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  1. Is that the ghost of Boot wrestling Moorehouse?
  2. It was a trap 😂 good to know you're keeping track. Only 2 years away now 👍
  3. More generally public service workers are prioritised over all others, including locals in private sector employment. Off island essential workers are already being bribed to come here so should compete on an equal footing with everyone else. Or they could have a pool of essential worker rental homes they all compete for until they have been here five years. But why bother with a fair society.
  4. Short-termism at its best. There are reasons it's five years. Perhaps you'll work it out eventually. Also what is stopping me becoming a health professional to get a house and then going on to do a high earning job elsewhere? I've just skipped the list. How long do I have to remain in a job I now hate to retain my home? What happens if I'm not the essential worker and my partner leaves me and the kids to take on the house? Just a few scenarios to consider, but there are many more. That's why it is designed like it is. But you guys know best. Typical CaBo thinking @CrazyDave
  5. Just been on Radio 2 as worst tree in the UK 😂
  6. How Alf dived in to sort it all for his big business buddies, found it to be a legal minefield, and, not for the first time, got out of the pool quick smart.
  7. Yes he's a dick. Good he's being found out.
  8. soggy biscuits all around how embarrassing a thing
  9. sorry, i don't think so - i think it's glen rushen road because there aren't really any houses up on the sound road and across to the round table. that's not to say he isn't C. X because i have no idea good the arrogant taxi driving clerk has been found wanting at last Eta - their public minutes of August 14th state Bridson and a property Sunridge on glen rushen road. So probably a GDPR issue however mystery solved
  10. Mine are MIA. Fbf I didn’t vote and am even less likely to next time. i doubt I am in a group of one.
  11. COD Pully edition. Out for Christmas is my favourite from FB. Pully FB thinks the guy is in a bad way btw.
  12. That never happened in the past though did it? When I lived in Pully the local Bobby knew everyone and how to handle them. The last thing they did was ask head office for support. as I wrote, different, but probably better times. laugh it up fuzz ball or somesuch
  13. Yes. It was known as diffusing the situation. Not as much fun as pointing guns but in the long-term better for the community
  14. In the olden days the pully bobby would have asked the neighbours what was going on, sat down on the curb and had a chat, got invited in for a cuppa and everyone would have gone home happy. Funny times the olden days
  15. The National KPI is 2%. Same as on Island where figures are captured quarterly. Tenancy are all weekly, but not all L.A. use 52 weeks payment terms. At the time you cite DBC were in dispute with government over their deficiency, and it was in their advantage to declare a higher arrears figure than existed. They're no longer in that place and yes, compared to some, their arrears are good.
  16. All island arrears pre covid were around £50k and DBC ran about £20k. Bean is pretty much spot on. The general rule of no eviction without the need to agree to repayment plans (thanks to the lefties) led to significant numbers of tenants choosing to pay what they fancied.Since then there are also significant numbers of low value first time debtors as a function of the cost of living running away from the availability to pay. In other words, too many tenants are falling behind the historic affordability thresholds.
  17. Last time he was bullshitting about how he was going to fix the situation single-handed. Total tool. Nearly all LA are carrying huge debts post Covid. Sooner or later something will have to be done to be fair to those tenants who prioritised paying rent over new iPhones
  18. Whoop! It’s saved. thereby missing the point perhaps it shouldn’t be (if it costs a tonne of money to renovate) but proclaiming an emergency demolition without any evidence or due process is very misleading and wrong.
  19. This is why this could only be considered after the Capacity Legislation dropped into place. Ignoring the emotion and focussing on the fact, the majority of this is already enshrined in the law.
  20. Yes it will go through Keys then up to LegCo for review, whereupon they can recommend amendments to be voted upon by Tynwald. A private member Bill is a risky business because there is no block vote and generally less scrutiny, because it's one person's baby, as opposed to department sponsored. Hooper did this once before (tenant rights) and it got through Tynwald despite being completely unworkable. So is now buried in the long grass. The decision of Keys today is interesting because it effectively removes the need for LegCo at all. And yet, LegCo still have to do their bit. The other thing is the Committee can only make recommendations for amendments but Keys still have to vote on each. Overall, I'm not sure why there is a committee at such an early stage and fearful it sets a dangerous precedent.
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