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  1. This tool seems quite useful. If you pop the current IOM data in there as basis (with some guesstimates of course) then you can play out various best case / worst case scenarios: https://gabgoh.github.io/COVID/index.html Key seems to still be to get the reproduction number down as far as possible. Something like 0.5 means Wuhan style lockdown, though.
  2. Don't laugh. They really did this in Manila. Not helping.
  3. Not gonna happen here There should be more happening here in other areas as well. Follow Germany and prevent anyone from being evicted for not paying rent in the next three months (anyone, not just public housing). Suspend utility bills. ManxGas has robbed this island blind for years. It's time they put something back.
  4. They do have a difficult damned-if-they-do-damned-if-they-don't job right now. There is a tad of over-excitement in their communications and actions at times for sure, but by and large they seem to be getting it right. Even their social media tone is largely spot on and that's hard to get right. The biggest risk is that they come across as gestapo robots instead of community police and they're really not doing that if we're being honest. Remember that everything in the police service is proceduralised to the nth degree. Where their interpretation of rules is obviously wrong, they need to be told by higher ups / politicians, i.e. driving to a Glen to exercise. I'm more concerned that all the restrictions on our liberties are fully removed again after this whole thing is over.
  5. This could benefit from clarification.
  6. Amadeus

    easy jet

    Once this crisis is over, it's time to revisit Open Skies and everyone involved with it.
  7. He may have, but the truth is that the real challenges will come after this virus thing is over. We'll all be living in a very different world.
  8. What he said. The real crisis starts once we have this virus under control.
  9. Well, that would be reason for concern, but without proof it's just hearsay. Send the pics to the media and let them follow it up through the proper channels.
  10. I mean did the cops travel around on duty or off duty?
  11. You mean privately or in a professional capacity?
  12. Yes it is and we are fortunate to be on this island right now. It's probably one of the best places in the world to ride this out. A strong and kind community, dedicated and professional emergency services, and a government that has actually shown some respectable leadership in recent days (you know how we love to bash them around here otherwise!). All this shouldn't detract from the fact that it takes little to throw things off balance here and cause a catastrophe as a result. Yes, being stuck at home is annoying but the quicker we get this under control, the faster we will return to whatever normality will be left after this. We just need to make sure that all these emergency measures and limitations of our freedoms and rights are quickly reversed again afterwards. I have many friends around the world who are currently way worse off. In the Philippines, they are enforcing local lockdowns with no real plans on how to supply people with food or medical care, while the mad dictator hides in his house and does nothing to help. In Germany, many people are still ignoring advice and there are fights in supermarkets over toilet paper. So could be worse
  13. The general populace won't have money. Watch unemployment figures skyrocket. Toytown's economy is fragile and very small.
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