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  1. I wonder which democratically rejected politician they'll wheel out this time?
  2. The tales of inadequate equipment for the troops, some of which had to be responsible for increased loss of life or life-changing injuries is incredible. The average mother prepares her baby's nappy bag with more attention to supplies therein.
  3. Addie

    The Forge

    Who are you working for and we can all join in the fun and try and close them down too
  4. Observing Blair responding to the Chilcot Inquiry report, I genuinely wonder if he hasn't lost his mind. He reminds me of some deluded individuals claiming to hear voices guiding them to commit some atrocity or other. When challenged that he was the one who suggested a coalition, he replied with something along the lines of "I wanted to be the first 'phone call that President Bush called". He also stated that the early days of the conflict (don't mention 'war' as Geneva Convention rules may apply) were very successful. I remember well the awful images of the Shock and Awe attacks slaughtering goodness knows who on the ground. Heart breaking stuff. "I take full responsibility" he claims before blaming the intelligence reports for his subsequent actions. He disregarded the reports by UNMOVIC head, Dr Hans Blix, and rushed headlong into conflict with Bush Jnr like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Then the atrocious insult of his being appointed as Middle East Peace Envoy, in which (Gee, this is just to say thanks for being there Tony) role he seems to have networked his way into the tents of some of the most dubious creatures on the planet while Iraqi children scavenge to survive. He's now making millions while other people have died or been maimed and families destroyed on both sides. There aren't enough words to describe my sheer, unadulterated detestation of this man. I suspect that the man is sliding into lunacy. /rant over
  5. I think we all remember Blair's modest little comment "...“A day like today is not a day for soundbites, we can leave those at home, but I feel the hand of history upon our shoulders.". Quote of the day for me in Westminster's debate today "Isn't it time that the hand of history should be feeling somebody's collar?".
  6. OON NOW Chilcot "Peaceful options had not been exhausted". "WMD presented with unjustified certainty" etc...
  7. The early Top Gear shows were pretty iffy in many ways too and took time to evolve. Presenters were changed around a fair bit then too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lXI_IDBXfg
  8. Addie

    The Forge

    Been a time or two and the food was good and service always pleasant if sometimes a little slow. The responses to the complainers seem bad and utterly unprofessional, but we don't know the attitude of the complainers either, do we? Were they all polite in their complaint at the time - if they made one that is. People sometimes leave somewhere without a murmur then blast away on facebook the next day. You see it all over the place. Who'd run a business eh, especially one involving alcohol? The stress must be ghastly and maybe that's the problem here?
  9. Nonsense like this can really worry some people. There's a Co-op worker (Filipino perhaps) who's so scared about this that she didn't sleep last night. She actually came up to me in the shop to ask did I know about it and did I know if it was it true. Poor soul.
  10. There seems to have been a little run on the Isle of Man Post office...? To quote iomtoday's article in full, "The Isle of Man Post Office has run out of US dollars and Euros"
  11. I think a craft centre may be on the cards...
  12. I think that he'd be glad to hear your ideas, Mission. He seemed open to ideas to compliment his own thoughts.
  13. My money is on the owner of the motor museum taking the unit on for refurbishing vehicles so that he can bring even more over here. I think that there may be some wonderful ideas hatching in his mind for the Jurby area and good luck to him.
  14. Possibly not. Wasn't there talk of another person injured? If so, was that person the target and the MP somehow got involved with tragic consequences, or was the murder random?
  15. Absolutely shocking and heart breaking for her family. However this could be someone who had dangerous mental problems roaming the streets and not terrorist/politically motivated at all. I don't know which is scarier. And I'm already dreading that every time I put the news on, the 24h news will be droning on about it endlessly for the next week.
  16. You must have led a somewhat sheltered life then.
  17. Depending upon where your friends go, there are little private French courses all over France. There are also little groups of mixed French and English speakers who get together socially and teach each other. In the areas where there are many English speakers, the tax offices etc., have some English speaking staff and some places even have special days for English speakers to attend. But the best way is to immerse yourself in the community. It's too easy to go over there, never learn a word and live in Little England over there. I gave three French neighbours' children some English lessons (I'm not a teacher) and they and their parents helped correct us when we spoke to them. They all became firm friends too. Your friends will learn so much more easily once they arrive and dive into the community. Accents are also easier to learn when you're immersed. The main thing is to try to communicate, join in with their laughter at your mistakes and enjoy. Good luck to them. http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/
  18. The VIP tent was like a sauna. Everything was red including the faces of the overheated corporate bods. Air conditioning ruined by the gatekeepers standing there with the doors open. But the complimentary chilled white wine and beer flowed and the cosy spot in the shade outside was lovely.
  19. But it's the road racing capital of the world, so some locals feel that they just have to show how to ride. Peeing up the wall syndrome.
  20. Float like a butterfly, Ali. R.I.P.
  21. Some of the visiting bikers can't wait to get on our unlimited speed roads (that's what they think). So over they come and start racing around the circuit at way over the 70mph speed limit that they may be more accustomed to. They may never have ridden their bikes at these speeds before and certainly not on strange roads. I'm surprised there aren't more incidents to be honest.
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