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  1. @Stu, I think you've misunderstood critical thinking, which is to gather all available data from a range of stakeholders in order to arrive at the best understanding of a situation, not to mind-dump based on rumour. For example, as an MHK, do you know how much money the design team asked for and if this differs considerably from what the Minister of the time would authorise and furthermore, how much less than that the Treasury decided to approve, before the recommendations were made to Tynwald? Do you know who pressed for work to start so that the new terminal would be ready for the election just gone (not allowing for COVID) even though the design team may have advised a more prudent course of action might be to await the specification of the replacement vessel? Or per your later comment, who advised the form of contract, and indeed, as it appears you don't know, what forms of contract have and are operating? Target cost pain/gain is probably more appropriate than fixed cost, with so many unknown elements. Finally, what will your response be if and when PAC finds that the biggest contributor to this 'mess' is in fact the national political system and the degree to which the Executive Council can bully and negatively influence major projects?
  2. Craine has been voted in on the basis of his fairly useless graphs, whereas the reality is legco will be doing little more than reading the tonnes of legislation due to come forward. That's fairly obvious when you look at all the jobs advertised in the AGCs recently. Eta: and probably why KLB and JPW took the punt on becoming MHKs
  3. At interview for the regeneration manager job about 10 years ago, I suggested similar to this having seen how some towns in the North were responding to the threat of having the Trafford Centre just down the road. I suggested that as was true, national, local government, landlords, business and schools etc. could work together on a mainly philanthropic basis for the greater good. (At that time in the northwest schools and charitieswere painting hoardings and buildings and local artists were doing displays etc. in empty shop windows, whilst big business sponsored makeovers of the streetscape in return for a plaque or news release. The interview panel literally laughed at me. The job went to a town planner, the application process was ridiculous, government ran out of money and support. Meanwhile the biggest local authorities did exactly the same using rates and in isolation of national government. That was ten years ago. I think I read the government plan is to copy Scotland's ideas. (Presume some one has Google something). Just embarrassing really. This is a proud Island nation with a rich heritage to be built up on. Not ignored. Final point DFE = 500,000 visitors or whatever and a new Freeport next to a Heritage Railway. Treasury = no money to maintain never mind build upon what visitors would come to see. Policy = work with developers to build more housing next to heritage railway. Not really very joined up thinking?
  4. As a chartered civil engineer that wouldn’t have been allowed on one of my sites. Under the NEC I would anticipate that the Main Contractor (I.e the one responsible for the Works to adhere as far as possible with the Specification (which would include the Design Standards) and to notify the Engineers Representative and Planning Supervisor where it were not. I am not sure if you are trolling and as I stated I am a little rusty; however for example I forget the water regulations however there are a number of them related to installing pipe work/ fixings/ thrust loads etc and with that, I’m out caused. Hide message HSE Guidance Publications Full catalogue Legal reference (L) Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) as amended. Approved Code of Practice and guidance Legal reference (L) Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) as amended. Approved Code of Practice and guidance
  5. Technically under Regulations supported by HSE guidance. This provides HSE with enforcement powers. I would guess an NEC contract such as this comes with a schedule of design standards such as helpfully attached above and without a variation from the Engineer would be a breach of contract (theoretically) because HSE best practice is being compromised.
  6. After my time. Thanks, seems I remembered correctly
  7. Agreed. All illegal and not good for the next folk having to work there. From memory services are supposed to be a minimum 300 mm apart and at differing depths according to what they are (sorry, you know this, but others may not).
  8. Yellow is gas. Looks like the water (blue) isn’t connected. It also looks to be too shallow
  9. Wonder if the foraging vintners will make the final cut? Someone must be friends giving those deckchairs a third of a page photo
  10. And Burrows a fraud http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53301&headline=Kestrel Insurance fined for failings in the way it handled clients' money&sectionIs=&searchyear=2020
  11. I hear local authority landlords eat babies too! Shocking... In reality incoming tenants are asked if they would like any carpets etc. Only crappy old stuff is removed without debate.
  12. But then again you could get a brand new property for less than 50% of market rate. And of course you get all of the above and more for less than 80% of market rates through mid-rental
  13. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/minister-and-officials-grilled-over-signature-sponsorship-t-t-deal/
  14. Possibly because Manx Care etc have employed so many as to adjust the number who could be economically active upwards and so the proportion unemployed drop even if the same folk are always in and out of work
  15. Better than elephants given the time of year and obvious connotations
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