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  1. Don't know - my Volvo service bod told me that Shell is more expensive than ASDA due to the additives, FWIW I'm on diesel.
  2. Depending on which additives you may be worse off. Some are beneficial to the car, a reason why Shell & named brands do cost a bit more.
  3. How the Council supports the transport network - Cornwall Council
  4. Here's are the nice new-ish smaller busses. Cool, eh? Plenty of room for buggies, scooters, dogs and even people.
  5. There are plenty of foldable mobility scooters which meet these dimensions. Here's a link for those who can't use Google.
  6. Well, you could always use Google, you'll find that many bus companies take mobility scooters. My local bus operation is great btw. Conditions of Carriage - Go Cornwall Bus "The majority of our buses and coaches are already able to accommodate wheelchairs, approved mobility scooters, prams and buggies. Whilst we welcome these onboard for travel, it is at the discretion of the driver as to whether or not there is enough space available. "
  7. Cornwall's busses, Stagecoach, busses in Switzerland.
  8. Well, get a simple automatic timer thingy or an on/off switch you can control from your phone.
  9. Pie and chips in the cafe as well.
  10. Mrs Nature + a few jabs perhaps?
  11. Compared to you I'm a mega-genius. Please keep on posting, it makes me feel so good.
  12. He, 67 years old has COVID. Fully jabbed and boosted.
  13. Stay away from me, house prices already stupidly crazy. Northumberland sounds attractive. Span maybe?
  14. GD4ELI

    Firm closing

    ASDA over here has increased prices. Just wait, the rest will follow.
  15. What's wrong with the local hookers?
  16. Be glad there's a post office - mine has closed so buy postage online and let the postman pick up parcels and letters.
  17. No thanks. My mother taught at Ballaugh, I know what it's like. Also way too old, way too...
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