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  1. We don’t need people like Musk. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-03-13/when-elon-musk-tried-to-destroy-tesla-whistleblower-martin-tripp
  2. He’s a ruthless businessman who acts in ways not really compatible with the kind of caring society we want here.
  3. Haven’t we been over this? The place is pretty much falling down.
  4. That is the telegraph article, but linked via Archive because paywall. Their ISP licence is here: https://www.cura.im/licence-holders/licences/starlink-internet-services-limited/
  5. Elon Musk’s space internet venture has set up on the Isle of Man with plans for a satellite station that will allow it to provide blanket coverage across Britain. https://archive.ph/7jFcX
  6. It’s this positivity that keeps me coming back
  7. From tonight’s DOI presentation. Looks quite good and only a few issues were raised that can probably be addressed as this is at the proposal stage.
  8. Shame James Randi isn’t around anymore.
  9. The map just arrived Sadly, the invasion is off for now after high command saw the price of steam packet tickets and decided disguising troops as tourists would be way too expensive.
  10. I posted it on Twitter and some local tweeps were saying they didn’t get these kits in IOM but instead received seven individual kits from the local pharmacy. Hence me wanting to confirm and see if someone here had the same experience? I picked these NHS kits up just out of interest at a boots in Liverpool city centre. No queues and plenty of stock. They give you one per person with seven tests in it and explain how to use them. Seems quite well organised.
  11. So apparently 100,000 tests have been delivered to the island but these were single tests, not seven test kits as given out for free in the UK (I just picked up the below in Liverpool). With seven tests being given to every person they’ve already run out again? Can anyone confirm?
  12. Here’s a photo of you taking that photo earlier. Probably Jokes aside, there really is nothing there yet. Some smart lawyer types need to check how we could walk away from this.
  13. You should have seen the ladder I was standing on to get those shots from Douglas prom!
  14. There’s this area next to it as well. Some sort of work seems to have started but nothing much to see either.
  15. Jeez these things are proper little death traps aren’t they? Fun though. So, this seems to be the spot going by the pictures on the fence. I obviously can’t go inside but even a few snaps from a public road clearly show there’s nothing there yet. All the urgent money talk sounded like this was almost done but it’s a car park right now, nothing more. What’s going on?
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