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  1. Did you miss a word there? I know loads of funny Germans. I even know German jokes, and jokes about Germans (bomb our chippy haha). Calls are getting louder to open the borders in some controlled way. I'm due to travel and still have no idea if and when and how I can come back. This kind of uncertainty is bad for business. Now's the time for those in charge to earn their salary.
  2. Oh come on, John, you know me better than that Running an event like this right now is at the very least questionable and all the talk about social distancing is, in practical terms, wishful thinking. You can't on the one hand tell people they have to adhere to all these restrictions and threaten them with prosecution (and lock many up) and then let 1500 gather freely because it's the feeling of the moment. If we don't have any cases anymore then let's do a NZ and reopen the place.
  3. Not at all, or do you really think that Social Distancing works in a crowd like that, with people cheering, clapping, etc? It did get bunched up at times as well, especially towards the end and when people left. If they allow an event that is clearly in breach of current regulations because "BLM > COVID-19" then get rid of the regulations completely and re-open the economy. Things can't be as bad as they say, or they would have never allowed this to go ahead, right?
  4. Well after today's mass event they may as well throw the corona regulations away and just reopen everything.
  5. I think it's just the timing that's the issue. We've hopefully just defeated Corona. To risk starting a second wave is seen as undesirable by many.
  6. You could argue parents teach it if they have it, but otherwise you're pretty spot on. I've been lucky enough to travel around the world and also live in various parts of it, and racism exists everywhere and sadly always will to varying degrees. White on Black is by far not the only type either. It's just the one receiving all the limelight right now. Some of it is deep rooted in illogical stupidity and will never be erased, some is based on experiences, some is taught (often by the media and national interests) and some is based on insecurity and uncertainty - or maybe call it fear of the unknown. I've almost had my car taken to bits for wearing the wrong t-shirt at a Balkan border, gotten a very unexpected response when I innocently called that country north of Greece Macedonia in a Greek office, had a gun pulled on me during a rainy night because a local security guard didn't like foreigners, seen members of multiple Asian nations hate on each other in various ways, etc, etc... You'll never eradicate it all. You can just try to understand the world better for yourself. Try and see and experience as much of it as you can. Like Mark Twain once said: “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”
  7. There's a KKK in Onchan? Sweet, saves me having to go back to Manila for it. Their Sisig is quite good.
  8. I highly doubt there will be any trouble. It's an emotional issue and people want to feel part of the global outcry but unless the Foxdale Freedom Fighters make an appearance, the biggest risk is that if the almost 600 who say they're going will really turn up, it's going to be impossible to do the 2m social distancing. Anarchy in Douglas? Certainly not. A second Corona wave? Hopefully not.
  9. Under that logic we can reopen everything. We could even have the TT on, as long as spectators gather in groups of 10.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but under current rules and guidelines, mass gatherings are not allowed and I couldn't see an exception for this type of protest. It just all seems a bit too emotional from Police HQ, when in times like this, where we have just hopefully cut the corner with Covid, any and all precautions should be taken as not to risk a second wave. By all means have your protest, but the timing seems wrong. Also, what footing does this put the cops on for any future breaches of the rules? We may as well declare a free for all now then, as they can't enforce any of the Corona rules if they allow a mass protest that is specifically not allowed. Sends the wrong signal.
  11. The Hopkins has picked up on it https://twitter.com/KTHopkins/status/1269218406714261506?s=20
  12. I don't like Germany so I really don't care what you say about me or the spot of dirt where I was born. There are a ton of Nazis still in Germany but it doesn't really relate to the comment he made on here that the callers picked up and collectively used to target him. For what it's worth, I've heard more WW2 and Bomb Our Chippy jokes over here than I can count. Is that racist?
  13. As explained by others in this topic, it's obvious he was set up by people who know each other. This was a planned attempt at getting a reaction, followed up by a fake shitstorm on social media. Because being woke and outraged is all the rage these days, everyone went right with it. Now self righteous wannabe SJWs are telling everyone to check their privilege and I feel like I walked into a South Park episode.
  14. Looking at this, which was posted in a private capacity, and the fact the caller specifically mentioned it, it should be pretty obvious that he was baited into this and basically set up.
  15. What really disturbed me with the UK protests yesterday was that these so called 'activists' attacked police officers and shouted slogans at them, when UK cops kill extremely few people. Only 3 in 2019, one of which was a terrorist. That's not exactly how you get the public on your side. Sure, US cops are more fucked up, but also not as much as the press makes us believe. Also, a lot of the knife crime and murders in London involve minorities due to all sorts of reasons (organised crime, gangs, lack of social prospects, etc). So write to your MP and ask for political change but don't beat up the police who are already in an impossible position.
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