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  1. As an island, we often like to go on about the lovely community spirit the place still has. I'd argue this kind of thing, meaningless and silly as it may seem to anyone who has ventured further than Ramsey, is part of that.
  2. You all seem to be making a big mistake here: you think of this as some serious awards show. It's not. It's an annual pissup and networking event, and probably the highlight of the year for some people. Let them have some fun if it keeps them happy.
  3. Well, I do wave them down these days but that still hasn't stopped at least two of them recently from ignoring me and going past the stop without stopping. A written complaint to banks circus was never replied to.
  4. And you seriously believe anyone in the UK government is more competent? The current state of affairs leads me to believe that may not necessarily be the case. Let's face it, you will always get the type of managers who can't really cut it in the free market but who talk a great talk and lull politicians in such a way that they get lucrative jobs where they get away with being incompetent for years. It's a skill in its own right, really.
  5. I've heard this very line about various government departments and people for years now. Will it ever change?
  6. Someone didn't tell facts? I am shocked, SHOCKED!
  7. https://www.cityofdreamsmacau.com/en https://www.cityofdreamsmanila.com/ City of Dreams are big established IRs in Macau and Manila.
  8. Two letters: IR Integrated Resorts. The casi comes with its own hotel. City of Dreams Isle of Man has a ring to it The Macau and Manila ones are quite nice.
  9. The July one is the newest one? Why would it take months to publish that?
  10. You are mistaken, citizen. Move along "Asked about the inquiry's conclusion that he personally had misled the parliament, he says that conclusion was wrong." https://www.irishtimes.com/news/chasing-a-manx-tale-1.1170605
  11. Amadeus

    Royal Visit

    Can't be a very important Royal if all she gets to do is open the extension of a hotel. Waste of money visit, but no doubt a great opportunity for some to feel important.
  12. Tagloo seems to have more https://taggloo.im/Translate/Home/Results?Query=shit&SelectedFromLanguageCode=en-GB&SelectedToLanguageCode=gv-GV
  13. Revolut works. Also, if you live here, you can still have an Isle of Man Bank account with online banking.
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