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  1. GD4ELI

    The budget

    Because some didn't save for their retirement?
  2. GD4ELI

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Flybmi has gone into administration, all flights cancelled. Not FLYBE
  3. GD4ELI

    Donald Trump

    Plot not just lost - plot packed its rucksack and left home for good.
  4. GD4ELI

    Donald Trump

    Wanna bet?
  5. GD4ELI

    Cut & paste

    Population wise Wigan is only 25% larger than the IOM. Both have piers. Demographics may surprise you. Wigan's actually quite a nice place - in places.
  6. GD4ELI

    Pubs closing

    There's a dreadful report about Ramsey in the 1850's or 1860's - the sort of report one would gladly bury. I *think* it was written by the Methodists but am not sure, i remember an excellent Antiquarian society lecture describing just how poor Ramsey was.
  7. GD4ELI

    Pubs closing

    Get down to the museum, the poor conditions in Douglas and Ramsey are also well documented in the Isle of Man Antiquarian Society proceedings of many years ago.
  8. GD4ELI

    Understanding the Law

    if it has a petrol engine (internal combustion) and is under 50cc then it's legally a moped so must be registered.
  9. GD4ELI

    Understanding the Law

    And I was given one ~ 45 years ago. Not mine
  10. GD4ELI

    Understanding the Law

    Agreed, dad's a fool.
  11. GD4ELI

    Pubs closing

    Food, food, food. Three very nice pubs in my area, all offer very good food. Without the food they would not exist.
  12. GD4ELI

    Premier Inn

    Cornwall's heaving in summer, but if you know what you're doing then it's fine, plenty of beaches with only a few people on them. I love the Lake District, hoping to get up there in autumn.
  13. GD4ELI

    Premier Inn

    Captive? A week in Spain costs the same as the IOM (assuming you fly). Lots of space in Spain. Lots of it. And as quilp says, what uniqueness?
  14. GD4ELI

    Ramsey Marina

    Quite a sensible solution.