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  1. If only there were some sort of elected officials who could try and do something about it. Providing they aren’t busy shooting innocent animals of course.
  2. The coincorner guys are all active online under their own names. Just check Twitter. Very open and transparent about who they are.
  3. ??? It don't think you fully understand what they do.
  4. The government would like to reassure everyone that this new case of corona on the Isle of Man has been isolated and dealt with. There is no need to panic.
  5. A case of covid was confirmed last night.
  6. Well that's not quite accurate. Take CoinCorner for example. Local exchange, many staff members active on social media in own names for the company. Very open about things, as it should be. Many other exchanges have their CEOs and staff posting openly. manncoin seems very secret and that's something I don't like in this context. If someone is indeed doing an ICO in the post-ICO age (haven't they heard of Defi?) then it should be ultra transparent. Their CEO is on Linkedin at least: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-aram-a8a33319/
  7. Heard of it before but didn't realise they were launching it now and trying to go big. It's meant to be a stablecoin if I remember correctly although the white paper doesn't directly say that. https://manncoin.im/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Manncoin-Whitepaper-Version-2.3.pdf It's generally on the light side which isn't great. Putting quotes by Bill Gates etc on the site is silly of course but there is somewhat of a space for a proper stablecoin I believe, and I and others were thinking about this in the past. This seems like a normal coin now, though, and the risk of course is that nobody is using it and the currency becomes (or stays) worthless. Anyone can create a coin and for users there is also the risk of someone doing a pump and dump. I also really don't like the way the people behind it seem to be hiding. Not a single name to be found on the site. By all means download the wallet and use the airdrop, but otherwise I would proceed with caution.
  8. Seems Guernsey airport security had training from their IOM counterparts.
  9. Learn your lessons from it and apply them next time. IOM elections are won within the constituency and not in the news or on social media. Your work for next time starts now.
  10. More medevac for the Manx Telecom social media team. They've been under heavy fire for the last two days.
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