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  1. It's just all not the way it used to be...
  2. You really have to wonder what else has to happen before someone is fired at that place. Millions spent and nothing but mediocrity and screw up after screw up. If this was the private sector like, I don't know, a small airport in Germany a few years ago maybe (funny how google says " Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe." if you search for it these days) someone would have been shown the door already, but for some reason on this little isle you can get away with that sort of performance. Sad, really. Millions spent and the place doesn't operate right and looks like the waiting room of Royston Vasey's bus station. Doesn't even have charging ports for laptops and phones or anything that would make it look less dreary and worn out. Hopefully this time there will be consequences but I'm not holding my breath. If past performance is any indication, this latest episode will only lead to another promotion. Ultimately this is all political failure of course.
  3. I forgot just how sheltered from the real world this place really is. Bless. There are big signs saying "Share with care" which seems he did as he slowed down by your own admission. And I doubt he did the speed you're saying. Let's just calm down, have an ice cream and look for actual problems to tackle, because this absolutely certainly isn't.
  4. I can see you're new here, and I'm not getting that information from your post count
  5. Amadeus

    Car Leasing

    That bad? Never dealt with them but looks all nice and shiny. Anyway, the way people purchase cars, or use cars in general, is changing. I like those new subscription models that Volvo and some others are rolling out. The idea of financing a lump of metal on your drive over multiple years seems silly in an age when everything else is on demand. We also need something like car sharing / on demand cars like Drive Now.
  6. Amadeus

    Car Leasing

    Same here. Any recommendations? Jacksons, etc, any good for this? EV preferred.
  7. Every time this happens we have the same discussion with the same arguments for and against being brought out. Ultimately I think it is down to the riders and the road racing family to decide what they want to do and how they handle things. Even after almost twenty years of following the TT in various ways, I'm nowhere closer to understanding how they can do this, but then I don't have the mind of an extreme sports athlete. I do respect what they do and will always support them in doing it. If anything, I wish there was better support if something happens, but I still believe that the world needs an event like the TT, now more than ever.
  8. Most prices behind the grandstand seemed within reasonable levels as well, but this one stood out. Nine quid for a gyros wrap is mental. When I lived in Athens, you'd pay 2 euros for one, even in the touristy places. How can you find out what they pay in rent for the stand? Maybe that's what's driving prices up like this?
  9. 2019, when a German can write about a Czech rider competing in the Isle of Man for a website in the Philippines. Anything to promote the event and the island https://visor.ph/culture/why-the-isle-of-man-tt-race-should-be-on-your-bucket-list/ and no, I'm not making money out of this. It costs me way more than it brings in, but I guess that's what hobbies do.
  10. People complaining about the manx radio app on Fb right now.
  11. Amadeus

    Bus Vs Taxi

    Door to door service from Bus Vannin
  12. Should be fixed now.
  13. I haven't followed this case very much, but I did speak to a few IOM people at various conferences in the past, and when the topic of what they thought about the current CM came up, I was honestly shocked by the very open disdain shown towards him, and the extremely negative way he is being talked about. I mean normally you're kinda polite if someone's a bit rubbish, right? Well, these guys - who shall remain nameless obviously - were anything but and ripped into him in a way I have not experienced before. Not with Bell and not even with TB. If business leaders outside of IOMG are talking like this, what on earth must be going on within government?
  14. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/roadside-cameras-launched-to-catch-road-tax-dodgers/ Not liking the idea of ANPR cameras over here. Privacy comes before making the government's job easier and these things simply assume everyone is guilty unless proven otherwise. How are they going to prevent misuse of the data as has happened elsewhere?
  15. Amadeus


    TT 2019 will see the roll out of body worn cameras for uniformed Police officers. Initially in Douglas they will become a common sight affixed to officers’ uniforms. The devices are controlled by officers and will give unprecedented evidence gathering capability for a wide range of incidents. The cameras will display an image on the screen when they are recording, and also show a bright flashing red light. If you’re interested, our officers will be wearing them on foot patrol during the TT period. Say Chhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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