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    Gaming.<br />Drinking.<br />Meeting random new people and gettin rat arsed with them then ending up some random place i've never been.
  1. Guild Wars <3 Brilliant game. 8 lvl 20 chars soon to be 9 (= 2 sets of elite armour soon to be 3 I was off the net for like 4 months straight so i didnt get anything done on my account >.< Anyone who plays give me a Pm ingame. Purple Griever - My usual char i play - My ele - Elite Kurzick Armour <3 Kat Si Moto - Second most played char - My Assasin - 1k Kaineng Armour >.< In a 14mil Kurzick alliance. 2mil guild Guild name - Really Awesome Guild Name [RAGN]
  2. Watch it religiously everday. Jd - Is just brilliant Dr cox - all i can say is LEGEND!!! Turk - just brilliant. Elliot - who wouldnt. Carla - is the most boring in my eyes. Dr kelso - see Dr cox Best by far - JANITOR!! God that guy is so damn funny. Anyways anyone watch it? Views on the show? Favourite Dr?
  3. 28 weeks later <3 Damn fine film. Last two films i saw where. Resident evil 3 - One of the Best films i seen to date <3 Has everything i expected and wanted. Gore. Milla jovovich. Guns. Zombies. Perfection. Ending my god wound me up.... Hope theres gunna be a fourth in the films. 2nd film. War - Jason Statham and Jet Li Brilliant film. Great twist. Perfect way to bring two brilliant actors together. The martial arts combined with the action from gun fights = spot on <3 I highly suggest both these films to everyone. I have them on my laptop aswell. When i
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