docs that were originally made in office 2007 (or thereabouts) by someone else. I’m going over to office 365 which is not compatible with them. any idea of the likely cost for someone o do this and who would anyone recommend. I need them for a very small business.
  12. King Orry the Dane...... errr no, Norwegian actually.
  13. I’m in need of 4 crowns replacing, a bridge and a load of other dental work but have no idea who to trust. Any recommendations?
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