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  1. Confirmed https://gef.im/2022/01/16/avian-flu-confirmed-on-island/
  2. I just changed it from embedded to link. It should show the video once we go offline but didn't. Teething issues Just meant as a bit of fun. Maybe once a week, live and covering the stories of the day.
  3. The islands latest show https://youtu.be/tVrj4mvmy5A Changed to link as the video didn't show for some after the broadcast.
  4. From IOMG Facebook: A suspected case of avian influenza is being investigated in the Isle of Man after a number of kept geese were found dead by their keeper. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) is actively responding and the Island’s Chief Veterinary Officer’s team attended the site on Friday. Samples have been taken and sent for analysis in the UK. This is the first suspected case of avian influenza on Island this winter which has required further investigation and sampling. However, the UK is currently facing its largest ever outbreak of the H5N1 virus, which has led to tens of thousands of farmed birds being culled since November. There are more than 20 clinical signs indicating that a bird could be suffering with avian influenza including lethargy, unresponsiveness and a loss of balance. http://ow.ly/nxZB30s7lmZ People are asked not to handle any sick or dead birds and the department strongly advises that keepers regularly disinfect equipment and boots. DEFA also recommends people house birds where possible in a way that reduces contact with wild birds, which should be kept away from all feed, water and bedding. More information can be found on the DEFA website https://www.gov.im/birdflu and anyone who suspects a case, or has in their possession a bird or carcase that they suspect has the disease, should contact the Animal Heath Team by emailing agriculture@gov.im or calling 685844.
  5. So here's some info I received on the different parts of Nobles park and their boundaries: The first included the big fields between the Church and the Grandstand area. There were three originally but boundary hedges have been removed. The northern boundary is the hedge running perpendicular to Glencrutchery Road and behind the Art Deco toilets, towards the pavilion. The boundary then dog-legs a bit towards the Pavilion roughly following the road, and then shoots off along the back of the water reservoir and follows the hedge down to Duke’s Road. So the Hoggery is just outside the covenanted area, sitting in that little dog-leg. Everything on the southern side was part of the Noble purchase and is subject to covenants, though the covenants differ slightly from field to field. On the other side, from that line to the northern extent of the land, including all the Grandstand area, was purchased by the Council separately in probably the 1930s, when the Council was heavily involved in the TT and built (and owned) the Grandstand. I'd have to dig deeper to get actual plans and exact dates, so I'm hoping this will suffice.
  6. In addition to my last post, this is the mentioned order: https://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/SD/2021/2021-SD-0350.pdf
  7. Wait until you find out about all the secret badges.
  8. Next time could you please wear a green shirt? No particular reason
  9. Wasn't one song he played Barbie Girl? You play that when I'm in the coffin and I'm coming back out to slap you! Some Motorhead would be nice though.
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cashless-pay-and-display-machines-to-be-installed-at-nobles-park/
  11. That was also considered but again, enforcement seemed to be the deciding factor. This was before my time though.
  12. I've asked town hall for details and am awaiting a reply re what was donated and what was bought and when. Regarding the pay and display machines, this came to vote in the council today and was passed. Actually, what we voted on was just that the machines would be card only and not card and cash. The decision to bring pay and display was made a year ago. The fee will be £1 for 24 hours and the purpose is not to charge people and raise loads of cash, but to combat people abandoning cars there for weeks or months. It gives grounds for enforcement in those cases.
  13. Just as a heads up, the parking order for the prom has now been signed and enforcement will gradually re-commence, with disabled and EV spaces high on the list.
  14. I'll try and find out the exact details.
  15. Would private funding be an option?
  16. Let's all come down a little. Part of Nobles Park was gifted, correct, but much of the Grandstand side was bought by Douglas Corporation. The move was approved in committee and will be discussed in council on Wednesday.
  17. They look better suited for crappy weather than the fancy one outside the Gaiety now. Looks nice but all those gaps mean it won’t provide much protection from wind and rain.
  18. Amadeus


    What a dumb gesture. Could be worse, though. In the Philippines you must stand up and sing the anthem with "utmost fervor" and that includes in cinemas. Failure to do so can get you arrested, although I'm not aware of any cases where this happened. https://www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph/himig/the-philippine-national-anthem-and-r-a-8491/ Idiotic rule brought in by dumb politicians trying to distract from other problems. Just like the UK then.
  19. Few drivers seem to care about the unmarked crossing. Should be turned into a marked one.
  20. The old girl looked good sailing out this morning. I miss rough sailings on that thing. Like a four hour earthquake in a skyscraper.
  21. Wetops. Stu Peters is already wielding his new powers...
  22. 2021 showing 2022 around. Happy New Year, what’s the worst that could happen?
  23. He’s just reacting to Clown Boris’ antics. I’m still fine with my German passport
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