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  1. Good for him, lots of wind turbines down here. Shame on the rock for not having any.
  2. Just go back 30 to 40 years and you'll have it. Or go back even further when there was that great cafe on the ground floor, pie chips & beans.
  3. And where will you find these good quality MHKs?
  4. But there are many very competent MPs, much as I hate him for BREXIT George Eustace (my MP) could run rings around Tynwald with ease. A problem with a small island is that those with any 'getup and go' will generally do just that, I can think of a couple from my year at Albert Road who could run the Island but haven't been back for years.
  5. A friend of mine who had already suffered with COVID in an initial outbreak was poorly for a few days after her first and second jab, this was an expected reaction. I had a sore shoulder for a few weeks after my Pfizer booster, big deal.
  6. Destroying the south shore is not progress. Anyway it's a fantasy scheme.
  7. That fact that he's prepared to back the scheme if finance is in place is what's bad - the South shore should be left alone. He should be telling the marina fanatics to sling their hooks elsewhere.
  8. Ramsey it its glory years (before I left).
  9. Looks like his aim is to ruin Ramsey.
  10. FWIW she's tweeting like a crazy lady and having a good time...
  11. They need guards to stop the food escaping?
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