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  1. I think the Contractors have. They just need instruction and plans to function. And they have neither. That was clear from day one when two subbies randomly started breaking out concrete Islands only to go to the north end of the prom and work there.
  2. Numbnuts is correct. The Minister instructed work to start before the design work was finished for the Broadway and Sefton areas and before anything other than speculative discussion with other service providers. I was told the prom will take 3.5 years at least. However it 'has' to be finished before the election. Which became 'substantially' finished which became phase 1.
  3. Absolute dick of a question though. Right up there with the one about stamps
  4. Ps that roundabout as featured looks like the Sefton end to me.
  5. Revisiting the artist impressions it becomes clear the intention is for there to be no kerbside, with the pavement and road being essentially the same level. This is why the tramlines appear so high at present. There is also a slight fall in the landside pavement which will be eradicated. Lovely in theory. Not so sure during a winter storm when surely waves will wash untroubled across the road, hit hotel etc walls and wash back? Or am I being daft?
  6. Ex DFE marketing consultants employed by DFE presumably
  7. I don't think it's been designed yet. Same for the Sefton bit.
  8. He's lining himself up on the green ticket. Nowt more obvious
  9. AB confirmed the taxpayer (MUA) is to pay the taxpayer (DOI) all delay costs But wait the taxpayer (DOI and MUA) will also pay acceleration costs. So joe public is fooled into thinking everything is marvellous
  10. Indeed, the Manxman's home is his castle is an entirely Thaturite construct. In countries like Holland and Belgium there is no stigma attached to rental at all. It far outstrips homeownership. And state provision of rental accommodation ensures quality and now thermal / green build is commonplace. Buy to let or even build to let like a family member did for a number of hotels absolutely has a place n the market, else they wouldn't be filled.
  11. Only on the IoM would being already 20% late on delivery be seen as a success. Get Kevin McCloud in to make a documentary. Amateur project manager, overstretches ideas, overspends on budget. Doesn't realise vision and cries great lot.
  12. The taller ones are stacks (well some of them) and it is causing issues. I stand by my comment.
  13. Funny that they hadn't realised the old lights were also vent stacks. Bit of a panic, I believe not yet fully resolved, behind the scenes with that one.
  14. Word in pub. This job is filled.
  15. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/respondents-say-no-to-area-based-rates-system/ just say no... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/thomas-unveils-plan-to-base-rates-on-property-size/ Just crack on anyway... ...Take it or leave it fella.. doesn't seem very democratic?
  16. the gift that keeps on giving - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/calls-for-more-govt-investment-to-protect-against-flooding/ cos no one else has thought of that https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_597447.html waste of a letter(s) matey
  17. In my experience this is a common set up to assist wildlife and particularly fishstock. Also in my experience the contractor will have had the method statement either signed off by the MUA or designed by the MUA. Finally, in my experience, don't do riverworks during the exquinox. Do it in late spring before spawning and when river levels are dropping ** My experience - three river crossing jobs and design for works in rivers.
  18. Some of the engineers told me it was a year behind. Note recent press now states 'substantially complete' whereas it was 'complete' no problem.
  19. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/minister-heartened-by-area-plan-for-the-east-focus/ Costing an awful lot of money and time to decide the existing plan isn't fit for purpose is 'heartening' - back it comes January 2020, at least, and the inquiry isn't even half complete yet
  20. Breaking news! Howard is due to announce operation shitehawk, which will both lay bare the genius foresight of paying shitloads for an old boat and ensure essential supplies such as coasta coffee granules will make it through regardless. Who knows, there may even be room for some medicines.
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