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  1. There are outstanding IT people in the eastern member states of the EU. A few years out of university, motivated, keen to work.
  2. Yes, it matters a great deal. There's pressure for companies like PokerStars to relocate even more to the EU and areas where the customers are, lots of legislation coming in the next years which will hit online gambling hard.
  3. Not just unhealthy, meat is also bad for the planet.
  4. Burger King launches meatless burger across Europe and tests new US options In August, the burger chain started selling the Impossible Whopper throughout the United States. The meatless version of its signature burger has been so successful that Burger King is launching a plant-based "Rebel" Whopper across Europe, and it's testing more plant-based options, including the Impossible Whopper Jr. and a new Impossible Burger, in the United States.
  5. Sadly tidal power isn't what some make it out to be. The big issue is maintenance of the undersea generators. Shame - there are three good locations around the IOM for tidal power .
  6. She needs her brains testing. What a wally .
  7. Bet they could write prose proper.
  8. Plenty of these three elsewhere. I do think the IOM should have an on-land wind farm, quite a few near me and they are not as bad as they seem. Only downside - it would be more expensive than buying in the raw electricity from the UK.
  9. Trump loses appeal in New York tax case, must hand over returns
  10. And exactly to whom are you going to sell it, and how? I do hope the UK stops this idea.
  11. Sure, every sixth-form pseudo socialist has a copy.
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