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  1. Now I know why any meal containing kidneys makes me retch.
  2. So we're paying for their business trips and they're getting freebie pleasure trips too? Someone isn't managing our money to our best advantage...
  3. See, even this post is provocative. You give off about not being able to have a decent discussion, and resort to name-calling and villification to other posters who disagree with you. Not very sociable really. While you ooze this kind of high-brow intellectual snobbery who would want to engage you? I am prepared to be corrected but I have the impression that rmanx may consider him/her self to be a bit "high brow intellectual, but he strikes me as the type of person I met from red brick universities or members of the socialist society of say the LSE ( likes of Robin Blackburn, if memory serves ) who were persuaded to reject their middle class backgrounds and identify with an image of what they consider the "working class" ( typically SWP / left labour). They then went on to get a comfy job position (in say advertising, Local/Central Gov ) but still claimed to be part of / and support groups who they considered to be the true working class . Anyone who questioned their views was either a member of the privileged middle/ upper class or someone who had betrayed their class and was fair game to slagged off/ bullied/ridiculed , using the tired old cliches trotted out to them by their sociology lecturers when they were at "uni/college" Hoping that those who hadn't had the benefit(?) of their education to engage using the terminology and would give up /walk away . This would be seen as a self congratulatory victory for those middle class folk (claiming to be bone fido (lol)members of the "lumpen proletariat". I would contend that it would not be unusual for members of the working class like to see "fair play" , less folk taking liberties by choosing to depend on benefits, criminals not being considered "victims ", rather than those offended against , criminals demanding their "human rights" but refusing to see they have any obligations or responsibilities . But then again I have no "evidence" to support my assertions , I may now be comfy but I've come from nowhere and still have my "union card" and have, never voted conservative in my life ........ does that still make me working class? Just saying Inverted snobbery is alive and well then. Long live the 60s.
  4. Snakes? Ladders? Far too dangerous. I'm envisaging one of those yellow builder's rubbish chutes being affixed to the front windows of all Government buildings. Health and safety and all that.
  5. Real tough guys, eh? Targetting the most vulnerable elderly people? What next for these big boys? Pinching children's Christmas parcels? Breaking into baby's nurseries and helping themselves to baby monitors to feed their habits? Worthless little vermin like this make me so angry. I hope that they are found quickly and dispossessed of everything they own and thrown out of whatever rented place they live in.
  6. So, who is worth more of the tax payers' shillings, a Data Protection Registrar an Information Commissioner?
  7. Addie


    I'm sure it's not a problem for people who can read legislation and assess what they are entitled to claim for. What a condescending and unhelpful remark. Being aware of what is or is not available to you at very serious and demanding times isn't a matter of literacy. Some situations are critical and other matters have priority.
  8. All this will do is put more traffic on the roads from Peel to Douglas. There aren't any jobs in Peel so Quarterbridge will be even worse than it is now at peak times. Maybe if the government put jobs in place in Peel, or Ramsey or in the South, then people could possible wish to live there.
  9. Addie


    Phoenix Windows can replace the glass panels or the whole thing if preferred. We've used them a lot and they're excellent. http://www.phoenixwindows-iom.com/
  10. Revolting man. I think that it's about time that his publicly funded security should be confined to within the UK. Let's see how often he goes a'wooing the bad and the ugly abroad when he has to pay his way.
  11. Who is the current 'Minister' of Fun? MHK motorcycling enthusiasts must have been in quite a queue for that job.
  12. What happens when the cryonics company goes bust?
  13. Listened to it in the car. The enthusiasm for the Calf's wildlife was wonderful.
  14. This is so sad. I can understand the dream of never actually dying or feeling that you haven't really lost someone, but I truly don't believe that the science is there yet and goodness knows what they're playing with. What if it works, to a degree, and once warmed up the result is a decaying body and a dead brain? What then? What would be the ethics of disposing of a half revived body and brain? It's doubly tragic to be honest.
  15. Thanks both. Yes we want a proper job done so thanks for the info and the recommendation.
  16. Does anyone have any recent recommendations for someone to fit a multi-fuel stove? We've got the stove but it just needs fitting.
  17. George Clooney's odds have narrowed to 100/1 for next President. *sigh*
  18. Media now saying that Clinton has conceded. Incredible.
  19. France use the Bleuet de France aka Blue Cornflower. edited to add that I have a relative killed in WW2 and buried in France. That little cemetery has graves of military of different nationalities from all sides. When you walk around it, the sight of all those fallen is so upsetting, whatever their nationality. Some had no choice whatsoever of wearing their country's uniform and having their lives put on the line. I wear a plain little poppy as an act of remembrance of the sons, fathers, uncles, nephews and brothers who died serving compulsorily or voluntarily. To me it's also a sign of the sheer waste of life of it all. At the top of war, there always seems to be a madman. edited to further add that I was shocked to see local thickos on facebook repeatedly moaning about the British Legion on the island not supplying fancy brooch and metal poppies down south. You really wonder about people sometimes...
  20. Spotted in the press today;- 'If somebody can't handle a Twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear codes': Obama taunts Trump after aides 'take away tweeting privileges because he has no self-control'. How worrying is the thought of this reality buffoon in charge of the nuclear button? But then the option is Hilary and her husband's dishonesty. If forced I'd have to go for an anti Trump vote.
  21. Addie


    What a sad non-event that was. The perfect conditions and plop! Bring back the long taper and Swan matches.
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