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  1. Rejoice, part of it will open tomorrow for Christmas parking:
  2. Someone shared with me what a PITA it is to file a claim with the DOI if your vehicle gets damaged. The process doesn't seem to be designed for efficiency to say the least, so the figure given in the FOI answer on how many claims were made might not give the full picture.
  3. I'm so glad you asked, yes I do - and I'm looking for contributors! We're the motoring mecca of Britain and didn't have a dedicated motoring site. Now we have one. Help me!
  4. The Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure’s (DoI) key benchmark indicators have fallen across all areas according to a report commissioned by the IOM DoI itself and released today. Satisfaction with the condition of highways was the worst performing area with a satisfaction rating of just 28%, a fall from the already-low 34% satisfaction rating last year. https://frankdrives.com/government-survey-finds-department-of-infrastructure-performance-plunges/ In other news, have a guess how many potholes were reported to the DOI in the last two years. https://frankdrives.com/the-num
  5. This. The Bookface vigilante mob may think they're doing good but I can't see how. If they accuse someone and they're wrong, they can ruin lives. If they accuse someone and they're right, they are potentially screwing up a criminal prosecution or at the very least give the person time to get rid of evidence, etc. If you suspect someone of this kind of thing, the only correct course of action is to report it to the police.
  6. As I understand it, one of the concerns by Bill Shimmins is that the plan is based on figures which may be inaccurate now. It assumed growth numbers that did not materialise. I don't think he or the MHKs against it want to stop it completely, but rather delay it until after the next census to see if the numbers it is based on are actually accurate.
  7. The new traffic study now suggests an increase in travel times if the APE goes ahead: https://frankdrives.com/the-eastern-area-plan-could-double-travel-times-around-douglas/
  8. Photoshop ahoi: https://frankdrives.com/visualised-what-new-tt-access-road-options-might-look-like/
  9. You mean like this? That would be a huge project.
  10. One bit I discovered from the audio is that the cracked pink concrete is being fixed now https://frankdrives.com/remedial-work-now-underway-to-fix-cracked-pink-prom-concrete/
  11. Found the audio. No transcript yet. https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/Pages/20-21.aspx
  12. Amadeus


    With the words of the great poet J. Pie, "Nobody has a right not to be offended. Offence is entirely subjective."
  13. How about you move to England then, where they already do that? Driving in the UK is terrible. Speed camera signs everywhere and you end up looking more for them and on your speedo than on the road. All in the interest of revenue generation of course.
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