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  1. Nothing would happen otherwise. You need bath.
  2. I'm 63, here in Penryn & Falmouth it's Cohort 6 and those 64 and over receiving first jabs so I expect mine in a week or so. Over in Somerset those 60+ are receiving jabs. Couldn't care less about the French.
  3. No shortages down here but prices are increasing over March and April. Any half-way decent builder has more work than they can handle.
  4. Badly worded - AB and A.N. Other.
  5. The chief minister of 8 years was gay, a very prominent Island resident and (after his death) benefactor also. Attitudes are the same as in any community but being an island maybe a few years behind. Go for it, good luck.
  6. Possibly to alleviate potential legal issues in the future?
  7. GD4ELI

    'D Notice'

    Apart from the fact that Paul's ~10 years older?
  8. GD4ELI

    'D Notice'

    He went to a good skool did Paul.
  9. GD4ELI

    TT 2021 ??

    & very probably it's been spread around the reinsurance market.
  10. GD4ELI

    TT 2021 ??

    Will there ever be a last night of the Prom?
  11. Hardly surprising, their behaviour has been idiotic and that's putting it mildly. In Israel orthodox Jews make up ~10% of the population but ~50% of the infections.
  12. As there's no lockdown on the rock I doubt it's low risk. The crowing about the rock's low COVID counts may well be a thing of the past if the way it's spread through other countries is anything to go by. I hope this isn't the case but always prepare for the worst.
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