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  1. Anyone going to this? Do I have to bring my own tinfoil hat or will some be provided on the night?
  2. Amadeus

    TV Licensing

    Apparently TV licensing is over again at the moment. Grey Vauxhall Corsa rental car says the Facebook. Make of it what you will. Do they need a work permit? I remember they got into trouble last time or something?
  3. I have seen the future, and selflessly tried it out for you: Verdict: It's ok. Bit soggy in the middle but probably still perfect for any drunks coming from the outback and courhouse at 2am
  4. New thread to keep the scrolling needed reasonable. Already shared them on facebook as well.
  5. Oh cool we're posting random stuff? Here's my old Toffs membership letter. Beat that.
  6. Very few have names on the back. People have been busy naming many of the riders (and amazingly quite a few riders themselves have commented) on this FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/412762192127766/?ref=group_header and also on the Manx Nostalgia group. It's fun
  7. New thread as the other one is getting too long.
  8. I did post them on FB but wanted them posted here as well for anyone not on there. Might do separate threads for each batch of scans or something.
  9. Saw JW recruiters in strand street the other day and was wondering why a dangerous cult is allowed to look for new victims in this way.
  10. First time I ever got to go there So many people but really nice event and a rainbow to top it all off.
  11. The next lot. Takes time to scan them all
  12. We've been over this way too many times. Not again.
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