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  1. Pokerstars jobs in Bulgaria. Lots of them. Many reasons for operating out f the EU.
  2. Very, very true. As well as Malta (EU) there's Singapore which wants a large(r) share of this business. Lots of poaching going on... Some interesting and ill-informed comments on IOM Today.
  3. Don't the Scots hate everyone, including themselves? I have Scottish heritage although I keep quiet about it.
  4. I realised that. Some locals want London wages for working in tourism, the majority are happy to live down here with life as it is.
  5. Nothing wrong with Behringer for a small radio station.
  6. What a sad comment from someone who obviously resents being alive. Yes, in summer some beaches are full but there are plenty which are almost deserted. Cornwall is most certainly not full up. I'm in a wealthy part and the local tradesmen are kept very, very busy. If you want really high prices go to the south coast of Dorset. It's a lovely county with plenty of normal people.
  7. As a kid in the 60's I was a frequent visitor to and enthusiastic supporter of: Ramsey Tip, Ramsey Junk shop (old railway station). Would be great tourist attractions.
  8. Emmet & Grockle are references to tourists, not new residents.
  9. Also the 'high street' had an over-supply of stores IMO.
  10. Would be fine for me. Not a big driver, ~ 2.5k miles / year, rarely more than 50 miles in a day. The new VW i range is taking preorders at a ridiculous rate.
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