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  1. Yes, restart. But not during normal operation.
  2. This is the footage they filmed when they were over recently. Looks good:
  3. Provide a credible source for your claims and I'll be all over it.
  4. Nothing over one week old or 100g in weight please. Let's stay civilised. I suspect most people who call me and others names online won't turn up on the night, though. I also note I still live rent free in the heads of some people on FB. I'm not engaging there but I'll again state that my email address is public and that, since the page asked people to inundate me in particular with emails, I have received one email and that was in support of the scheme, or better, in disapproval of the way some people act towards us online. If you believe that or not is your decision to make. I'm also keeping an eye on other groups and comments on local social media and it seems to be largely the same picture. Where issues arise, these can be, and are being, addressed individually as mentioned before. If you think yours hasn't then the meeting might be a good place to speak to us in person. Recycling rates are already up a lot which is great. Thank you to everyone who contributed to that continued trend.
  5. Ah the old "they burn loads of fuel oil to burn rubbish" fairy tale.
  6. Last time I was there it had enough rubbish in the hopper to run at least a month and looked nowhere near empty. So rumour may not be true.
  7. It'll be fine. This has been thought of.
  8. The petition that facebook page set up was removed after it had just 11 signatures after three days. https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/bring-back-weekly-bin-collections-in-douglas.html? Still no emails against it since the call to inundate me with queries but, and I'm not making this up, one in support. I believe there's also a public meeting being scheduled. If I feel better by then I'll attend.
  9. I need cheering up. Hit me with your best local jokes. I start: A chef starts his new job on the Ben My Chree and everything goes well. Crew is nice, menu is easy and hours are good. But there’s one thing that bothers him: all the potatoes in the galley are shaped like penises. Every single one. Puzzled he goes and asks the captain about it and requests that they get normal shaped ones instead. The captain listens to him and replies: “Sorry mate, nothing I can do. This is a dictatorship.”
  10. I checked that too. December and Christmas is always busy with rubbish so they will have additional work there (glass, cans, etc). January will see delivery of the remaining garden waste bins. Then back to alternating schedule from February. As already mentioned in the open letter reply, the scheme will be extended to November next year so there will only be two months with no green collection. December will again be busy with festive rubbish and recyclables, and January will likely see training and other activities take place. In short: there’s always something to do.
  11. I checked these too and they were replacements for existing trucks that had reached their end of life as part of the normal process. These are alternating collections - black one week, green the next - not reduced ones.
  12. I checked on this and it was a one off for people who forgot that the green bin collection has stopped. This once it was mixed with residual waste and from February it will be collected separately again. Sorry for trying to be nice.
  13. You’ve made up your mind on what’s going on and nothing I can say will change your thinking so I won’t waste any more time feeding your negativity.
  14. https://giphy.com/gifs/facepalm-mega-27EhcDHnlkw1O
  15. Your continued and relentless negativity towards me and DBC is as impressive as it is worrying.
  16. A quick google search would have shown you that's not the case. http://www.douglas.im/index.php/component/k2/item/2694#.Y4UR33bP1PY
  17. I see that facebook page has taken a liking to me and obviously reads MF. The main person behind it is clearly very passionate about his cause. I think one mistake they make is to think that the feedback they receive within the echo chamber of social media is fully representative of the outside world and the island - or Douglas - as a whole. It isn't. I have made that mistake in the past myself, thinking that what I saw on MF / FB / TW was what everyone really thought on the doorstep and experience shows that largely not to be the case. No doubt they will again see that comment as me trying to put down their group and once again point out that they have 700 members, etc, but that is not the intention. I am just pointing out what I have learned over the years. 700 members is about 2.3% of the Douglas population and that's assuming all members are from Douglas. The most popular post I could see while scanning over it had about 50 likes (0.17% of the city's population) and the most comments on a single post was about 30 (0.1% of the city's population). That's not to say their concerns don't matter. They do. Just trying to put things a little into perspective. The organiser has already shared my email address in the group which is great as it means people who have concerns can get in touch. I have not received any emails about this issue since. None. No doubt I will again be accused of lying about this but it's the truth, even if it isn't the one you hoped for.
  18. I was wondering when you would mention the war. I know who I serve but I also know that there are always two sides to every issue, and certain ways to do things. Of course councillors are already talking to each other behind the scenes on this and as mentioned, we have processes in place already. If you genuinely think you’ll struggle, we will review and supply another or a bigger bin. I’m not dismissing anything, I am assessing the situation rationally and from all sides. We don’t have government by Facebook over here and the number of people signed up to a group you are clearly passionate about may not be as strong an indication as you think. Trust me, been there many times before as supporter and organiser. The island is decades behind the UK and other places when it comes to recycling. That has nothing to do with being a woke greenie, which I sure am not. I may drive an EV through town but that’s because it’s cheap to run. I also have a couple of big gas guzzlers that would make any Green Party rep hyperventilate and I love them. Again, everything is about balance.
  19. That’s a good question and I’d like to know that too actually. Emailing them now to find out.
  20. So, about your questions, which you rightly pointed out are overdue an answer, I had to get a few things aligned first. I do have (most) of the information available and could have posted something earlier, but politics is, well, political and I have a balance to strike. On the one hand I want us to be as transparent and open as possible - way more than anyone in town hall would ever be comfortable with. On the other hand I have to respect the rules and procedures that come with the job and that I signed up for. Going mad max on these things and upsetting town hall too much won't help me when I need stuff in future. So as so often in life, it's about balance and also about communication. To improve the latter, I've had a meeting with the relevant people the other day and we now have a procedure in place whereby any questions from here that I pick up are routed through a dedicated contact who can then go off and find answers - rather than me contacting various departments and trying to figure out who knows what. He will then get back to me and hopefully we'll have information to share here. May all sound terribly complicated but I think it's worth pointing out that resources are limited, which is also the reason why town hall wouldn't open their own account here or get involved in Facebook arguments. However, I argued that me picking up questions here is no different from someone emailing me and I made it clear that I'm happy to engage here. I also made it clear that I will always defend this place and the possibility for people to post anonymously. Believe you me that a lot of people don't like MF and its anonymity (in general) but I think it's important that such an option exists on such a small island. Some things you can't or don't want to post under your own name and I believe that many whistleblowing polices are nothing short of pointless. So we're filling that gap and our track record of breaking some huge stories here proves us right. At the same time, I have to acknowledge the fact that anonymous posts can be upsetting to some, and that not everyone is as thick skinned as I might be. So balance again, even though I think that people in high positions should be able to take quite a bit of flak and not try to hide behind procedures when things get uncomfortable. Finally, I brought up the idea of making a video about the council and what it actually is we do, how it works, etc. Initially I wanted to do it on my own, but I may do one myself and one official one with help from town hall now For this, we now need things to include in the script, so please let me know what you would like to see covered and I'll try and include it.
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