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  1. A quick Google seems to indicate the new interim director of public health is arriving with the usual backstory associated with senior appointments. Moved around from place to place leaving investigations in his wake.
  2. Yep local authorities pensions are among the best on the Island. And they're not rushing to reform them.
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/waiting-times-go-up-in-two-thirds-of-manx-cares-specialties/ Im not an expert but on the face of it, it seems Manx Care is a very expensive fuck up
  4. Must be bollocks because DBC just increase the rates by whatever they fancy, without any regard for whether it represents value for the ratepayers ... And sort out the parking in the lane next to the Rovers!!! Supposed to be an emergency exit, hence why the Rovers lost their benches. Turns into free parking for DBC staff. Tells you all you need to know about the Council
  5. We would've delivered 500,000 tourists if it wasn't for those pesky transport links.
  6. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/nine-of-171-flights-cancelled-during-the-tt-fortnight-551356 Only Nine! Seemed a lot more than that. I am guessing therefore this doesn't include flights rolled forward to next morning, or perhaps even flights into the Island?
  7. Please share any meme you find. Getting bored of a cockerel’s legs on Orinoco’s body
  8. The only sensible bit in that was mention of the political tent; however in the wrong context. It's not a matter of who is outside. CT was asking damaging and clever questions he can no longer ask. Keep your enemies close at al. Leaving Rob to concentrate on the cost of postage stamps.
  9. Surely there are a couple of alright MHKs?
  10. At least it’s okay now and not hopefully okay as might have been the case last week
  11. Rewarded for incompetence. What's not to like.
  12. In theory, but everyone knows govt doesn't stick to its own rules where it suits. Perhaps just ask "how many NDA with payment being made" then
  13. I know for a fact the terms of some of the NDA. @Stu Peters look up Mutually Assured Resignation as that's probably how it's been done. Nothing to do with retirement lump sums. Resign today and get £X or fight us in Court and potentially lose everything. On behalf of the public you could ask how many and how much has been or will be paid out In the past six months. I think that passes the FOI test?
  14. https://1sth.co.uk/utility-tracing-explained/
  15. Probably development corporation commissioned a survey of the site. Sounds like services to me
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