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  1. excellent. wordplay was fantastic, dialogue great too, acting wasnt "believable", but that was the whole point. great cross-referencing of classic films. all in all, a brilliant film.
  2. "i am an artist, so i am not actually wasting water for nothing" he should be knighted just for that.
  3. Im sorry but you have totally mised the point here. Of course female and male nurses are paid the same. But that has nothing at all to do with male / female inequality. Maybe the college would do good business teaching elementary statistics or at least statistical analysis ? For ChinaHand's clarification I have already stated it is notoriously difficult to prove equal value and I have also stated most industries which are organised along lines of traditional male and traditional female type work are NOT, anyhow, candidates for an equal value claim. Nevertheless there have been one or two successes, notably the canteen cooks in Cammell Laird. The committee of which you speak is actually called the Employment Tribunal. I have offered a lightweight explanation for the way inequality is structured into our society and I believe if and only if we want this to change it will involve us males giving up some of the benefits we enjoy at the expense of women. For the avoidance of doubt I have already said this is unlikely to happen, more is the pity. The acid test really is, if we accept women and men have equal ability, then how do you explain the statistics which clearly demonstrate women earn less than men ? Im going to close my contribution to this thread with two links which, if read and interpreted correctly, make all the points I have raised and much more besides. Pay Statistics Social Structure QED simple...men and women arent equal. they never will be. there are things women can do that men cant and vice versa. if people really want equal pay, then we should embrace communism. simple as that.
  4. true, true. meh, smoking is just the tip of the iceberg. wait til they get on to fatty foods. oh, wait....
  5. mr sausages, eh? is that your real name? lemme see some id! like maybe....an ID CARD!!! (yours for a voluntarily mandatory extortionate fee or jail time.) you kinda get my overly paranoid point though?
  6. this is one of those "war-of-attrition" type arguments where people say one thing, someone else disagrees etc etc etc etc. look at the big picture here people. and no im not talking about cancer/emphesema (SP?) etc. im talking about the fact that although governments exist to protect a freedom that is already inherently ours, governments all over the world are seeing it as their duty to take away our freedom and grant it back piece by piece like a dog owner would with treats. its the NWO, im telling you. and no, they arent a rap group.
  7. the problem with modern art is it is so self-defeating. many of the so-called artists have essentially ripped pages out of the Dadaist handbook, and hoped nobody noticed. its rediculous. "art is art, as long as i say its art" is one phrase used to justify "happenings" that somehow cause offence, when in actual fact, its the process of causing offence which has come to be the major selling point of modern art, and thusly IS the crux of modern art. my own two cents, is that this whole " i hope to question..." ethos of art has now become a moot point. i want artists to stop cahllenging, exploring, questioning and seeking, and i want them to start telling.
  8. yep, that WAS right. there was a fairly amicable split. i dont think htye appreciated my drumming, and i found their music a little controlled for my style of drumming. theyve got a new dude now, and apparently hes pretty good. theyre visiting you guys soon (TT's) so go check em out.
  9. cheers for the help guys. i have already made my mind up, pretty much. i fell in love with the IOM when i visited just before last years TT's - i was touring with my band at the time. im moving from preston, england, so its not like its really, really far.
  10. hey all. after i finish uni in two years time, my partner and i are planning to move to the IOM and setting up a business. as im new to both moving to what is essentially a different country, and thusly setting up business in said country, im just wondering what sort of rigmarole i have to go through in order to actually move to IOM. is it considered emigration? what support does IOM provide to new businesses? etc. etc? any response will be greatly appreciated. thank you please
  11. doesnt really surprise me. the eighties had to hit them sooner or later.
  12. "Hah! Good one! I thought it was really funny. Really fucking funny. Damn funny." - pause - "You know what you are? You know? You, you fucking .. fucking ..." - another pause, sip, under breath - "Fucking fuck face. I'll fuckin ..." "I'll fuck you in your fucking fuck!" Make the world punch drunk with the following assertive graphic:
  13. from that article "'There is no scientific data that supports the idea that the difference between blacks and whites is genetic.'" ermmm, spot the deliberate mistake?
  14. piss adder body off baywatch, face off crimewatch you should have been an abortion you should have been a pissed night in you should have been a vibrator face like a bag of slapped twats turd burglar she looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp/licking piss off a nettle and my favourite she looks like a bulldog chewing a bulldog chewing a wasp licking piss off a bulldog chewing a nettle. with piss on it.
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