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  1. Rob speaks the truth "this government hasn't got a clue"
  2. Except it's not at all transparent is it. The only transparent element is that Treasury /Tynwald is to provide subvention of unquantified values until it eventually builds something or it is decided MDC is an unnecessary money pit. Eta. Having now read the report. It is reasonable to deduce the operating cost will have increased very significantly as the end Mar 22 accounts only include c. six months of the MD wages and there are now something like six £60K staff to add on. We can also see Treasury funded through shares MDC to a value in the region £1.6million and have since added a further 0.5million into the pot. And in Any case are due to fund all MDC activity until Mar 24 through the Economic Recovery fund? Taking the three year plan (no sign of that btw - but needed by the Heads of Terms) subvention is due to cease Mar 2024 (along with the term of the Board of Directors) and presumably stand on it's own merits and through an evidential base that it can repay its loans to Treasury. On the basis of where they are. Good luck with that.
  3. Fire engine at old nurses home. Insurance job? 😂😂
  4. and because these things come in pairs - snigger., must've had the same speech writer
  5. not looking good - tbh - so much bullshit
  6. possibly so Alf can state the CS headcount has been reduced? Presumably Cobb moves from Director to MD (not at all scary) and will live off govt subvention for ever more. * * Until it's nationalised again by a future govt when it is realised that arms-length doesn't work on a small Island (apart from upping the salaries of those at the top)
  7. Nearer 12 months I think, because they started to scaffold before they had planning permission, knowing that they would be able to get it despite a lack of parking provision. Funny thing is the rumours are that the Old Nurses Home will have to come down.
  8. I think the only murky bit is a Commissioner giving a role to his daughter even though she is in no way qualified for it and without any advertising of said role to see if other qualified candidates would come forward? The 'bullying' amounted to trying to remove said person from the role when it became clear she was useless and sharing operational stuff with her dad (Commissioner).
  9. Building Control has very little to do with 'housing'. It's more aligned to planning and is funded from rates.
  10. Yes for Griah however Kymerreck (Sp?) was a different thing but both funded in part by the taxpayer.
  11. It became Housing Matters. Which is still operating from the same funding model
  12. Bloody snowflakes ruining snow Big Government stuck it's nose far too far in. "Please Sir can I have some common sense?" .... More!!! I let you vote at the last election... be off with you and take your ideas of free will with you.
  13. Sadly not atypical, however at least being picked up through the safeguarding board more often before and not after the event. The safeguarding board is doing some excellent work 'directing' change in this space. Unfortunately it will take time, but such as the Suicide and Vulnerable Children and Adults Strategies provide some hope for the future.
  14. In terms of acceptance into their properties and provision of support where possible yes. However there is a very blurred and oft politically abused line whereby housing officers are assumed to be social workers. They are not. They have the training for early intervention (spotting the signs) but should never cross into trained social work territory. This is what Local Area Coordination will eventually do. Which is at the most basic 'know your customer' individually tailored support. All landlords will be anticipated to be part of that setup.
  15. There is slightly more insight in a comment under the YouTube in which a family member states that direct kin have endeavoured to declutter but became overwhelmed by it. Whilst there is no comment about the condition at present, there is that the gentleman requires 'professional help'. This is what I summarised a number of posts back. It is, it would appear, a failing in social services, rather than the landlord in the first instance. My guess would be, as is all too common in such cases, that DBC will have endeavoured to get that support but got nowhere.
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