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  1. The tent at the War Memorial was ran by The Outback
  2. Cheaper to dismantle it than pay a whole years ground rent on the garage side, maybe the DOE charge on their side too
  3. 1.19 at a garage near Liverpool airport when I passed by on Monday,
  4. They played here a couple of years back in December, they themselves were a slade tribute act, a bunch of moaning twats too
  5. after a stay in hospital just before TT, the angle of the TV's are shite, your bed needs to be 4ft in the air for the best viewing angle
  6. after a stay in hospital just before TT, the angle of the TV's are shite, your bed needs to be 4ft in the air for the best viewing angle
  7. best thing I ever played on the radio was 2 in a tent - Hoover
  8. The biomass heats the school in conjunction with gas boilers, the wind turbine will help offset the cost to power the electrical controls
  9. You've painted a remarkably clear picture of what you established though a glimpse from a passing car in the dark. You must have been driving very slowly. Maybe I passed once and then went for a look on foot via the road that runs parallel to it. Then it's possible I went home for a cup of tea but not before I stood in dog shit
  10. The island at Hampton farm just before fort north roundabout was hit by a car in the early hours of Saturday morning wiping out the bollards, then a police car responding to this.. hit the island at speed and was wrote off. Spotted it on my way home around 4am
  11. It's cold out there, I wonder if any iglooing has gone on tonight?
  12. Roof tiles were made of re-constituted rubber... burns like car tyres... exactly what they used to be!
  13. its been confirmed as fake by odeon
  14. if their bread lasted as long then maybe more people would buy it. I find imported bread stays fresher for longer and is cheaper
  15. What was the point in it all, why didn't they just open the kebab shop earlier
  16. I was speaking to one of the bin men over a year ago and he said the bin lorries have the sensor and recording equipment already in place in the lorries from new. The chip goes in a circular slot under the back of the bin, have a look under the lip by the handles.. You can see where it goes, it scans as it lifts, and weighs with a short pause in the lift
  17. There were some sections of duct made from asbestos, remember them as kid.. broken in a lot of places but the foliage was too overgrown to walk along a lot of it
  18. It's a DOI carpark, it was built in conjunction with marks and spencers
  19. Have you tried Pete Geddes from cain's aerial services? He may be able to help, he is Currently sorting my time machine, only thing holding the project back is me saving up some dollar for the flux capacitor! In all seriousness, he is a top bloke on the electronics front
  20. I use the hairdressers on finch rd, just up from the exit to Chester st carpark. They charge £10 and are open past 17:30 on Thursdays. Prior to that I used to go to Walmsely's on bucks rd!
  21. The whole top of the glen was land filled and is now a carpark for the house. I remember as a kid walking up through it, some metal fire escape type stairs up the lane to the side of the terminus over a waterfall... which may have been sewage for all anyone knew!
  22. i've got 3 spare Technics SL1210's for sale if anyone wants them... they have no carts or styli or the plastic dust cover (sold them for £20 each ages ago as I wanted to keep the decks but didn't need the dust covers) but £50 each. I do have 4 but managed to snap the tone arm on one, can't be arsed getting it fixed! Still got 2 I will keep hold of
  23. No axes to grind and no wishes to get back into it in the near future!
  24. Also just to add, I only listen to Manx Radio for Talking Heads.
  25. I would have thought they would be using RAJAR (3FM at least), and I would say their research representatives have acreditations and working practices to BS7911
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