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  1. I believe the 'old' cathedral is technically no longer a cathedral.
  2. Peel is the Sunset City. And has a cathedral of sorts. And a great chippy...
  3. So can I put you down for two vents, delivery next week sometime?
  4. But hasn't forgotten how to read the news and follow the IOM Police's Facebook page.
  5. Apart from Peel. Random attacks do happen, often outside pubs.
  6. Loganair obviously realise that with the current loading factor the route is not commercially viable. Loganair is not a charity, it's a commercial operation.
  7. The CI has a much greater population density than the IOM. High prices are a problem in all nice areas - if you think the rock is expensive then try my neck of the woods.
  8. Or a garden centre.
  9. Apart from the typo I think you may even be on the low side. Still plenty of time...
  10. Because competent people leave the rock. Managing a project like this is not for the B stream.
  11. You've got to laugh. You've just got to laugh.
  12. GD4ELI


    Let's get rid of people, that would solve all the world's problems.
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