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  1. I still have Manx Airways luggage tags on my rucksack. 'Happy Days...'
  2. And also how to show that you'll financially dumb?
  3. Should happen much sooner.
  4. Sums up the general government mantra for all areas of operation. Have pity for Alf, he'll not be popular in a few years from now.
  5. Blame the Russians for this.
  6. Rubbish. Follow what climate change is bringing already - Ramsey is under a four-pronged attack: Sulby river when there's been extended rainfall as has been predicted and being seen in other rivers, Surge due to longer and stronger storms from the east, Higher tides, Stupidity of the residents who prefer parking their cars to protecting the town. Maybe there's something in the water which affects intelligence?
  7. Some parts of the US have a very low tidal range, for example Florida where it can be just 65cms so the moon *will* have a big impact in the 2030s.
  8. Yes they are, up to 30cms in the next decade due to the moon. Linky to NASA Mooragh isn't very deep, will not hold much.
  9. Clients from Beruit? Actually the pics I've seen of complete bits are nice, but what a price?
  10. S*d off. Let's ban all celebrations which take place in December.
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