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  1. english zloty

    Rob Callister

    Paul's final words lol http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45764&headline=Paul Speller's political preview: Apart from the Budget, what's on in Tynwald this week&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  2. english zloty

    Cut & paste

    Also as it’s 4/5 years old, spoiler alert, we know how it pans out. Can’t wait for the sequel
  3. english zloty

    Cut & paste

    Well he is Wormtongue to the fat controller
  4. english zloty

    Year Of Our Island

    Tres de lure fella. She’ll be right does anyone know the Manx for ‘bullshit and bluster’? Coz that’s what it means. In plain Anglais
  5. english zloty

    Year Of Our Island

    Who wouldn’t. £350k in those lil buggers
  6. english zloty

    Do qualifications matter?

    Senior I think
  7. english zloty

    Do qualifications matter?

    Yes lol. Education if you hadn’t guessed
  8. english zloty

    Do qualifications matter?

    Alternatively is the requirement reasonably defensible under the equality act. End of.
  9. english zloty

    End of Douglas?

    I think in the man enjoying Braddan rates, and as long as we're enjoying £70 savings on pens and paper. Douglas is in a safe pair of hands. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45417&headline=Rates%20in%20capital%20rise%203.3%%20to%20433p&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  10. english zloty

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    Fake titles?
  11. english zloty

    Rob Callister

    Saturday is better self-funded (from allowances) tea n biscuits
  12. english zloty

    Manx Radio

    I love the fact that Ewan has to report on so many items which are a direct consequence of his dad's hare-brained legacy.
  13. english zloty

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Subtle difference though. You suggested more competence amongst the house would attract more voters. I don't think who is front of house matters one jot to the majority of the island's residents. Indeed, I would think the majority are content with the degree of incompetence regularly demonstrated. It's reassuring and without malicious intent.
  14. english zloty

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    In your opinion. In mine, it would be that 76% have decided that politicians haven't negatively impacted their lives to a place whereby they feel they should give a shit.
  15. english zloty

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Bet ya less than 24% of adults could name their mhk too.