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  1. Do these figures include those on long term contracts? These are currently all the rage for project managers / IT types I'm told.
  2. mayhem


    I'm told they have a full-time marketing type on a fixed term contract just for communicating updates etc...
  3. They should consider a National Fibre project to get Fibre into every property on the Island. Long term it would likely create more wealth and opportunities than EDF
  4. This statement appears to be the most blatant abuse of a monopoly position I've seen in a long while. In essence they have a profit figure of X% that they need to maintain. If they are not meeting X% they will simply increase costs until they do. Is there any actual oversight into how the business is run? Are it's costs appropriate for instance for a company of it's type? It's the ultimate get out of jail card - the company could be the best or the worst run on the planet. This statement makes that completely irrelevant - they have to make X% they are not doing that [insert reasons] and thus increase prices until they do. As others have stated if we have a hard winter will prices come down I suspect we all have a view on that. They are basically running a business without risk - which is something we would all very much like but most of us are not so fortunate and have to actually work at things, keep costs in check etc to achieve a profit. In many ways the MD of Manx Gas has perhaps the best job in the world.
  5. To an extend I agree consultants can be divisive and need to be given clear direction / goals in order to achieve positive outcomes. However are the IOM government capable changing themselves at a pace of anything faster than glacial? Have they actually done much other than put a head count freeze in place? Do you believe the IOM Government if left to themselves can sort things on there own in a reasonable timeframe (before they really do run into serious financial hardship)? If the answer is no then do they not need help from experienced people that are used to leading / driving through change?
  6. Regarding the price of bringing in consultants to sort out the mess that is the cival service. There are consultancy practices that will work fee / expense free and take a cut of the savings over a 2-3 year period, minimal risk to IOM Gov but they obviously need to be empowered to drive change through, suspect that is where it would all go wrong. These arrangements have been used to good effect elsewhere.
  7. mayhem


    Guernsey changed the basis of rating some years ago to be based on the composition of your property (they previously had a system similar to ours but even more antiquated) - land, garden, main dwelling, business premises etc and it's value in squared meters. The Gov / local authorities then decide on a multiplier that gets applied to each category. All very fair and equitable and allows the local authorities some interesting options too to attract or discourage certain types of businesses into their area via the rating system.
  8. Have a HD7 too with 7.5 and is a very good phone and the rate at which they are adding improvments is pretty impressive. Agree some apps are a bit more expensive and there is not the choice of iPhone / Android but everything I've ever needed / wanted has been available. Now that MS own Sykpe would not be surprised to see it built in to future versions, they are certainly committed to a release soon. Very pleased I went WP7
  9. This is likely what they mean by general avoidance rule: http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/press_130_11.htm
  10. mayhem

    Eve Online

    I play eve - in game ID is: Rastlor
  11. Have been getting a awful lot of Corrected Blocks (see attached) on our Draytek since the upgrade to ADSL 2. Thankfully the line is mostly stable but has anyone else noticed a increase? Have compared this to my Draytek at home and we have had 2 Corrected Blocks. Does this just mean that the line we are on is pant's / has too much noise on? Have to say the increase in upload speed for us is godsend but disappointed with the download speed in Onchan. As others have said Onchan's not exactly a backwater! Wiring within the building is new and MT have replaced the faceplates / removed the bell wire after our last "problem at the exchange" issue so pretty sure it's a issue outside of our control.
  12. Not used this as we've been long term Quick Books (too much pain involved in moving at the moment) users but Microsoft have released Account 2008. They have a free express edition (which can be upgraded if you need more). Worth a look and got a decent write up in PC Pro recently. http://www.msofficeaccounting.co.uk/
  13. Some one told me the IOM Collage was a testing centre? I'm in the same boat for the MS Dynamics stuff I'm studying for.
  14. I've used MS Expression for developing a few ASP.Net sites and have to say I've been impressed - handles nested masterpages, has decent standards checking, does a good job with style sheets and all the good stuff you would expect on the whole works well for us (also allows us to switch to VS 2005 easily, we find we do the our design / layout in Expression and coding in VS 2005). Much of the code base for the designer is to be found in the new VS 2008 web designer, so once we move to 2008 we will use it less. Bascially if your bulding ASP.Net sites you can't go wrong really. Not sure about it for PHP etc Dreamweaver may be a better bet if that your bag.
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