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  1. I'll try again http://www.braddan.im/wp-content/files_mf/1478087417WIM311052.pdf
  2. Cronkbourne Village – For Sale http://www.braddan.im/cronkbourne-village-for-sale/
  3. There used to be loads of spammers selling pets on there. Maybe it just needed an upgrade.
  4. Addie

    Food Banks

    Some people seem to really know their way around the benefits system, sometimes they're the ones playing it. Others haven't a clue what to do when you leave work to look after someone with a serious illness and you then lose those times from your pension pot. No-one mentions to parnets with small children needing 24 hour care that they can have the simple benefit of a stamp credit. This bounces onto your pension and can affect it very badly. People who have never worked a day know how to do things and those on a gap just don't.
  5. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders
  6. I saw a baby bath on manxads, maybe that would be big enough?
  7. You must have received something rather different than I did then...
  8. Maybe someone has an empty shed that could serve as a venue?
  9. I truly believe that those standing for the Keys and rejected by the electorate should in no way be allowed to bypass democracy by being shunted into LegCo.
  10. I disagree, llap. However, I do wonder what the result is going to prove if only a few people were contacted?
  11. Loved her Coronation Street and Last of the summer wine.. And could she act. A treasure indeed. Hilda's pride in her flying ducks winging their way across her Muriel used to take me back to the north of England where a neighbour of ours, who also wore curlers all day, proudly announced that her granddaughter had a new frock for the church's Easter Parade. It had layers of satin with dynamite all around the hem. RIP Jean Alexander
  12. I'm sorry to see dilligaf leave the forums.
  13. Addie


    There as in up there? I seriously doubt it.
  14. I'm genuinely curious, Gladys and John. I belong to other groups and they delete obnoxious posts and posters without the slightest problem, so how can they moderate more actively and you admins here can't?
  15. Save us all from liberal ideals. Yes, you can ignore, but you can also protest. Sometimes people are just asking for a virtual clip around the ears.
  16. Addie


    Well Yes, I suspect that many of us have loved, nursed and lost people who were never going to survive. It's the cycle of life. Those who can, cope and care. I wouldn't want to be your child. Imagine if they had an accident which damaged their capability of coping with life unaided in the future. What then, Tarne?
  17. I don't know what admin have to deal with as only they know that, possibly some decisions are fair, others not so much. How can we tell? But, the non-removal of posts like abortion#234 and posters like Tarne make me embarrassed to be a part of these forums. It brings home that there are people you're virtually mixing with here that you wouldn't have anything to do with in real life. I know I've seen various admins' comments regarding rules about editing etc, but common decency surely should have a place in here? Rules are broken all the time on here and that doesn't seem to be addressed, so like unruly and unchecked children, some members go too far. Maybe Tarne will apologise and remove his remarks voluntarily, that would be welcome. If not, I'd bounce him off pdq.
  18. Addie


    What a truly disgusting post. You should be truly ashamed of yourself for name-calling and debasing innocents who unable to defend themselves against insensitive, ignorant and abusive comments like yours. If we adults can't protect and defend helpless children, what the hell use are we - or you?
  19. When newly married we did our washing by hand and progressed to a twin tub when the first baby came along. Then we got an automatic machine and I stood there and watched through the first entire wash and spin cycle and couldn't believe it. Magical stuff that's now taken for granted. Same with dishwashers. My children got their badges for dishwashing using one! I'll be without one for a few weeks soon and I'm dreading it. Ready meals weren't available so we all had to learn to cook. Money was thin on the ground so we also had to learn to do DIY on the car and also on the house. Skills that have travelled along the years with us. Our first car was purchased £50 cash for a car from EB Christians and got a calendar from them every year for 25 years or so. What profit there I don't know. I was lucky to be of the flower power generation and actually wore flowers in my hair when going out in hippy clothes, mini skirts, bell bottoms or hot pants. Those were the days.
  20. A week ago Looking a bit rough now though
  21. MLCs shouldn't be allowed within 100 miles of casting a vote for CM.
  22. I never voted here when abroad as I lost touch with things somewhat and didn't know what was needed here (not that it makes any difference). Nor did I vote when living abroad as it wasn't my country to interfere with and to be honest, I had no intentions of staying there.
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