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  1. Age Not being able to shake the virus off after 10 days Stress of being PM Comment from a friend's wife who's a doctor working with Covid-19 at the main hospital in Truro You don't go to hospital if you're healthy.
  2. And it's not looking very good for him.
  3. Probably both. Been up since 03:45 so brain's fading...
  4. I listened this morning at about 0515 for 20 minutes or so (Medium wave 1368) - one presenter is bad enough, but two? Really? Rule #1 of early morning radio - speak little and no dribble.
  5. Clubbing seals gets boring after a while.
  6. Radio 3 is a blessed relief from the bollox of Brexit, that silly virus and the dumbing-down of daytime Radio 2 (Ken Bruce excepted). Try it - and as for a comparison with MR - I'd say it's valid. No need for any live presenters at MR until 7AM.
  7. Hah! Question is really why are there any presenters at 5AM - BBC Radio 3 doesn't go live at that hour so why does MR?
  8. GD4ELI

    easy jet

    I don't think there's the remotest chance of you going to Spain at the end of May.
  9. GD4ELI

    easy jet

    Did you pay by card, if so Debit or Credit?
  10. GD4ELI

    easy jet

    Guardian advice. My flight to Europe is cancelled. All I’m being offered is an alternative flight or vouchers. Is this legal? No. But that hasn’t stopped a number of airlines doing exactly that. All flights on EU carriers within, or into the EU, and all flights leaving from an EU airport, are protected by the EU’s “denied boarding” rules, which requires refunds or rerouting when flights are cancelled. The problem for consumers is that enforcing these rights is proving very difficult. Not to pick on them particularly, but easyJet has pushed cancelled customers towards its “manage booking” option. With this, they can only switch a booking to a future flight. Refunds are only being processed by customer services which, of course, is impossible to contact. Note: the EU cancellation rules do not apply to non-EU carriers where the flight started outside the EU. For example, a Korean Air flight from Seoul to London.
  11. GD4ELI

    Life & Living

    Bloody clouds, coming over here stealing our sunshine!
  12. GD4ELI

    Life & Living

    I think it's great: No children in supermarkets Fewer cars on the road No bloody aeroplanes No effing tourists Bliss!
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