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  1. Amadeus

    How police beat TT bike thieves

    Nice to see folks across the water are looking out for thieves as well
  2. Amadeus

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Funnily enough, no, and I often told people that I felt safer here than in my house in Douglas. At least here I have armed guards downstairs who can freely shoot any intruder with zero questions asked. Having said that, there's enough other crime here and I know of colleagues and friends who were robbed, mugged at knife point and other not so funny things. Plus there's the small matter of extra judicial killings, terrorism, and other dangers. You don't know how much a functioning police force is worth until you don't have one available.
  3. Amadeus

    Third Worlds Safest City

    As someone who lives in number 163 out of 178, I kinda am looking forward to spending more time in country number 3 again.
  4. Black Snake Mone https://wingsoverscotland.com/black-snake-mone/ I am shocked and totally surprised.
  5. Amadeus

    Lets Walk and Cycle to Work...Patronising Twaddle

    What exactly is wrong with wanting people to be healthier and keeping traffic down? I cycle to work every day and I sure as hell wish it'd be in crisp and clean IOM air. The place is perfect for it and physical activity is good for you, so god forbid the government suggests something that may have a positive impact on people's lives. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  6. Amadeus

    Porsche Legends

    The island doesn't strike me as a place that should go 'yawn' at some free global publicity.
  7. Amadeus

    Porsche Legends

  8. Amadeus

    Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves!

    Why can't they get rid of MLCs? Waste of money, all of them.
  9. Eleven jobs are set to go at a Douglas marketing agency, which has announced it's to close with immediate effect. Home Strategic has a base of clients including Natwest, Manx Telecom and Manx Radio. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/eleven-jobs-lost-at-douglas-firm/ Sad to hear and I hope everyone finds employment elsewhere. Used them at a previous job and found them to be very nice and professional.
  10. Amadeus

    Interesting at the airport !

    The question here is why, after the Manx2 Cork disaster, the same dodgy setup was allowed again just under a different name, almost resulting in another catastrophe.
  11. Amadeus

    Interesting at the airport !

    Jesus Christ! The aircraft departed Isle of Man (Ronaldsway) Airport (IOM) on a commercial flight to Belfast City Airport (BHD), in a region affected by a deep low pressure system with associated strong surface winds. After one unsuccessful attempt to land at BHD in a strong crosswind, the crew diverted back to IOM. When the aircraft landed at IOM the wind was gusting to 63 kt and creating a maximum crosswind component of 40 kt. After touchdown, nearby witnesses saw the right mainwheel lift off the ground and they estimated the left wingtip rolled to within approximately one metre of the runway surface before the landing was successfully completed. The relevant maximum demonstrated crosswind component for the Let L-410 was 19.4 kt and this was included in the ‘Performance Limitations’ section of the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) but the aircraft operator did not apply a limiting component of crosswind to its operations. The only wind limit that was applied and used by the crew was 45 kt for ground operation. Several safety actions have been taken including amendments to the aircraft operator’s Operations Manual regarding crosswind operations. One Safety Recommendation has been made to review the aircraft operator’s operational processes, training and operator’s guidance. Almost another Cork there. Who allowed for these clowns to pick up where Manx2 left off, with the same dodgy setup and fuck all regard for passenger safety? Why were they even allowed to operate?
  12. Amadeus

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    I know this is a radical idea, but how about - just for once, you know, to see if it works, and this is radical thinking I admit - NOT pissing away money on some complete bullshit plan that has only been devised so someone can inflate their ego and CV?
  13. Amadeus

    DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    AirBnB is like Uber. Don't give a shit about any rules and just muscle in on the 'it's what the people want' train. Main issue seems to be insurance and what to do if things go wrong. How does the Homestay scheme support people when things go pear shaped?
  14. Amadeus

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Which is exactly why they should take this ludicrous plan and bury it deep, deep, deep in the Laxey mines.