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  1. Same on Bray Hill. No masks worn. No social distancing. Even took a picture as we went past. Not posting it in public though.
  2. Surely kids mingling on the bus, especially when getting on and off, would cause vapor clouds and trails that spread through the whole space?
  3. Big time community spread now it seems. Just popped up on Twitter
  4. If he says Great Manx Public one more time.....
  5. Honestly, comments like "have a review so we can learn from it" and "genuine misunderstanding" are not good enough. This needs a full public inquiry. No more under the carpet sweeping.
  6. Seeing as this was 100% avoidable, a lot of questions need to be asked. Brushing this whole steam packet fiasco under the carpet is not good enough. Not if it now has now potentially caused millions in economic damage.
  7. Also, IOMG, please sort out your YouTube live stream. It's been broken for a while now.
  8. At what point can businesses sue IOMG over this fiasco?
  9. Clearly all my fault. Nice to know I have readers in IOMG though https://frankdrives.com/is-it-time-to-close-marine-drive-to-motorised-vehicular-traffic/
  10. https://www.gov.im/news/2021/feb/23/three-historic-island-buildings-could-be-registered/ A former beachside café and a Victorian pub are among three Isle of Man buildings being considered for inclusion to a list of the Island’s registered buildings. The Cosy Nook in Port Erin, Trafalgar House in Douglas and the Mitre in Kirk Michael were all issued with Proposal to Register Notices (PRN) on Monday, due to their potential special architectural or historical interest. A three week consultation for each building will now be used to gather further information with a final decision m
  11. Full steam ahead, clear the beach and she should slide right into the yard in time for afternoon football and tea... Thing is: if SPco staff were indeed supposed to act just like all other key workers but didn't, and if some welders went to prison for stopping by Tesco, then if the same rules and standards are applied, we would indeed have to build a new linkspan in Jurby, complete with barbed wire and sky tv. However, my suspicion is that the investigation will end with the uncovering of a "communication error" which keeps the steamy staff out of the slammer (good, as it seems there mig
  12. Covid is doing strange things to people. I suspect if you are already mentally dispositioned to fall for conspiracy stuff, current times are especially challenging. I think just making fun of these people is too easy. there are underlying mental health issues that need to be addressed.
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