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  1. Way too young. It's obvious who it is - just think of famous females with Island connections...
  2. Uphill skiing is a real thing.
  3. Nice country, just a shame about (some of) the people.
  4. Same for the downhill skiing / snowboarding.
  5. GD4ELI

    Manx Care

    I'm at the age now for... Free Prescriptions!
  6. GD4ELI

    Manx Care

    Using COVID really is a crap excuse. I've (cleverly) had two episodes of gout, my local surgery in Penryn has been wonderful. We're fully staffed, operating well and the phone support excellent. The repeat prescription for the second attack took a few minutes on the 'phone with a superb GP.
  7. Invented - yes. Weak when it came to marketing, production and QA.
  8. 90% of the UK. Next question?
  9. Down here in Cornwall we're expecting more mask mandates and low-level lockdowns over winter. I wouldn't be so sure that COVID will be low enough to allow the TT to go ahead in 2022.
  10. Yes & Yes. Bought a new deck a few weeks ago, still buying vinyl.
  11. Attendance in 2022 would be (will be) way down - there's reduced interest by intelligent people in the conventions I normally attend, so if 20% are smart enough not to mix for a week or two with thousands of bikers then revenue will be hit.
  12. I'm quite sure limitless funds will be made available to fly competitors, marshals and all their stuff from any far-flung corner of the planet. Personally I would like to see an end to it.
  13. It could and it did in the 1850's to 1920's, many photos on iMuseum. I think it was the Methodists who documented the very sorry state of Douglas and Ramsey, alcoholism was rampant,
  14. Not at all - we're quite remote. Look at a map...
  15. Despite being a nice town, Falmouth (5 miles from me) is suffering but still has plenty of footfall during the day.
  16. Summerland's a legal nightmare I believe - the cliff face may not be stable, also not getting the afternoon / evening sun doesn't help. Villers - the Island's answer to Beruit.
  17. You've got to be proactive, the market will not sort it out. The 'market' will move out of the town centre leaving behind what you're seeing today. Leave it too long and the buildings will not be usable, I've seen that with some in Parliament street.
  18. Sounds like Ramsey 10 years ago .
  19. Read the doc., not just green projects but a lot of 'normal' expenditure.
  20. Aren't they after the fish (whiting ?) which in turn feed on the Richards?
  21. £9k? That's the same as 24x7 care at home.
  22. Stuff they mix in on delivery.
  23. Stops the fuel separating with age. Not uncommon in remote / rural / backwards places.
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