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  1. Yes we are, hopefully someone who has them as their isp can post their stats. I sync between 180 and 186 depending on line conditions, seamless rate adaption is nice. 175 mbps max throughput which is not bad. I think I am about 350 - 400 metres away from the fibre cabinet. (Sure)
  2. Any updates on peoples actual throughput on this 200mbps service, are you getting the bandwidth, is it worth it?
  3. Is there a firmware for the 4130 knocking around, I can't see any mention of this device on the Manxtelecom website.
  4. Does the 589vacV2 not support this - Technicolor refer to it as profile BrcmPriv1 I believe? If not what routers are the ISPs here supplying that does - the 4130?
  5. https://web.sure.com/isleofman/about-us/news/independent-experts-find-sure-has-best-mobile-network-in-the-isle-of-man https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/mobile/best-overall-mobile-network So which is it?
  6. Has anyone achieved the advertised speed on this service yet?
  7. I am not sure this is as good as thought at first glance. Single thread performance does not seem great, eg if I have a have a single connection to a server and am downloading a single file the connection seems capped to less that half of the theoretical maximum speed. I can work around this using a download manager however which can split the download up. Speedtest.net gives a good result because it uses multiple threads / connections. The speedtest at thinkbroadband shows single thread performance. Still very good for torrenting those Linux ditros however.
  8. looks like the extra monthly price it costs for the 100 mb optimal over the 100 mb landline option is oh, about the rental cost of a landline.
  9. @Smeagle It was this, obviously MT were enforcing the limit until they officially released upto 100 which the Sure helpdesk were unaware of. Seeing 94 down now which is nice.
  10. Thanks, yes I saw that I am synced at over 100 now as well but on throughput tests on speedtest (yes not scientific) performed at various times of the day and night I hit a definite ceiling of 80 hence the question. I see MT say the 4th of December, but Sure say its live now,
  11. Sure are advertising their superfast package as 100+ now, up from 80, and I was wondering if any sure users on this package had seen over 81 on speedtest.net? (It will only be people fairly close to a green fibre cabinet that will be able to get this)
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