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  1. It's a poisoned chalice and a rotten role that comes with massive abuse to be sure. I can't imagine who on earth would put their name forward for this. But I imagine that all the male politicians have run for the hills already in case they get the call.
  2. Addie

    New Rules

    Looking through http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/guidelines/ it does seem that T&C 7 could perhaps be tweaked to require more confirmation of the members' legitimate identity? Plus it seems that the 'Guidance' isn't followed through and action taken when the rules are flaunted? I belong to a few specifically themed facebook groups and these are pretty tightly run. People are asked to re-read the rules that they are expected to have read and agreed to before posting. If they repeat the posting error, they're out immediately. Maybe things have been a bit lax in here and a firmer approach would help?
  3. Addie

    New Rules

    Well I for one don't know anything about people's sock puppets. Personally I may remember to pop in to read the forums, sees a load of dross on the first topic selected and leave straight away for another month or two.
  4. Addie

    New Rules

    I've been a member since the beginning really and have only just been made aware of this topic which was mentioned elsewhere. I don't come in as often as I used to as it was starting to resemble (what I imagine to be) a boys reform hostels dorm. Frankly, I wish that the admins had been a lot tougher with the childish idiots who would take a good topic and completely derail it with personal insults and plain stupidity. Albert has made some interesting points above but in truth, they all require much more work from the already seemingly abused and thoroughly cheesed-off Admins. Why should they bother? People say that it's a thankless task, well I'd like to say Thank You to you all for making the effort to run this place. If MF bump off the dross, it would be great. It may even become a place of which people could become rather proud to be a member. It was a real voice years ago before things were loosened up. Politicians used to fear it, frequently with good reason. Now? It seems to be losing it's heart and will to live. Admins are abused in here and in their personal lives. That's totally unacceptable. It's approaching stalking for goodness sake. But please keep going Admin and Mods. Take tighter steps to identify each member before accepting them and introduce an R Plate system for new posters' first (say) 30 comments, i.e. all posts run through a mod before going live (more work though)? Would genuine members on here object to confirming their full ID or re-registering - adopted name to be used to post - if requested? If needed, get more mods. Be firmer more quickly with idiots and enforce your own rules which were never firmly applied. Please members, don't respond to wind-ups and trolls. This can only make the mods job more time consuming and frustrating and maybe lead to a closure. This is a great wake-up call by Admin and the Mods. Keep going and thanks.
  5. I was going to comment, but as Neil appears to have taken on the mantle of forum spokesperson, I'll not bother.
  6. I think that her expertise is now showing. What baffles me is why David Cretney's Labour Party backed someone so clearly ill-equipped to run the island's affairs. Are candidates not vetted at all?
  7. I rather enjoy listening to Ramblings each week. Very relaxing and easy listening.
  8. I just love this and can't help laughing every time I watch it. Enjoy :-)
  9. You've been extremely fortunate then. Your assurance that they'll be on the case and helpful just like that doesn't quite reflect the actuality for some people. We suffered months of problems with many reports made but they never did one thing that we didn't pay for, regardless of problems not being our fault.
  10. Addie

    MLC'S ROLE ?

    One of the problems with these unelected MLCs is that they can often continue to act as an MHK if their one time constituents refuse to move forward to their currently elected MHK. They possibly get under more feet than they're worth.
  11. A true legend and a lovely man who achieved so much. Very sad. Locally, the Manx Motor Racing Club has lost two great supporters recently. Geoff Duke and now John Surtees.
  12. I'm looking for a something to take on holiday to access internet with preferably a keyboard. Something smaller than a normal laptop that I can use on the beach or on the 'plane. Maybe a 2 in 1? I did wonder about a tablet of some kind but not sure. Money fairly tight but I'd like something with a big enough brain and memory to be useful. Can anyone recommend something please?
  13. I can't make out of the nudies are wearing Viking hats or knitted ones. Warning - nude content. https://tinyurl.com/zwkxn9h
  14. I think that most women have felt asexual the odd time. Particularly when hubby crawls home after a marathon 'boy's' night out...
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