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  1. No, the OP. You must have posted 1.72 ms before I did...
  2. GD4ELI

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Sad to hear about your dog. Some of the best and very worst customer service I've had has been the Steam Packet, also the most clueless at times.
  3. GD4ELI

    Moving to Spain

    Or reading the crap you post in these forums.
  4. GD4ELI

    Moving to Spain

    Add on climate change and large parts of Spain could be unbearable.
  5. GD4ELI

    Moving to Spain

    A bit of a generalisation but also sadly somewhat true. I suggest a three month winter holiday in Spain to get a feel for the place. Quite a few Manx professionals living in the west country .
  6. GD4ELI

    Moving to Spain

    Quite a few ex-pats in Alicante. Think about health care...
  7. GD4ELI

    State of the place 2018

    He had a prime?
  8. GD4ELI

    Sayle Gallery going into Administration

    Shame. I have a couple of his paintings, was a good friend of his son at school. A combination of art gallery and coffee shop seems to be where it's heading these days.
  9. GD4ELI

    Manx Radio

    The Washington Post, CNN, NBC show the source of stories when it's another paper such as the NY Times. Example: Donald Trump & Tax.
  10. GD4ELI

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Bulgaria is a member of the EU matey.
  11. GD4ELI

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Down here we grow veg, lots of veg. It's picked by Bulgarians who work amazingly hard. I doubt there's anyone on the dole who would want to or could even do that job.
  12. Gambling has been around for 5,000 years at least and there are no signs that it'll disappear any time soon.
  13. 'when combined with ICT' But yes, it's a good thing. High tech, world-leading company, lots of investment.
  14. GD4ELI

    Rally Under Threat...

    + Awards ceremony.