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  1. Because that’s as long as the incumbent will be able to last before burnout
  2. The wallabies are soon to be supplemented by life size statues of the saviour of TT aka the god of tourism. These are to be placed at prime sites, such as ‘destination cruise’ terminal and the steam and electric railway interchanges so that tourists will still have the opportunity to be photographed with the great man, even when he is busy at coffee mornings and such. There will be no such opportunity at the horsetram tent as they are dirty and lose money. Minister Skelly’s statue will be available for all to see at the summit of Snaefell where the kingdom of god is to be rebranded appropriately by a very clever DFE marketing executive
  3. The peacocks are actually a DFE led ambush marketing campaign and have already had a return on investment, based upon a completely random and made up viewing of say 6.5 million and a randomly made up rate per viewing of say £37.50 each, far in excess of basking shark (which are actually wintered in a HNWI pool through a completely transparent tender process) again facilitated by DFE.
  4. To be fair to him. he has now couched (geddit) a FB post that places him at the heart of the patient transfer review of allowances. Not too shabby in the self-promotion / granny farming votes department, as it has been going on for some years.
  5. Not true. She justified her cleaning company retaining its contracts in dubious circumstances. True story, she was rubbish, had no clue. And worse, seems to have forgotten that fact.
  6. english zloty

    Beer Tent

    http://douglas.im/index.php/news/council-news/item/1702-council-sets-record-straight-over-end-of-bushys-tt-tent#.XNyYYt_TW2c this is June 2017 http://douglas.im/index.php/news/council-news/item/1735-council-confirms-bottleneck-car-park-tt-festival-operator-for-2018-2022#.XNyb5N_TW2c This is just over a month later. Not too much time to prepare and then consider such detailed bids, unless there was already a favourite - which we know there was.
  7. english zloty

    Beer Tent

    Fairly certain it was the council leader himself who was trumpeting 'ha ha fuck you Martin'. Not the pen pushers.
  8. english zloty

    Beer Tent

    The basic assumption was initially all car parking spaces 24/7 for the duration, then it became that plus a fee for the entire site, including dead spots. Then it became a blind bid. Basically each had to make their own assessment of the 'value' of the site. Bushys went in higher I believe but the Corpy were into the prawn sandwich TT brigade using their site. Albert is correct
  9. english zloty

    Beer Tent

    A Manx rumour is Rob has been well screwed over
  10. english zloty

    Beer Tent

    It was shit organisation last year and only Raj pulling strings that got it over the line. This year no Raj, the Ram is on its arse, there is little management left, so they ambled along. Any Manxie with any local knowledge could tell this was unlikely, except it seems, the landlord who has predictably just come forward and spouted forth 'nowt to do with us gov. ' in doing so, also confirming it will remain a car park.
  11. yes, believe me, there wasn't a recruiting process. she just rocked up one day. it is true her position has changed at least twice from director to executive director to deputy ceo
  12. She was Charter's mate. Handpicked
  13. High praise indeed with quality postings of the variety 'your (sic) a pissed up cockwomble' in the running.
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