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  1. But, like me, he says what he thinks. I admire that in a person. It does not make us popular people, but "what you see is what you get" is not a bad thing in my book. I don't care how many people dislike me TBH, I just can't stand those who are two faced. I don't really get this - I'd say the majority of the posters I regularly take note of "say what they think" but manage to make a more substantive contribution and without the aggression and swearing Hillshepherd is infamous for. His total disappearance after being outed has a different kind of eloquence. Still, teapot is still here, ready and able to fill the gap.
  2. Or some of us invite them in and give them a good old grilling. 'F off' doesn't really have kudos nor does it encourage debate or opinion, does it?
  3. But, like me, he says what he thinks. I admire that in a person. It does not make us popular people, but "what you see is what you get" is not a bad thing in my book. I don't care how many people dislike me TBH, I just can't stand those who are two faced. Sometimes it's not always the wisest move to reveal your thoughts, especially on the internet. And sometimes holding back one's thoughts can be a kindness. It's not a matter of being popular. I agree though about two faced people.
  4. I guess you mean his omelettes are a yolk then? Boom Boom.
  5. OCD and DID seem to be alive and kicking on the forums...
  6. I haven't seen signs of him but he's been on my blocked list for a while now. He's like Gordon Ramsey on a bad day.
  7. Impossible to tell on either front ;-)
  8. I think that I 'may' have bumped into him and his mate in the supermarket yesterday when there with a mini family member. Or at least someone else bellowing ten F words per sentence.
  9. And your own food judging by some of the delicacies mentioned above.
  10. I'm sure that this was an error and not deliberate, so I expect that they'll survive this however yuck it may be. Labelling beef as horsemeat from who knew where didn't seem to stop locals buying from Tesco, did it?
  11. That sounds absolutely horrific! Poor thing.
  12. Care to share your address so I don't buy your house by mistake?
  13. More so if there was an option on the voting paper.
  14. If all the options are unacceptable, at the moment we don't really have a vote. With a 'None of the above' option, at least we could vote, make it count whilst making our feelings clear. I remember wanting to vote once when there was one person on offer and he wasn't someone I wanted as my MHK. He was the sitting MHK at the time and had disappointed me badly when I asked him to do something. So I couldn't vote. I felt rather cheated to be honest. And Yes, we have far too many politicians on this island. A few less wouldn't even cause a ripple in the water trough.
  15. Why can't we have the option of 'None of the above' that could then be registered as a vote?
  16. Such a weak statement that gets bandied around far to often. "If you don't like it/them you stand for MHK." Why should people who disagree with things have to stand and take part in politics? Laws/opinions can be changed without having to participate as an MHK (which doesn't even mean you'd change anything, even if you did). Then argue disagreements in a serious manner. You think that anyone is going to change the laws on the strength of what people who enjoy drugs are posting on here? I think not. People need to get organised If they want change.
  17. There are many public services that can be deemed as a waste of resources when looked at individually. The youth who has completely wasted the time of his teachers and the cost of his education? The drunk or the smoker who overindulges for years and costs a fortune medically? The over-eater who eats too much for too long and falls into ill health? The people who seem fit but incapable of working and live at the public's expense? The people who breed solely at the expense of the public? The people who knowingly break the law but get warnings that go unheaded? The people who could afford private sector housing but insist on sitting in publicly subsidised accommodation? Where does it start and where would it stop? If you don't approve of the laws, stand for the Keys and change them.
  18. So a young man sees an open window in a house and climbs in. He searches around the poor soul's meagre possessions and finds £10.00 in her purse. He pinches it, Does he get arrested or is he told "As it's only £10.00 lad, I'll let you off"?
  19. Absolutely fantastic. We were on row 3 and it was difficult not to get up and dance, but we did anyway towards the end when everyone was on their feet. Great show and fantastic performer. His voice just seems to get better and better. The drinks tent was poorly stocked but as red wine is my thing, I was happy enough. The size of the gifted knickers surprised me though. They were huge! They looked more like incontinence pants! I'm with Gladys. I would but I suspect that he wouldn't...
  20. Addie

    sheep worrying.

    I'm just wondering what the state of mind the farmer would be in after finding so many of his sheep and lambs maimed and killed so brutally. Does this get taken into account I wonder. My greatest fear, pet wise, is my dog getting loose, worrying/maiming/killing sheep and being shot. I'd be heartbroken but honestly couldn't blame the farmer.
  21. Addie

    sheep worrying.

    But it happened more than once, didn't it? So who could say with certainty that there was no future risk? Plus, Butterflies insinuates that farmers care less about their livestock. This is absolutely incorrect. Does he/she know any farmers? Farmers don't just do it for the money. There are many easier ways to make a living. Sitting all day in a warm office for instance adding up your pension and enjoying your paid holidays for instance. http://www.dlps.org.uk/images/sheepworrying.jpg
  22. Has anyone got any recommendations for efficient but reasonable lawyers to use when selling/buying property? Is it cheaper these days since things went digital? Or even which ones to avoid (by PM maybe)?
  23. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11899-scotsman-on-the-beach-urban-legend/
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