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  1. The MUA has just released info on how much it costs to run various appliances on the current local tariffs: https://www.manxutilities.im/media/2441/v05-leaflets-cost-of-using-your-appliances.pdf
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/anchor-issue-behind-ben-my-chree-delays-at-heysham/
  3. twitter, youtube? Should even let you attach it here up to a certain size
  4. I'll have to read through the notes but safe to say Douglas beach has been a long time discussion point with various ideas and schemes being discussed to improve flow and thereby sand quality, and also fix the issue of sand buildup by the wall.
  5. I actually spoke to Gander if they could help to create a local version of Trolley but it's unlikely. Their focus is on reducing food waste and a price comparison app would pit supermarkets against each other, which is not what they want. The way their system works is to use the yellow stickers and anything reduced is then tracked through the POS system and to the app in real time. That's also the main reason it doesn't work with other shops over here yet. It's a good app but more is needed.
  6. Some would say this isn't true.
  7. I need to find a solution to do this as app. UK apps like Trolley don't work here, sadly. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQO-KVT-HL3c-uJFYjstxaXuLjnzTjYloFVUtLP2INmxozlLZUGPC69xIKWI-g0CbkaskEv1ddmzl32/pubhtml?
  8. Might be but I’ve recently compared prices of staple foods across all supermarkets here and what stood out was that this cheese was the same price in all. So I bet this increase will also reflect in Tesco and Shoprite now.
  9. Nice price increase by the creamery there. These were 1.80 and 2.00 respectively yesterday.
  10. This sounded like usual corpy bashing so I just asked during committee meeting. There are different ways to raise and lower the flags. There is a perfectly working mechanism with a key where you can hand crank it. The mechanism is now internal as apparently people used to nick flags when it was the old system where the ropes are on the outside of the pole. Apparently it takes quite a bit of time to do it that way and it's simply faster to drive along with the hoist and do it that way. And just in case someone says "but of course you'd say that", the Pride organisers put their own flags up and used the key and pulley system without issues. Also, the new hoist is electric, which is nice. Car is still a diesel, but at least the engine doesn't have to run anymore when the hoist is being used.
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