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  1. One thing it will not be is wonderful. We're aiming for the least worst-case scenario.
  2. Solar + wind. Reward is ~ 5 x energy input.
  3. For home heating look at heat pumps.
  4. Or, how about a fuel limit as in F1? There's so much the IOM could do yet, as always does so little.
  5. They seems to have issues with images at the moment.
  6. <username>@gmail.com is free with full security. Using the gmail servers, hosting the mail for @<companyname>.com costs - depends on the number of accounts.
  7. Especially when there are alternatives such as gmail and outlook.
  8. Also they don't take things such as health care into consideration, you only needs 35 years' contributions to qualify for the full pension. Add on free bus passes, TV licences and it's not as bad as it may seem. I'm half a field from the local bus stop. When I hit 65 in ~ 3 years I'll be able to take the mutt and travel around Cornwall all day for free. That's worth a grand at least. Health care is not as bad as some make out as well.
  9. I bet they want the slots for winter holidays - skiing etc.
  10. I'm coming to the conclusion that we should pay NI when retired. Maybe at a lower rate as has been suggested elsewhere, but pay it we must.
  11. GD4ELI

    Sefton Group

    Doesn't sound too good. How long before the Sefton group calls it a day?
  12. Read a good book? If you have decent internet Netflix & Amazon Prime aren't bad.
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