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  1. A standard question on the Canadian census.
  2. It was all published some years ago. Didn't the true Manxman Phil Gawne decide that he knew better and allow the plunder to continue? Some years ago I was talking to Wilf of Ramsey, we both remember how the fishing was off the north of the Island.
  3. Professional knowledge? Being a highly respected marine biology university?
  4. Probably better scenery - North Wales is very nice.
  5. Yes, Electronics & Maths, 1976-1979. Lovely place is Bangor...
  6. Nice to see that they are listening to Bangor University. The new measures have been imposed by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture following recommendations from the University of Bangor. Best advice available.
  7. All you need is a rather podgy leader who doesn't listen to dissenters and you're on your way. Hang on, ...
  8. All I can say in defence of B&Q is that their Penryn (Falmouth) store is excellent.
  9. B&Q's IT is a disaster, I believe the new CEO is working on this as a matter of very high priority. Did you know that the Q in B&Q was a Manxman David Quayle?
  10. From a tweet: Zoe Andrews @_Zoe_Andrews: Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I’m missing the nhs. Cherish your #nhs #cherish #healthcare
  11. I think you'll find that they have woken up. I'm in real true-blue Tory territory, no-one has any respect for Boris. FWIW I met a nice lady yesterday who voted for Brexit just 'to see what would happen'. Amazing...
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