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  1. Any luck yet finding your earring, thebees? I'm thinking that a dedicated odd earrings facebook page could be useful. I've got a box full of the little beauties and can't throw them out as there's always an absurd hope that their mate will pop up somewhere - even though some were lost abroad. Edited to add many congratulations on saying goodbye to the cigs.
  2. With a mouth like that, she should grab every opportunity that comes her way.
  3. The thing is MTP, everyone's pretty old to someone younger. Some of us just don't know it yet.
  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday doc. 70 is no age at all, too many new projects to start and new things to learn and places to see. I only feel old when I look in the mirror ;-)
  5. I agree that the swipe of a finger access to online information is very handy but bound to dull the memory. Before the electronic 'phonebooks we used to remember lots of family's long telephone numbers, addresses, birthdays and so much other day to day information. Literacy was expected. Some of us as children were fortunate and loved each volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica that stirred the imagination. But I think that despite so much information being so readily available and too easily accessed online these days, the result could be dangerous. What happens when the lights go out?
  6. You're a helpful lot, thanks. I'll try all of the suggestions. edited to add, they all work, thank you.
  7. Really enjoyed reading your memories woolley I'm from the baby boomer generation so musically my early childhood was hearing music from the 50s. The crooners were still around and ballroom dancing was the thing. Young men were encouraged to learn a waltz at least so that they would be able to invite their girlfriend or future boss' wife onto the Christmas Party dance floor. Then when music changed towards the late 50s and early 60s, if you couldn't jive and twist or do the Madison, you were pretty useless. My idol was Eddie Cochran and it was impossible not to hit the floor when his music came on in the jive club. The floor that turned into a wonderful roller rink the rest of the week. Music had real rhythm and if you couldn't dance to it, it was nowhere. The 60s arrived and things changed enormously. Trips to Manchester to the Jungfrau nightclub. The island also had some terrific groups who played in quite a few venues. The Golden Goose club in Duke Street where the floor itself bounced merrily when the floor was full. The girlfriends of the band members sitting on the edge of the stage guarding their men from any admiring fans. Happy times. Of course it's also a well known fact that sex was only discovered in the 60s.
  8. Sadly screenshot doesn't seem to work as I can't findwhere to put the screenshot when taken. I detest my computer at the moment, Dilligaf. Don't know how to find snipping tool when on google maps screen, Ans. I couldn't find it anywhere. I found the embed option and saved the link but not as a jpeg. But what I've managed is very workable. Thanks gentlemen :-)
  9. I need to save a google satellite image, preferably as a jpeg or similar. I can't for the life of me remember how to do it. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  10. There's someone very sick in the head to do this to helpless living creatures. I hope you're reading this, you thick, sick, brain dead, evil, disgusting piece of garbage.
  11. Addie

    Laxey Bridge

    We used the bridge yesterday. I can't see a problem if people are looking where they are going. But is it doesn't cut down the number of vehicles using that route I imagine tailbacks look likely.
  12. Addie

    Gay Pardons

    I was in total ignorance of people still having to declare their 'guilt' of being homosexual when applying for work etc. Why wasn't this dealt with when the law was changed? A pardon sounds rather patronising but necessary and privately done. An apology to accompany it would be good too.
  13. Maybe a weekend voting system would be better. It works in other countries. It must be so difficult for the30-50 year olds to change into their workout clothing and footwear and strap on all their wrist bands and jogging trackers and fancy kit on to trot their way down to the polling offices after work.
  14. Addie

    Taxi for Quirk.

    Who's he going to boss around now? So back on the tools after some catch-up courses then, perhaps...
  15. He told me that he wanted to attract local businesses into the area, some of them for shops.
  16. Addie

    Taxi for Quirk.

    I don't think that he's been winning any friends during his tenure. What goes around comes around.
  17. Weren't a few pounds were 'invested' in re-routing half of Douglas to accommodate a major supermarket in a most unsuitable spot? I'm sure that they're not alone either.
  18. On the Isle of Man. So good to see people with vision posting on here ;-)
  19. It's so basic, how could they possibly get it wrong, they've only had five years to get this right. I wonder who's running anything official on this island. So many things seem to be handled in an incompetent manner.
  20. I thought that someone mentioned the restoration area moving into the Stella units? I could be mistaken though. It would be an added attraction.
  21. I suspect that many of the shops and businesses that he hopes to attract will have that 'artisan' feel to them. I wonder who'll get the contract for houses? Himself maybe? I don't care as long as Dandara don't get their teeth into it. We've been to the museum a few times with visitors, and they've all been amazed at the collection and more to come. Notwell has summed things up well except for The Guardhouse, which offers a good feed when up that way.
  22. Lol. Did it in one Quilp. I really do underestimate people on here sometimes.
  23. Denis Cunningham, owner of the Isle of Man Motor Museum, reveals details of his vision for a new masterplan to expand Jurby with new businesses, housing, shops and a possible media centre. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/80701/new-jurby-masterplan-revealed I had a conversation with him last summer and was rather impressed with his enthusiasm for Jurby and it's possibilities. But I'm sure that someone will find the negatives before post three though...
  24. As in the real election, invisible :-(
  25. Thank you those who have taken the time to give their views of the Requisition meeting. I'm totally disheartened by the options available in Ramsey. At the moment I'm really stuck. Singer - No. He's had his opportunities. Allinson - No. I don't want a part time MHK doubling as my part time GP. The Ramsey electorate and the Group Practice and its patients need more respect than that. Hooper -No. Lib Van just doesn't do it for me, never did. Crowe - No. Hoist by his own petard on social media. McDonough - No. Not right either.
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