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  1. That and him running to Manx Radio moaning suggests to me Cannan made the correct decision.
  2. Deputy director seems a £90K job invented when AR was given all ports. That didn't work so she kept her increased pay, a director of ports was created and the deputy role retained.
  3. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/21-08-13-signed-douglas-promenade-strategic-board-minutesnb_redacted.pdf the news picked up the further delay into November announced in August per these minutes. the more relevant thing is the Contractor and Rail specialist being in contractual dispute and the DOI being in dispute with the Contractor. that and the small matter of 'descoping' a lot of stuff and returning to sort issues with the rail crossing in winter and cracking at a later date - my guess, this is going to the Courts
  4. Looking pretty good for undeliverable policy decisions. In engineering parlance 'we design it, you make it... But it can't be manufactured... It's impossible. Well that doesn't matter we designed it, so you make it. Which led to much added cost and interpretation of design.
  5. Doing his bit for climate change with an all blue inked page 🤣and reflecting back from other manifestos. Not actually saying a lot.
  6. Possibly because they get a commission on every sale or relet they make. Panicking folk into action is beneficial to them. Likewise panicking government into letting developers throw up muse boxes wherever they want. Sad fact is the BTL market is what's bringing developers forward as it's risk free to them
  7. I don't think you are wrong. Out of East Baldwin through Abbeylands along scollag Road and back again
  8. I think but might be wrong the moaning is about the inept project management whereby the interim solution will add cost, cause shortcomings and needn’t have happened in the first place. you’re welcome
  9. Stronger business = you're not getting away with a copy and paste job from that drafted for the fairy houses which had benefits of mythical proportions. As such they have now become objects of modern folklore (how much, where are they, did a zillion folk view the YouTube as planned).
  10. Didn’t Rob promise an exciting and innovative solution would be in place for TT2022 and isn’t that what we’ve got. 🤣
  11. Suggest pedestrians look left and right at the Wedding Cake end of Finch Road. Nearly got taken out by someone bombing in off Prospect Hill (a solitary sign indicates the change of flow) and I have seen 3 vehicles going the now wrong way whilst typing this!
  12. Gypsy Rose Lee can foresee lots of sandbags stopping basements flooding on a decent inshore gale
  13. Full year projected overspend £5m
  14. Minister of School crossings or eradication of dog poop maybe. Please God don't let him loose with a real grown up position.
  15. Finch Road reverting flow after nearly a year might cause fun at the Wedding Cake, especially as it actually seemed to work better going the wrong way
  16. Neither is MR with Robertshaw and Brown. Completely out of touch with the direction of travel.
  17. He's not doing his blog anymore he said. Instead he's concentrating on getting his I and We sorted. I look forward to him being responsible for everything until he distances himself because We got it wrong
  18. Still looking forward to the Wallace and Gromit statue in lieu of the full-scale sidecar outfit we were once promised. Money too tight to mention
  19. I ordered a 2.5m statue not 2.5ft
  20. Manx Care seems to be operating without any budgetary constraints at present. This cannot possibly go on without being passed onto the tax payer.
  21. Unless I am doing something wrong only a few days for the domestic version?
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