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  1. She’s seems to be divorced from reality.
  2. Probably P (Dominic) Boxer.
  3. You'd like to think they went direct to the supplier, but probably 🙄
  4. Knee jerk is probably an understatement. Another badly thought out cock up on the horizon
  5. What is scary is how many agency board members are in chamber of commerce and or supply services to DFE. In turn the same folk win the awards for excellence. DFE staff are already generally on 'individual ' contracts and too often promote from within without explanation.
  6. The entire conference was about DFE promoting DFE. Cannan has been beguiled by and believes their shite. Hence why the Island plan is being replaced by their economic strategy. But by far the most embarrassing thing is nearly all of Cabinet office being ordered to go to make up the numbers. What a complete waste of everyone's time. Whatever happened to the 500,000 visitor vision?
  7. I would think so. But he still has to provide the answers to Tynwald today, so should be a fun listen
  8. Was there any mention of how much the interconnector is going to cost? Pub talk is billions and about £20k per head contribution
  9. Massive cockup hailed great success by Treasury Minister https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-green-living-grants-paid-in-almost-a-year/
  10. Let’s hope Edge and Callister get to sit next to each other 🤣 Alf is gonna regret this
  11. Exterior ply is cheap enough. You may note half of the shuttering is capped and in good condition. The other half isn’t and is in very poor condition already due to water ingress
  12. Might be to take him away from MUA with both water and electric completely screwed
  13. Having walked past today I note that instead of using industry accepted plywood they used chipboard on the shutters which has not too surprisingly blown out and is now rapidly failing. Tbh doesn’t instilled confidence for what might eventually happen inside. In loose terms expensive schoolboy error
  14. it needs to not cock up all the free land its being given first. the pace at the nurses home is glacial and much of the other big bang stuff seems to be getting bogged down in reality. Dead easy to be an extension of DFEs ideas division, completely different actually building stuff
  15. I think everyone agrees it’s the biggest and most expensive crock of shit for quite sometime. absolutely no logic seems to have been applied. Good news though the same team have got £30m to play with now
  16. Everyone bids against the same design and measure. The winning contractor puts in claims for compensation events where there are variations to the original scope. I recall much proclamation of‘early contractor involvement’ which is code for it’s not designed yet
  17. the much respected engineroom of Auldyn on Island sadly passed last year. after that it was only a matter of time and in any case, they had sold out to Colas - who's only work was Snaefell railway, Principal Contractor on the prom (and on-island presence) is required to win govt jobs and perhaps elements of the airport runway. in later times they also got some highways patching. i suspect it is Colas which is retreating and dragging down the last vestige of Auldyn with it.
  18. Sadly and seemingly true. My GP was like I can refer you but there’s a 50% chance Manx Care will make it worse. Which is a terrible state of affairs
  19. Or sacked… the nickname Can’t Cope is fairly commonplace
  20. The Commissioners rejected the Michael Street Proposal outright as I recall. Guessing something else not being mentioned is going under the road. Possibly pipeline to the outskirts. You are correct the same stretch was done a few years ago
  21. Manx Gas are about as green as my arse after a decent Thai curry
  22. Soon be time for the musical tree 🌲 that’ll bring ‘em flocking
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