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  1. Manx Care seems to be operating without any budgetary constraints at present. This cannot possibly go on without being passed onto the tax payer.
  2. Unless I am doing something wrong only a few days for the domestic version?
  3. Female of aging proportions
  4. Should not record audio. Read the rules. Specifically states audio should be disabled. As DI states, the law is an ass, however it is the law.
  5. Girl, but thanks I guess.
  6. You need to be a registered data controller to put up CCTV and that means you should signpost that it is there. To be lawful there should be no recording of sound and it should not be pointing into a public space I.e down the road like that one was (assuming it was CCTV and not a phone).
  7. One was designed by cocks the other designed for cocks
  8. Ps. The name makes it seem like lovehoney has expanded into new territory
  9. Fully redeemable at any of Skellys businesses?
  10. Or a school, or an old folks home, or retail ... The school is winning
  11. Not sure what the purpose of these reports are. They read like rather patronising university dissertation and a chance to use the proper words without actually doing much and retaining a focus on the blindingly obvious. For example Market Street could be better (however it is used by trucks and vans accessing the rear of Strand Street). The NSC area is at significant risk of flooding. Dunno, don't think they add much value really.
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