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  1. Now that is really spooky. A similar thing happens on some road in the UK, (cannot remember where) an animal runs out and has caused numerous accidents. And no trace of the animal.
  2. Strange how no one has mentioned the ghost dog at Peel Castle. Can anyone tell us the story?
  3. Another point. On the phone in afterwards Watterson told a caller he could discuss the issues but not the candidates. This is a bit rich but is apparently under broadcasting rules. So much for free speech. In the USA they allow phone ins to commentate on candidates for election. Why not on the Isle of Man. People being oppressed of free speech once again?
  4. I felt the same sam. Dave Callister could have really ripped into them all but he did not. Also he chaired the programme poorly and there were too many interuptions. Paxman would have slaughtered them all!
  5. 1. How is it a fiasco? 2. You object to EuroManx expanding, you object to Easy Jet arriving. Do you have a vision for how it should be run? Euromanx have difficulty with making their present multi contract (no one responsible) flight arrangements without any further expansion. I do not object to euromanx expanding but they should operate their present flight schedules properly first. Ronaldsway airport staff are not allowed to comment but they know the fiasco and so does the Transport Minister.
  6. Look at what BA did Declan. Where are we now? BA bought Manx Airlines for routes and air slots. Once they got them they then eroded the situation into what we have now with Euromanx being formed. Oh yeah, flights galore, not linked with international ones, numerous delays, passengers pulled out of one plane into another. It is a bloody joke. The next stop will be passengers asked to wind up the propellors! And Government is doing nothing. Ha ha ha
  7. I could respond but choose not too. Why are you ruining a good thread. Have you some interest to preserve Euromanx? You and Bill Posters? You both seem to not like criticism of Euromanx. Friends of Warren Seymour perhaps? Lets get back on thread and deal with what is a fiasco regarding air services to and from the Isle of Man. And by God it is a fiasco.
  8. I awoke from my dream and opened my eyes, Turning over under the sheets I realised upon wakening a big surprise, I was bursting for a pee and needed to go to the bog, Then shock horror, My vision of you cleared and I saw a dog.
  9. Not interested. Not worthy of reply. Good Evening
  10. Yeah, He cannot stand being challenged or criticised in here. I have no issues with him and as for his issues with me I am not in the least interested. All I am doing is standing my corner for the right to free speech. Party Politics you have that PM.
  11. They would run it for a while and if not making money they would pull out and we would be back to square 1. Tynwald should have bought out or nationalised Manx Airlines. It would have cost them about 50 million. But they missed the boat! Our wonderful Manx COMIN. Ha ha ha
  12. Hi Party, Noubt wrong with the thread you posed a good topic and I replied in code. Others have decided to hijack it. I could explain further if you would like me to PM you.
  13. "son" was meant as affectionate term towards one not in the know regarding my first post that BILL decided to take off thread aided and abbetted by you. So lets cut this crap and get back on thread. (Party Politics has made a good post here and I have replied. I see no need to explain anything to the likes of you or Bill.) We await Paul H to give us the answers... he seems to know a lot from the information desk at the Airport (City Desk)
  14. The cellar under Quids Inn is haunted. Many years ago I visited the place before it became Quids Inn and the owner at the time told me his dog would not go down the cellar. I had to go down (work) and I felt a horrible feeling. I cannot describe it. When I got back to the office I was told that many many years ago witchcraft had been practised there. I refused to go down that cellar ever again. Rog, Do you know the tale of the ghost in Molly Quirk's Glen?
  15. Whats your problem Stavros? Why are you so defensive of Bill. Also I never accused you of putting anyone down. Be patient dear boy. Party Politics has created this thread and it may deliver. Or do you and Bill want it moved for reasons best known to yourselves? The Easy Jet thing is quite seperate from this thread and it should not be moved. So calm down son and lets see what happens.
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