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  1. The map on the Daily Panic website shows IOM as hotspot? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9541921/Britains-Japanese-knotweed-hotspots-revealed-interactive-map.html
  2. So I've now managed to get UK Flap and Lace to confirm that I do not need to quarantine there and can travel through to IOM (Yay!) but they still insist that I must buy the two tests (Buh!) even after I point out to them that it makes no sense if I travel on and the test is required for UK isolating people only. They are adamant that this is the correct procedure and have now told me to contact Heathrow border control directly, offering to apologize if they tell me something different. Fun and games...
  3. Very little BTC is used for illegitimate purposes. The bad image was created by the media. Fiat currencies are still used a lot more for dodgy dealings.
  4. Well, it's a legit local connection that will make the media.
  5. Likely before. I want an EV but prices for them are a bit off-putting, especially if I see the deals available elsewhere while we don't even get any government incentive. Quite the opposite now actually 😞 Anyway, we want that election sub forum right? Any special requests about it?
  6. Someone remind me to set up the elections subforum again over the weekend.
  7. No, the prom isn't done yet but they managed to finish work on QB road. All new and shiny now. Someone mentioned Ago's Leap is different now?
  8. Thanks, just read through that and your previous post. Puts me off travelling really. Have to look at this very closely to get that trip done.
  9. So contacted NHS test and fail UK about my travel plans and they now said this. Flopsicles.....does it mean I have to quarantine there? Confused now.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I tried IOMG resources and they didn’t know. The trip is to Bulgaria and back. Not a red country as far as I can see. Also emailed UK track and trace thingy. Let’s see what they reply.
  11. Does anyone know if the ten day quarantine in the UK applies if you travel back to the IOM for a non red listed country in Europe? Travel planning right now is even less fun than before and local government staff / helplines don't seem to know.
  12. Bye Bye posh boat. dB2NPL0aNihARtHc.mp4
  13. She's still here tonight. What storm is she hiding from again?
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