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  1. Kate Lord-Brennan seemed to have been prepared. She distanced herself about week 2 I think
  2. Apparently getting a chunk of cash. Going to London suburb rates c. £6k uplift. Nurses next then I guess https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/deal-agreed-in-principle-over-teachers-pay/
  3. Stop it now! You’re confusing CoMinthink with logical thinking. as stated above CoMin would have bulk purchased Betamax when the world was doing exactly the opposite. That’s what’s happening here + they’re telling everybody they’re doing it so vfm will disappear out the window
  4. So, on the news today, some busybody businessman realising there is a money tree from some tree hugging concern in the UK says more charging points are needed around the Island. This is because more companies are producing models of electric cars. let's hope that the cost of such things doesn't go up because our clever politicians have told folk they will be doing it no matter what, at 'any' cost eh...
  5. this is a laugh - no really, get rid of Pulrose powerstation before it's paid off. fine folk for not complying, it's all there http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2019-GD-0101.pdf
  6. The water side of things was all sorted btw. The authority worked really hard to save money during its capital schemes and had about £20 mill in the ‘bank’ from underspending whilst delivering what was anticipated in the programme. This was all absorbed by the merger and used to pay down the immediate overspend on IRIs. Most of the remaining was used to start up the regional strategy as Drainage were only allowed about £2m a year by Treasury and needed about £20m
  7. Fairly easy really. Hop on early and get interest free loans for e-cars, home improvement and transfer to electric fuel, or more naturally, hang about a bit to see how much of a cluster fuck ** it is. And risk being penalised for doing so, through increasing taxation to offset the cost to date of the cluster fuck to that date. Meanwhile trees should be planted a) so it looks likes stuff is being done and b) because it can be done by government alone. But note, planting trees makes fuck all (5%) of the contribution required. There are two models 1) has no chance in God's earth of happening 2) could work with luck but will cost more per resident for 50% of the target being obtained by 2050. Big assumption being folk will happily stump up an additional £300 per head + their own loan and other costs ** As CoMin will oversee the programme to be delivered by govt.
  8. Even making some basic assumptions to calibrate things for the weighting, so beautifully described above, and missing from this survey. If nothing else, to test the validity of the results. Affordability indices are commonplace elsewhere and those characteristics could be used as the basis for measurement. Better than this random nonsense anyway.
  9. It is the biggest pile of crap out of the cabinet office and that takes some doing. A random sample of 18,000 became an actual test on 1,000 and in return there was a minimal 'bribe' of £50 for allowing the govt to snoop into your spending habits and household affairs, and that's the average ffs. Just over 5% return rate and most likely the ones in need of the additional cash. The 95% who just said fuck you may posibly have influenced the outcome no? They should be embarrassed publishing this shite.
  10. Id be curious to know if 40 years ago more than 5% of all possible respondents trusted and/or felt the need for govt to meddle in their own affairs in this way, as it seems is the case now. Surely 5% isn't enough of a response rate to be bothered with, never mind then turning that minimalist data into Island-wide trend data, which clearly it isnt.
  11. Govt are paying lip service to la voting reform because they (CT) want a low turnout and voter apathy with many uncontested seats. this will then justify more heavy handed local authority reform which will be a vote winner for the national elections. Imho
  12. How to 'punctuate correctly' would be better in context
  13. What the actual fuck at the end of Victoria Street! No right turn except to cross two lanes of traffic. And putting left and right hand lanes together in the left hand lane.
  14. Just taking the old prison and park road sites. There are a number of govt departments with sensible designs for use medical/ afforable/ sheltered. None of whom have the budget as the business cases get turned down due to lack of funds. So now we have politicians who haven't bothered to ask making decisions like this. Odd. to private sites like Summerland and the Bus station developers drop out as there's no proven demand. interesting Bill has chosen to stand in front of a site which has a full design (Sefton Group) however why would they commit funds to it when govt are destroying tourism. This amounts to giving prime development land to Dandara for free. Little more than that.
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