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  1. Amadeus

    TT 2022 ??

    40 years ago they stopped there after one of them crashed at the corner in bad weather just after their arrival on the island one foggy night. They decided to camp there for the night as they were basically lost. The next nine years they came back and nobody ever said anything. Ten years in they were invited to town hall (not sure if Douglas or nearby) and they first thought they were in trouble and have to move. Instead, someone from local government - a person with clearly more kindness and vision than some people here - told them as they had been there ten years, they could stay there again every year if they wanted to. Now they have become one of the many little stories that makes the TT the TT and I love it. Luckily, grumpy old men who have nothing better to do than complain about things like this are in the minority.
  2. Amadeus

    TT 2022 ??

    What is it with you lot and the constant negativity? Tourists could be handing out twenty quid notes and the likes of you would complain “meh I want a 50.” Seriously. That group has been coming here for 40 YEARS without fail. Even in 2001 he came. Only corona prevented them the last two years. Sometimes up to ten of them and usually only with their bikes, so limited space to bring stuff. Loads of money spent by them on the island. People stop by there to chat and have a drink and at the end they clean it all up again. Gruseleck is the type of thing no overpaid TT marketing bod could ever come up with even if he tried. This year only Klaus is here from the original group and he came by car instead of bike due to health issues. Anyone who stops by there is greeted by a warm smile and offered a drink or food. The back story, the kindness and hospitality, and the genuine fucking love these people have for the island is priceless and all you lot can do is complain. Makes me sad and angry.
  3. Pretty sure it was the parking lines, going by water everywhere. These line painting people have been a bit unlucky recently, haven’t they?
  4. Amadeus

    TT 2022 ??

    Good to see the Gruseleck back
  5. Why would Derek be around? He left ages ago, you know that right? The current RPU head (interview at the end of this video of you don’t know him) seems quite reasonable and their TT ideas, such as encouraging wfh, are sensible. TT traffic is mental anyway, why would you throw yourself in it if you didn’t need to?
  6. Kids area is already being worked on. Flooring needs to be replaced as unsafe now but apparently it’s hard to get a contractor to do that. I’ll see if there’s an update.
  7. I take your point. I remember doing a facility tour the other week and seeing the flags being prepared and being told flowers to follow shortly thereafter. I’ll ask what the exact schedule is and to be honest, with stuff like the wall we (as in some of the councillors) are now also questioning what we’re being told re insurance and timelines. Despite what some in city hall keep telling us, communication still needs to be improved. Let me check the members bulletin when I get home to see if there’s anything in there. Otherwise I’ll email parks and ask.
  8. Anyone got a low-loader I could borrow? It’s bigger than I remembered... Where’s better, Lord Street site or Summerland?
  9. Some of it may have to do with staff shortages.
  10. DOI parking office staff are already overwhelmed and claiming 21 days for initial email replies at the moment (if they reply at all and not just completely ignore you). Add this to it and it’ll be meltdown. Can’t see this end well, but if it means fewer parking controllers will put people off from coming to Douglas by working at the airport, I’m not going to stand in their way.
  11. Does a German again have to explain humour to you lot?
  12. Any bets there’ll be issues with GDPR somewhere?
  13. City Hall. Sounds nice.
  14. The wild flowers take a while to blossom, hence we weedy look.
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