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  1. Maybe not. She didn't get very far, no bank account etc.
  2. A friend whose life is a misery due to a basic misdiagnosis
  3. All airlines can apply for this.
  4. Stay tuned. There may be a legal challenge to the rescue...
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51113895
  6. A good BBC article. The proposal is to defer paying APD, any APD change will first be in the 2020 budget in March.
  7. Excellent, I propose the DOI constructs the whole thing.
  8. Great for Daily Wail readers but of little significance to the real world.
  9. I think all FlyBe's planes are leased. My feeling is that Flybe will be liquidated, assets sold off by administrators.
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