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  1. Hopefully he'll still be there for the rest of the public service when it's their turn. Because there is no way the teachers bailouts won't cause repercussions elsewhere across the Island.
  2. You’d have to be homeless to put up with all them ghosts.
  3. They did as it’s a listed building
  4. more than that - look at the graphics lol
  5. An until recently member of a DFE Agency make money from DFE? Never, I won’t hear of such a thing 🤣🤣
  6. Seems to me that this isn’t a FOI request but a DSAR so it’s not about a topic it’s about an individual. Therefore it’s about digging out all letters, emails, minutes public and private and any other notes which are relevant and then redacting any other names, privileged information or things which an FOI would remove. My guess a long-standing and pissed off Commissioner
  7. That's a CV he might live to regret 🤠
  8. and rightly so... Sefton Middlemarch will no doubt spring along
  9. hugely popular scheme is to be reintroduced https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/government-help-for-businesses-as-cost-of-living-rise-bites-574051 quote Hooperman "The LoveIOM gift card plays an essential role in keeping gifting spend within our economy versus being re-directed off-island in the form of online market place vouchers. Following the success of the previous LoveIOM Top-up Incentive Campaign, which generated over £40,000 of funds last Christmas, the card is seen as a win-win for both residents and businesses with the latter benefiting from a boost in patron numbers in slower trading months post-Christmas period." At which point, one has to wonder are they operating on the same planet?
  10. The old casino site and the new casino site and possibly the bus station however that's probably a 50% bung
  11. So that's bollox because MDC has been given that site along with all the publicly owned land. This is about mates rates and corrupt practice pure and simple.
  12. Because DFE has a history of introducing things which provide value for money. Sefton Group must be creaming themselves. Bet Robertshaw don't whine about this madcap idea so much
  13. Or Road Rash, with clubs...
  14. Oh Mr Beeching.. Always a popular character in history
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