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  1. This despite the fact that there's *no* public money involved?
  2. Unless it's changed in the last 50 years, the KWC pool is nothing special at all.
  3. Are you getting confused with the all-weather pitch?
  4. Look at Rightmove and check the filters, for the buyer it's all there.
  5. Wind, Solar pollute? Explain please.
  6. Only in the North though.
  7. Bored mummies on the post-school run burger fest maybe?
  8. Ah - C&C here but I'm not trekking up to Truro. OMG they have nice stuff as does Waitrose - who delivers but again ain't cheap.
  9. M&S - lucky bugger, they don't deliver here. Some great vegan food, much better than ASDA albeit pricey.
  10. Evri has a big investment and is really improving from the days of Hermes. I don't like the way self emplyed status is abused though.
  11. Lots of grass-fed down in Devon and Cornwall and most other places I expect. Consider a farmer's costs - these have all gone up so there's no reason why milk shouldn't also go up: Fuel, vet, electricity, labour, tractor parts etc.
  12. Agreed, first-hand experience of this.
  13. He's already started the mega-BS. Fact-checking Trump's 2024 announcement speech | CNN Politics Jesus H. Christ - let's hope someone with clout runs against him.
  14. I had a look at ASDA Falmouth (my store), 23rd / 24th Dec. sold out but plenty of free slots before the 23rd, so maybe the same with Tesco's?
  15. There are still issues with the internet - Royal Mail Tracking is down. I'd wait until this afternoon.
  16. I've just been onto ASDA - no queue at all. Looks like there have been problems, especially as the queue is reducing so quickly. My guess is that 150,000 is a 'magic' number in their server, used when there's such a situation. Could have also been backups running but that I doubt.
  17. There have been some major internet issues on the UK backbone in the last 12 hours, this could be the problem.
  18. And what would you have sone in 1939/ 1940 to defend the CI? It would have been impossible. The IOM was an important asset.
  19. I doubt he can - France's defence budget is roughly the same as the UK's. All you need to know is easy to find with Google.
  20. Oh really? You should take those rose-tinted spectacles off sometime. And don't forget the IOM isn't paying a serious defence contribution like grown-up countries do. Pro-rata with the UK this would be ~£55 million per annum based on the 2021 UK defence spending.
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