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  1. She likes cake. Probably more relevant. There's loads of free food in being an MHK.
  2. In part at least it's because the ground is more thermally stable beyond 500mm so deeper pipework has lower stresses due to temperature and in the case of water it assists in avoiding freezing at night time flows
  3. Lots of market information in this on DOI site (thank you google: isle of man housing study) https://www.gov.im/categories/home-and-neighbourhood/affordable-housing/affordable-housing-reform/housing-needs-study/ The section near the end seems to indicate the market has elected to provide considerably less new homes than was anticipated. One argument being that's why there's a shortage. The other being developers were worried they wouldn't flog them.
  4. It will shift the median and the average (yes I know what they are thank you) but will not impact entry level housing as it’s a different part of the market
  5. Final thought for now, folk are repatriating in droves. Some paying more than properties are on the market for. Of course this is in the main retirees and in the bracket £400k plus. Does it impact the dataset used? Hugely. Does it impact the relevant market? Not one jot. Infact, it probably increases the chance of getting a mortgage.
  6. Lots of things however start with the dataset which is the median, without the average, of everything, when the relevant dataset is how many properties are there in price bands x-y? Why assume everyone wants to own a home. The rental market accounts for about 40% of all housing. This isn't unusual. Any manipulation of the market might result in perhaps a 2% change. Investigate under occupancy. The IoM figures are stark then entice old folk from their homes. Access to funding for a home, for those he is bracketing, is at least as important as the availability of property. Again m
  7. Josem/Libvan spouting only their worldview shite again https://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/88608/the-cost-of-manx-houses
  8. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/one-way-system-on-douglas-prom-to-end-next-tuesday/ 3 months suggests either total incompetence at programme management, missing a shedload of work out, or returning to do it at a later date? /end cynic - they've been so efficient that they have manged to everything they planned at a lower cost and before time in order to assist businesses and the public go about their normal lives
  9. Omg! He's going to interfere with the Courts
  10. Fairly obviously grants/ loans will be available to all, based no doubt on some form of means test, otherwise it will miss the point of targeting less thermally efficient property. In respect of landlords, well that's probably a separate matter to assist future registered landlords to attain standards. Which isn't unusual. Josem has been listening to Hooper too much, why have two strongminded, but wrong clones. May as well vote for the theme park idea.
  11. What exactly is wrong with a manifesto built on the concept of a theme park? DFE could just buy dismaland and make it worse. DEFA worlds first solar powered rollercoaster and Boot with his shoot will go down a hoot. longtail can have a train which goes round the park except it never runs crazy golf where the course is based on the promenade works and the holes are potholes a steampacket sponsored Viking boat swing which randomly stops and then continues halfspeed for the rest of the ride what else?
  12. This is literally the only time (unless you know better) that Lawrie Hooper has been front of house. As spike would state, comes across like a grovelling little shit. I remember because I thought at the time, if this was any other department, you would be tearing it two arseholes.. ergo, no different than the others https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-slides-but-nsc-pool-to-open-next-month/
  13. Fuck you you arrogant prick how dare you chastise me
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