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  1. gadget


    They have a website. gov.im Maybe they should focus on making that more usable instead of creating "microsites".
  2. gadget

    Athol Street police presence

    Or person C is between person A and person B, but given the naming convention this is unlikely to happen. Just be thankful that person A isn't after person Z.
  3. gadget

    Richmond hill

    These signs may also be used where solid white lines are to be removed during the works.
  4. gadget

    Richmond hill

    When I went past today the yellow diversion signs were in place, but the 'road closed' signs were folded face down at the side of the road. I would say that constitutes a road open.
  5. gadget

    New Tech Firm owes wages

    This might be good enough... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41972&headline=Firm didn't pay its staff&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018
  6. gadget

    IOM Today Website (Pathetic)

    Thats why I use an ad-blocker on my iPad.
  7. gadget

    Douglas town square to be hidden from view

    Sorry. I'll get back in my basket.
  8. gadget

    Douglas town square to be hidden from view

    Couldn't the ground be cleared and the hoardings removed altogether? I seem to remember that the ground was open a number of years ago, with TT and Christmas events held on the square.
  9. gadget

    Man Vandalises Isle of Man Bank Headquarters

    Surely there is no such thing as 1920s art nouveau? Agree, but llap thinks differently. It's not really classical, or neo classical, no columns as such. The Isle of man loves its columns. These are beauties on Government Building Murray House. Last time I was past there someone had kicked a hole in the bottom of one (they are made with classical hollow fibre glass type stuff) and it was being used as a litter bin. murrayhousesmallimage.jpg And now you might find they're missing altogether.
  10. gadget

    You Can't Polish a Turd.

    It needs demolishing and rebuilding.
  11. gadget

    Coastal Paths

    Completely agree. Tried walking that path a few months ago and ended up abandoning it.
  12. gadget

    Welcome Centre not welcoming

    Wow, really? If this is true I'm actually gobsmacked! You would have thought that as a Welcome Centre it would open to welcome visitors arriving. Especially during the TT period. Arriving from an evening sailing to find the centre closed isn't exactly welcoming.
  13. gadget

    You Can't Polish a Turd.

    You might have to get her there before midnight when it re-opens...
  14. gadget


    There's a product review for something very similar dating back to Feb 2015 http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/lightning-saver-protects-your-cables-from-wear-and-tear
  15. Yes. I've had this issue too. Have also signed up for Googles U2F implementation, so I'm not completely locked out, but doesn't work on all mobile devices yet.