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  1. UK & IOM NI systems are now separate systems.
  2. Accounts yes, other no. All banks are expecting losses, makes sense to close branches when people do have an alternative. Plenty of oldies round me who never visit a bank.
  3. RBSI is servicing a lot of debt and like other banks will expect to report a considerable loss due to Covid. No need to stay in the stone age.
  4. GD4ELI

    TT 2021 ??

    Yes, educated. Degree in sums and sparks.
  5. Not just young families. I even send packages via Post Office or DPD online as my PO has closed and the nearest one has almost no parking nearby.
  6. GD4ELI

    TT 2021 ??

    Death rate / hour spent swimming would be a better comparison.
  7. Read the link I posted, it's really about consolidation and simplifying the system. The name is not relevant, whether the bank is solvent is far more important.
  8. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=48580&headline=Isle of Man Bank: Customers won't notice changes when we change legal entity&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 "He said that, not only products and services of Isle of Man Bank would remain, but also its presence on the High Street through the Isle of Man Bank branches."
  9. GD4ELI

    TT 2021 ??

    I doubt whether 50% of Manx residents would vote for the TT. Were I resident then I wouldn't, too many widows and orphans.
  10. My local Post Office offered support for HSBC customers. Now the Post Office has closed.
  11. GD4ELI

    Manx Care

    Savings? Treating someone closer to family is better all round, I'm sure I read that this does aid recovery.
  12. Just FWIW since lockdown I've used cash just once - buying a beer at my local.
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