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  1. Grossers' apostrophe's? Terrible; truely terrible...
  2. Not sure the loss of over 1,400 souls in a matter of minutes is lol worthy. Perhaps just poor taste
  3. Perhaps not the Island but all new housing coming forward (cash deal) and then renting out for a fortune because there will be no other new housing. Turned down the cultural centre of Douglas apparently, even with Onchan recc included in the deal.
  4. I hope IOM Newspaper have got a signed contract out of him.
  5. Will be responsible for 'subject matter experts' and 'office support' * Noting Manx Care has 4 subject matter roles advertised at £70k a go at present
  6. So it begins... https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=11991&Source=JobtrainSocial
  7. That's only the start of it. Money tree being shaken
  8. It got usurped by the 'All Island' strategy which is even grander in outlook and therefore even less likely to be delivered anytime soon.
  9. Just taking the Park Road site, there are designs for affordable housing, for a school, for residential care and a homeless hostel. No one department trumps the other as they're all needed and now the Council has a place at the table too. That's why public brownfield isn't built on. The development Corp is gonna be like Manx Care in terms of jobs for the boys. Already £300k of roles ready to be advertised no doubt in the main to DFE who will give away / grant land to developers saying "look what we've done in weeks" that couldn't be done in years (no due diligence, proper processes or VF
  10. The soon to be considerably expanded industrial estate
  11. P - piss poor T - total fuck up R - rethink
  12. Local elections now delayed to July, which means a costly round of byelections/walking in uncontested left behind by those leaping to the big house a few months later. Mayhaps national elections are to be delayed by 12 months and they haven't told us.
  13. Local elections still in April | News | (iomtoday.co.im) panic setting - no not Douglas, Port St Mary practically begging folk to stand, which no doubt mirrors the majority of the local fiefdoms
  14. Honest question. Is there any electioneering at all for the local elections, which I think are very shortly? Last time it seemed a real struggle to get candidates never mind voters, and that's when they weren't shielding. Anything happening?
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