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  1. Another California shooting leaves 3 dead, 4 injured in ritzy LA neighborhood At least three people were killed and four wounded in a shooting in a Los Angeles neighborhood early Saturday morning, police said. The shooting took place shortly after 2:30 a.m. in the Beverly Crest area, an upscale neighborhood north of Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles Police Department said. At a press conference, Sgt. Bruce Borihanh said officers responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a shooting with people down at a residence that was being used as a rental.
  2. It's not 'they', it's Putin and his small group of friends.
  3. So how the f**k did the car fly so far?
  4. These companies have different store sizes though - Tesco's in Helston doesn't have all the products that Tesco's 'up country' does. Round here the vans I see making deliveries are ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco's and Waitrose. ASDA's not at all bad - cheaper than Waitrose for the same products, Waitrose does have some nice stuff.
  5. ASDA's the biggest local store. I don't think M&S deliver and I'm not trekking up to Truro or wherever for food.
  6. I shop at ASDA, prices going up every week.
  7. For a quiet, retired life the IOM is very good - further south is warmer by 2 to 3 degrees C,
  8. GD4ELI

    Firm closing

    Air's better and much lighter. just don't live in the surrounding glens.
  9. Indeed, many just come across as being very sad. Were I on the rock (I'm 65 now) then I wouldn't leave, but am very glad I spent my working life around Europe.
  10. And the US / UK officers can run the show via satellite, real time videos from troops on the ground. Have you seen the Ukrainians using drones to drop grenades inside Russian tanks? These new tanks will slaughter the Russians and their guys know it.
  11. You realise they have all the US & UK military satellites helping then? These things have the very best optics, think Google Maps and then increase the resolution. A new update every 10 minutes or better. As you say, many Russian troops don't want to be there, their officers don't know how to train a modern army.
  12. In my case while living in England 1982 - 1986 I was able to attend events around the country, enjoy the culture in London. problem with just living on the rock is you think you know everything when in fact you know relatively little, just look at the local politicians. FWIW 1986 I moved to Germany, then Belgium, then Switzerland, now in the south-west.
  13. If you're young then for goodness' sake go and see more of the world before settling down.
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