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  1. Honda Trial New Braking System For Mountain Bikes
  2. It's a crop from my old 70-210 D lens on a Nikon D70S. It's quite a lo-fi lens but really sharp. I can't justify a dedicated macro at the moment but I may get a Sigma 105 at some point. For practicality though I might ditch all my lenses and get the new Nikon 18-200mm VRII which can focus 9" from the front element at 200mm. I do like my 70-210D though. It's really quick at focussing which is great for the kids.
  3. I think there is probably a whole community of men who secretly wear Speedos under their regular clothes.
  4. What about Speedos in the swimming pool - surely illegal....
  5. Teamed with half-mast trousers...? A must......
  6. Oh yeah, cords.. especially brow/beige ones.. And tweed jackets with leather patches on the elbows. Are they compulsory for Geography/History Teachers?? Don't forget the sandles with socks on.....
  7. Wear trainers and white socks pulled right up
  8. Try changing the channel on the router. I have a Linksys router and had a similar problem. I tried each channel and settled on 12 as it seemed to give me the best speed. I guess there must be something either in my house or nearby that is causing radio inerference.
  9. I haven't seen any bad stuff surrounding the CEH, certainly in the press? Any idea what for? A couple of years back I was considering the CEH but decided to go down the CISSP route, the problem is - unless you do all the stuff they requrie in the 3 years, you need to do a full re-cert which is a bitch. The GSEC range of security certificates look quite good. I have to say I have never heard of a CTSA/CTSP? For entry-level stuff, the Security+ is a good grounding. Try here: Run away from the CEH There is quite a bit of bad press which will become more widespread as time pas
  10. A Peacock butterfly at the Wild Life Park this August.
  11. There is however one application where better digital cables really do make a difference though. Not to picture or sound quality, but signal strength over long distances. I used to have a Sanyo Z3 projector connected to an upscaling DVD player via HDMI. I needed a 15m cable to connect the two as the projector was on the back wall and the DVD player under the telly in the corner. I tried 3 different cheap cables and got no picture at all. In the end I had to buy a £145 cable which did the trick. I guess it was all down to resistance etc etc. I now have my Plasma as the kids kept trying to
  12. I agree with Slim here. You may get slight blocking immediatelly before you lose the signal but essentially it's either on or off. I guess the blocking is the Sky box filling in the missing part of the stream with shite similar to a damaged DVD. This doesn't affect the whole picture though. The unaffected parts of the picture are perfect. There is no general degradation accross the picture as with VHS.
  13. Thing is, speaker technology has improved too, and those smaller lcd speakers really aren't that bad at all. Certainly, the speakers in my current flatscreen are as good (well as average) as the speakers in my old crt. I agree Slim. My new Panny Plasma has fantastic sound - better than my old 32" CRT. I always thought that you were limited in a CRT with regards to magnet size and shielding etc etc.
  14. I bought my Panasonic 42" Plasma from a local store & I'm glad I did. Back in January I purchased a SD LG 42" Plasma but after 4 months realised I had made a mistake (saw Xbox360 at my mates house on HD!). The store took the telly back and let me swap without any penalty. I couldn't have done this with mail order. The original telly was £1299 (£1199 online) and had come down to £1099 in the store by the time I realised my mistake. The Panny had also come down £400 since buying the LG. A total win win situation for me I think.
  15. Sorry but you are wrong. I just have a fairly bog standard Sony surround system and after watching my first DVD was compelled to watch all my movies again - it was amazing! My Sub makes me want to shit on the spot and the neighbours know when I am watching Sci-fi cause they can feel the sub too!
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