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  1. I didn't even know Russians did comedy. I mean, they're a more miserable bunch than the Germans and that means something.
  2. The first pictures of Emilia Clarke in rehearsals for her West End debut as Nina in Chekhov’s The Seagull have been released. She is one of a number of stars appearing in director Jamie Lloyd’s production at the Playhouse Theatre in March. Indira Varma, Tamzin Outhwaite and Robert Glenister are also among the cast. Anya Reiss’s adaptation of Chekhov’s play gives the Russian drama a contemporary twist, moving the action to the Isle of Man. https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/theatre/emilia-clarke-pictures-indira-varma-the-seagull-west-end-a4369601.html
  3. Current conditions at the Creg Ny Baa, with the mountain road closed due to snow. Let life as we know it come to a halt immediately!
  4. But she's defintiely showing her age by now.
  5. Bouncy out there again but she did go this morning
  6. Our flight last week on Sunday was cancelled due to the first big storm and easyjet arranged the first night accomodation and booked us on the wednesday flight as nothing was available before that. That was from gatwick and the hotel was in Brighton, so if we hadn't had the rental car we would have had issues getting there but all worked ok. Went back to airport the next day and they esentially told us no chance before wednesday, either fly with someone else or get hotels and claim costs back. We did the latter and made a road trip out of it. First time seeing Stonehenge Filed the receipts a few days ago and got a positive reply within 48 hours, money is on the way now. All in all not too bad a treatment from easyjet.
  7. Conditions were atrocious earlier today. One of the Flybe flights did a go-around and went into a holding pattern for quite a while before trying again:
  8. It's great. Years ago I had an idea like that (search the forum, it's still somewhere) and I think this is great. I recently deleted Facebook from all my devices and digital detox is now a thing and lovely :)
  9. Table at the bottom of this page may interest some: https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/bus-and-rail/heritage-railways/
  10. That the one that arrived last night? What reason was given?
  11. You can have dreams an plans, but if those don't materialize it would be nice if there were some consequences, and by that I don't mean a promotion.
  12. Saw a news bit about some new laws coming into force in Germany soon and thought there must be some new laws that would make sense here. So come on, post them here and let's give those MHKs something to do I start: - Restrict mobile phone, internet, gym membership and similar contracts to a maximum duration of one year. Restrict automatic extensions of such contracts to three months. - Ban all single use plastics and plastic carrier bags. - Introduce deposits on all bottles (glass and plastic) and cans. - Introduce grants for EV buyers to get gas guzzlers off the road. - Pass the Monorail And Felt Museum Act. It's about time! Any more?
  13. I found if you go later in the evening during the week it's a sea of tranquility. Most humans are herd animals, though, and go when everyone else goes. No idea why.
  14. https://twitter.com/EasternAirways/status/1220718662467956737
  15. I'd argue it would severely damage the spirit of the event and the way people think of the place. Many visitors enjoy the fact that there aren't speed cameras on every corner here and that the place has a different attitude towards motoring than the money grabbing UK. Take that away and you might as well go to Silverstone because it will just be like a county of England.
  16. Talent is very relevant so I'd argue Rushen Spy isn't entirely right on this one. The island actually has a good talent pool now I feel. Being a small place it will always have a few shortcomings in that area but it seems to be doing ok. New fields of tech are also fast growing. The Hub in victoria street is now pretty much full. All blockchain and crypto companies. Amazing to see that area grow so quickly. As for gaming / gambling, the whole industry is clearly heading towards more regulation and the island has always been very good at that. Better and more respected than most, if not all jurisdictions out there.
  17. In theory it does as a car uses more fuel at higher speeds / during harder driving. In practice it's negligible in a place as small as this island. In fact, I bet the enforcement infrastructure needed would do more damage to the planet than whatever they would save by doing this.
  18. We got it defeated last time in 2006, when the consultation was totally loaded in favor of it. Why unearth it again now? Do you want to be just another county of England with speed cameras everywhere? Because without enforcement speed limits are useless. It would also kill the TT.
  19. This was in 442 the other day. Would be great to see the island involved more.
  20. I'm a little shocked that even such a simple thread could be derailed in such a way. Can you please try and act like adults?
  21. Instead of complaining that other papers can still name defendants and call on Tynwald not to bring in this law, shouldn't the paper call on the other papers to have a voluntary code on this? Like nobody reports suicides anymore because of copycats.
  22. Well there's way more USD and GBP than there will ever be BTC, and I know first hand that the amount of questionable transactions on the BTC network is drastically lower than most people think and the media want you to believe. Also, all transactions are public, meaning there are tools to track illicit activity. Bitcoin is still young tech and very much in its infancy, as is the whole crypto / blockchain area. There's much more to come and the fact that I can have digital my money in my pocket (the actual money, not a promise by a bank to look after it for me) and send it to another person anywhere on earth within minutes with minimal fees or fuzz is just one of the great uses of it. Like the old saying goes: you ain't seen nothing yet.
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