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  1. Don't forget you also have the monthly standing charge for the gas meter !!!
  2. 85 degrees and getting hotter in Florida
  3. Hmmm! let's see! Douglas = Dump ! and strangely enough both begin with the letter "D"..
  4. Now it'll be easier to play Spot the Druggie
  5. TBH, unblocking and cleaning a kitchen gully is much worse, they stink! I was thinking on the way home on friday, IT techs charge 60 quid an hour, if my pc needed a new power supply, it'd be 60 quid plus parts - good grief it's a 5 to 10 minute job and certainly doesn't need 3 years training...fitting new RAM, same again, any muppet can do it £30 quid is the bargin of the century Couldn't agree more..£30.00 cheap by todays standards...Mind you I would say that being a plumber myself
  6. Knowing CJW as I do and his active involvement in the birdwatching fraternity of the the Island ( and off Island also ).and believe me he certainly knows his stuff !! whenever I read these stories, one question that seems to remain unanswered is the distances of these activities.. at what point does it become considered a safe distance away to do the photography ?..
  7. The "N" gauge is mighty small, my FIL has a track layout in his basement..mind you here in the US it seems popular..I know that doesn't help much !!
  8. old_scrote


    Get em at 75% off here at Lowes or Walmart in Florida .... $1.50 a set of 100 lights...got my next years stocks bought cheap
  9. One thing is...you probably wouldn't be allowed to just put a plastic one in the spot where the old one is..more than likely it will have to go outside the house...
  10. CuPlas Callow in Snugborough trading estate have always been very good with pricing....
  11. Whatever you decide on it's going to be more expensive than you're used to paying
  12. Try Darnills in Port Erin.....and I've seen people on here moan that Plumbers and builders are expensive a £30.00 per hour...yet are quite happy to pay these fees to garages !!!
  13. I know just how you feel, I lost a great friend and workmate who I was at school with in the 60's and we both worked for the same plumbing firm as apprentices..thankfully I was able to meet with him last year whilst I was home seeing family, sadly I won't be able to meet with when I'm home in a couple of weeks....RIP Geoff..you're in my mind all the time..
  14. And by the time you've save up for the PS3 there'll be a PS4 or even 5, so the PS3 will be old hat and you'll need to save even more for the newer version or better still have someone get you one in the USA at $299.00...which at todays exchange rate is about £182.00...
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