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  1. Harry's Cafe? What year did you make that observation?
  2. I'm especially pleased to announce that I'll be driving the safety car.
  3. Well, finally the big announcement is out: there'll be new Mixed classes at the next TT! Motorbikes vs Cars, and Motorbikes vs Airplanes. "It's like TT meets Red Bull Air race meets Destruction Derby. We are sure the public will love it!" said the minister.
  4. You'll need to speak to the DOI about this. A lot was claimed and reported wrongly.
  5. Cool story bro. Roads are DOI, not DBC. I'm all for closing the roads around town hall properly. A to get rid of wild parking and B to get the Rovers their outside seating back.
  6. Lower Church Street Between Barrack Street and Lord Street All days All hours
  7. New road orders have just been signed. They are in effect but won't be enforced until the new signs arrive later next month. Now might be a good time to tell the Rovers to get going on their outside seats issue. JohnSt Instructions & Plans.pdf VariousRoads,Douglas(ProhibitionofVehicles)Order2023_V03.docx
  8. I've said twenty years ago we should have deposits on bottles, cans, etc, just like Germany and many other countries. We should have banned plastic bags ages ago and could have done loads of other things but there is no political will.
  9. yes they are and they do a lot of work.
  10. Not all of the four are standing again for starters.
  11. Amadeus

    DBS Checks

    Can’t remember that specific thread but can remember PL and would suggest his actions should be seen in their entirety and not just one post. And yes you are. For 1000 years (standard duration under German law. Might only be six years though, depending on how things go).
  12. Amadeus

    Suicide Squad

    They have suicide statistics. There's FOIs about it.
  13. Amadeus

    DBS Checks

    yeah but I know Albert in person and will kick him in the nuts next time I see him.
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