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  1. Can't wait for the discussion which ensues when a cyclist who didn't quite slow down is lying in the road arguing with a wagon over the informality of the crossing.
  2. So that's the Chief Minister sorted then. He's written a job specification based upon his own perception of himself
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/new-childrens-champion-appointed/ Peer to peer with this cohort. Both groups have a history of footstamping, sulking and stomping off.
  4. He knew his stuff, so was removed. Now Chair of the Institute of Highway design or some such according to Google. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/crossroads-decision-for-islandand39s-highways-boss/
  5. Tbf. Perhaps nearer 1.5, lest we forget the restrictions. Easy to do, however in April nothing was being done. In May trades started to return.
  6. It is probably as likely bus tramping down the left hand lane is going to meet perhaps the second or third car filtering left as natural instinct is to beat the light and now manoeuvre out left, not pause as if at a giveaway and look left /rear mirror. We were trained mirror signal manoeuvre and yet this is signal, manoeuvre, pause,mirror, manoeuvre.. Not good
  7. You weren’t sniffing it right
  8. From his description perhaps he accidentally tuned into the MS Teams Tynwald debate?
  9. Does ethnic minority include Manx? Serious point.
  10. How do you do a .gif or whatever of a grandstand. FFS , The guy has realised that all the hokum he has been parading is coming to naught, so has bailed so that he can spend the run in to the election saying how shit the administration, he is part of, is. Look forward to months of being bored rigid by this.
  11. he will almost certainly start throwing rocks into the pool now. lookout for a tonne of Keys questions delving into the places had had insider knowledge. the CM would probably regret this decision excepting he's getting ready to retire, so doesn't care one jot. a bumpy ride ahead for the rest though
  12. ^ I doubt the borders will open until there is a workable vaccine. A second wave would decimate the Island, whilst unlocked folk are hardly likely to return back into lockdown, think local, spend local, live local. The clues are all there.
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