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  1. Because I work from home. I suspect the eGaming companies have fibre into the premises. Also, I very much doubt that the actual public-facing web servers are based on the rock, they probably use the cloud such as AWS etc.
  2. Public profile: https://www.sdr-radio.com/ Also consult to government agencies, this requires 24 x 7 cover. FWIW website uses duda.co hosted on AWS.
  3. As good and reliable internet is essential for what I do then yes, it's a show-stopper. You suspect wrong.
  4. Facebook: Our internet speed is shockingly bad, we are with Manx telecom and we live in Willaston! I'm getting really fed up with paying near £60 a month for terrible service.... Anyone else experiencing the same thing? And in case anyone asks, my router and ADSL connector is relatively new. For example we have just tested our internet speed and downspeed 11.5 Mbps and up is 1.6 Mbps! Me: As someone for whom reliable, decent internet is a must I couldn't risk returning to the rock .
  5. Rural Cornwall - FTTP in a friend's place at Delabole, being installed now and I only have the speeds above for now. Delabole Mawnan Smith.
  6. That's for ~55 Mbps / 18 Mbps excl. line rental. I think line rental is £15 / month or something like that. 1 Gbps internet will be ~ £40 / month. OK?
  7. The pixies @ BT decide to put fibre to house in I suppose. It'll come to me 'cos there's a high demand at a big local hotel, I'll not get quite than much, maybe 950/75 Mbps.
  8. Bit different from the FTTP I'll have soon :).
  9. Maybe around the towns, but when I was moving it was pitiful in some rural areas. What's the current offering outside of the towns?
  10. Very, very true. And also the rock's competing with the south coast of England and Pembrokeshire. With FTTP broadband being delivered around Cornwall, decent towns such as Falmouth and Truro there's a fair bit of competition just round my area. Estate agents are very busy with 'rich' Londoners wanting to relocate anywhere on the south coast. As soon as the rock has FTTP in rural parts I'll be thinking...
  11. Once those self-isolating are taken into account they don't have enough staff! Can't you read?
  12. I'm with you 100% sister. When the grockles come down to their holiday homes I'll be staying far away from them.
  13. The advantage of not having a puppy is reduced risk of your house being chewed up.
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