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    TT 2022 ??

    Only a few weeks a year.
  2. Just need to find someone stupid enough to have £2.5million they don't have a better use for.
  3. Friend quoted £25k at the Duchy hospital in Cornwall but his will be a very complex operation for some reason. If you have the money go to the UK in case things go wrong. Plenty of UK private hospitals offering knee jobs for ~£15k. Also consider a week or two post-op in private nursing home. If you go private in the UK what help will the IOM NHS be afterwards?
  4. How long? Here it's ~£1k for a 20m replacement.
  5. Get a water meter. I pay £80 / year for water and am on a septic tank which is emptied every ~4 years, so costs ~£150 / year or so. Water is cheap down here for some reason. I pay higher council tax than you but don't object - Cornwall council does a terrific job despite the Tory funding squeeze.
  6. Oh dear, geography lesson required!
  7. One thing always worth doing - make sure you don't have a dust build up, make sure the CPU temperature is not too high.
  8. Is cheese an invention?
  9. I believe you - my speakers are only 3dB down at 16Hz. When watching TV series in New York you can hear and feel the subway. Obviously you need a decent amp...
  10. If you get COVID and aren't jabbed then I think you should pay for any treatment.
  11. Only a totally selfish moron travels when there's a pandemic. NHS is overwhelmed, other services struggling. People are just idiots.
  12. I tend to stream a lot these days: * TSF Jazz * Jazz FM * France Musique * BBC Radio 3 Streaming quality can be *very* good, I use a Majority Fitzwilliam.
  13. Well, if you're ever down this way you can compare Vinyl and remastered CDs, IMO not much in it. I have a deck as I have hundreds of records from my student days.
  14. You would change your mind were you to hear them. That said, the dark cherry finish would probably be better in this house. I may replace them in 10 years or so, I do some work for a UK speaker company and their high-end speakers are quite appealing.
  15. Rather amazing. Had them for 25 years, very sensitive so only need a few watts from the Marantz PM6007. At this age the 13" bass drivers need replacing, managed to get two new units.
  16. Bought Beatles, Pink Floyd and Elton John this year on vinyl - all remastered.
  17. Down here many younger people are just grade-A* idiots. Grade-A* in spades with sprinkles on top. My spaniel has more brains.
  18. Offer all you want, there are significant downsides to island living, just look at the misery over the last few days with the boat and planes. As picturesque as the Island is, vast swathes of the UK are also very nice.
  19. Who in their right mind would go through the hassle and cost of moving to the IOM unless there's an incentive?
  20. Maybe locals don't have to relocate?
  21. Estimate to remove the asbestos was £5million I seem to remember, so get ready to pay.
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