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  1. Yeah, how dare anyone bring hundreds of paying tourists over here who will share their positive experience with friends and family so maybe more people come here and spend money. The bastards!
  2. Oh no, the prophecy. It has come true!
  3. I'm quite sure, yes. It's one of the most basic rules. Apparently a lot of candidates are also in breach of it on social media:
  4. Another one who hasn’t read the rules on info required on all publications.
  5. Mr Cowin’s posters are not in compliance with rules. No publisher info on any of the ones I saw.
  6. So, what’s the new statue? Any guesses?
  7. Please keep the anti vax stuff here: thanks!
  8. Important enough to have its own I’d say. Strokes suck. Glad it was caught early and he’s hopefully recovering well.
  9. Careful now! Posts like this are dangerously close to Lèse-majesté, the punishment for which is most severe.* *banishment to Peel.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/isle-of-mans-chief-minister-on-his-howard-o-clock-cult-movement-and-bemusement-at-pms-undersea-roundabout/ar-AAOz2bt?ocid=st
  11. I just wanted to be the first to say it
  12. Having just seen the IAA Mobility in Munich and that the focus was very big on EVs, I’d say it’s not enough not fast enough. The ICE deadline is given as 2030 but mass market manufacturers are clearly pushing hard to get electric cars out in significant numbers way before that date. Heck, even in Sofia yesterday Audi was busy launching their e-tron range to the invited (read: rich enough) masses. I believe we will see way more EVs on the island way faster than we initially anticipated.
  13. Looking back, this was a mistake, I admit, and of course he has jumped on it like a scripted satire version of a TV politician - even tweeting how people shouldn't feel pity for him and how he wants to bring accountability (while of course still not saying who bankrolls him). I'm usually a very relaxed and mellow person and it is not often that I am so opposed to a political candidate, for various reasons, some of which have been shared publicly. On this occasion, like someone pointed out above, I got carried away which wasn't good. When you care very strongly about something, this can happen. It shouldn't, but it can. Election day is almost here and I'll just trust that the voters of Douglas East will make the right decision.
  14. Hello new anonymous user who totally doesn't come across like a sock puppet.
  15. New EV charging points planned for Mount Havelock in Douglas and Market Place, Peel. Also, looks like the Electric Vehicle Parking Places Order allows ICE cars to be towed if they block them, which would be good. http://douglas.im/index.php/info/item/1317-road-traffic-regulation-act-1985-proposed-draft-orders
  16. Actually not a bad idea to request all of them to say specifically how they will reduce their own impact going forward. Lead by example and learn from the experience. Not all are freely sharing their data online though.
  17. You can think what you want. The data is public and meant to be shared. You can’t be all “save the earth” and then fly more than the pope. Being green is a convenient bandwagon many people jump on when it suits. There are other green / environmental people on the island who like their long distance holidays. As to my flight record: yeah I’ve flown a fair bit but I’m not standing for tynwald. I’ve also switched to an EV and my carbon footprint is probably quite small these days.
  18. I'm not saying this is the flight history of one particular candidate (he blocked me on twitter so can't check, but I'm sure he'll see it here), but if it was, it probably wouldn't really be in line with claimed environmental goals. https://my.flightradar24.com/josem/2017
  19. I’ve contacted the DOI about this and parking enforcement in general after the ticket blitz on loch prom the other day. The person in charge of regulations and parking enforcement is quite reasonable and nice to deal with it. I’ve asked him the exact question on what constitutes a car and a van for the purpose of those signs and they are currently drafting the proposed new orders for the prom that cover this. I’m waiting for an update that I’ll share when I get it. Until then there should only be advisories and no tickets for this.
  20. If LibVan had a campaign bus, it'd be a clown car
  21. Don’t look at me with this. On mobile it shows some weird betslip odds thingy and a payment info section. Maybe I caught it just as it was being removed? Can’t see it on desktop anymore. Looking at how all over the place it was with odds not making sense, it may have been some geek’s idea of making some money out of the project without realising the legalities.
  22. No small amounts involved: https://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-local-byo-208758.html
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