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    We had a problem with our neighbour's cat shitting in our back yard. We live right in the centre of a town so there's not many places (apart from our back yard) for their cat to go for a shit without risking its life crossing the road. Anyway, we tried one of those high pitched beeper things but that didn't work and it shit right infront of it. Then we tried concreting over the small patch of soil where it went, but instead it shit right in the middle of the yard. Finally, we spent a lot of time making it difficult for the cat to get into the yard in the first place and halleluya, it hasn't been back since. I always thought cats were more than happy jumping over walls and the like, but it seems that when they're having a shit on your property, they like to have an easy escape route planned on the level, incase you show up at the back door with a bucket of water. It might be more difficult blocking their access into a garden (rather than a yard), but good luck with whatever you try and I hope you find a solution.
  2. I hope the Bottom Police aren't reading this thread. Having a poo without first checking there is sufficient toilet paper is a hanging offence.
  3. It's educational for me. I come here to learn why all the things I like (the T.T., people, driving, dog turds, etc) are actually shit. Anybody know where they talk about cats?
  4. Pffft. Men are so soft. I bet a woman would have only felt a slight itch and then just got on with things.
  5. Deja vous. There's some peacocks knocking about in Andreas too. They are noisy buggers but they've been there for so long you get used to them. Anyway, when I was at the school, for some reason someone beheaded a peahen and threw it into one of the classrooms. But we pulled ourselves together and just got on with it, you had to in those days, didn't you? They didn't let it go to waste either.
  6. I'm only up to the Finger Bang series of South Park (think it's series 4) which is probably from 1998, so I'll let you know when I catch up.
  7. We initially bought a Family Guy dvd as a replacement to the Simpsons and South Park which have been watched to death. I was reluctant at first and didn't expect it to be anywhere near as funny as it is. In a way Family Guy has spoilt me. Now I don't enjoy the Simpsons as much as I used to and find American Dad a poor substitution. EDIT - My memory isn't what it should be, I forgot about Futurama. Used to watch it all the time, but I think Family Guy is funnier.
  8. Off Island I've seen a few famous people. I've seen Gail and Audrey from Coronation Street (separately) in Manchester city centre, but you would expect to see them there. I nearly went up to Audrey to say "Hiya Audrey", thinking I recognised her from the Isle of Man, until I remembered she's not real but on the telly and I hurried past. That would have been mighty embarrassing. And once in a student nightclub in Manchester, I saw a bloke who looked familiar and I said to my friend, "That bloke looks like Terry Christian, only really small." It was Terry Christian and he was really small. I know he looks small on the telly but he was so small in real life that I don't even think he could reach the bar.
  9. My grandmother and her friends like nothing more than to meet up and argue over who's the Manxest, so they'd love this. However, they'd probably be getting their knickers in a twist in the future because there's been so many new residents to the Island over the past decade that there will probably be loads of people belonging to a new generation of Manxies, who don't have any of the original Manx blood, but were born here, along with their parents and grandparents. Anyway, two of my grandparents, both parents and me were born here. My Manx generations go back as far as records allow, people like to prove their Manx which is why I think the family trees have been done. Further to me being Manx, I've been introduced to cousins in Nightlife, two of my great great aunties lived together in a cellar and only ate fish broth and I have Manx feet. So there. My boyfriend is Irish, but he was born here and he certainly knows more people than me. I think being raised in a place is the most important factor. When you're sitting all alone, all you have is your own memories.
  10. I know a couple of grey haired fellas that dye their hair and I think they find it a pain to keep on top of. Most of the time you can't tell it's dyed, but once one of them tried women's hair dye and ended up with nice dark brown hair indoors and browny/purple hair in bright sunlight. Stick to Just for Men and you shouldn't have this problem.
  11. I think I must walk around with my eyes closed. Even Norman Wisdom had to wave and pretend to fall over to get me to notice him. My friend served John Malcovich in Ramsey Shoprite. She had no idea who he was and asked him repeatedly if he had a clubmann card. He stared at her blankly until he answered "no". Shame on him, I bet Johnny Depp had one.
  12. A good friend of mine recently got bitten by her neighbour's dog. Quite a nasty bruise on her wrist and a ruddy good job she was wearing a protective biker jacket at the time. As far as I know she is still thinking about reporting it. Just to add about her behaviour affecting the dog's actions, I think the people who think this may have a valid point. She has stroked the dog lots of times in the past and always goes up to say hello if she sees it. This time however she didn't see the dog, so she walked straight past and it attacked her from behind. The owner told her it wouldn't have bitten her if she'd walked up to it face on. Her fault for not doing so, obviously.
  13. To add further to the rant against seagulls, it was in the 'North News' section of a local paper a little while ago that they had been taking piglets from farms in the north of the Island and pecking at the backs of cows. Everytime I think about how much I despise these creatures, I am comforted by Dave the cardboard box's story (which he probably made up), about how a seagull swallowed a ringy whole, which then ate its way out of the bird's stomach and ran for freedom. More ringies is the answer!
  14. I have my own theme tune which was written especially for me by my boyfriend. It's not a slushy love song or anything, it's just my name being sung over and over again to a happy tune. He is looking to record it in the near future so I can put in in my car stereo and play it loudly with the windows down when I'm driving around, or maybe attach speakers to my body and bounce down Strand Street to it on a Saturday afternoon, looking cool. It goes something like this, Puddy puddy, puddy puddy puddy puddy. Puddy puddy, puddy puddy puddy puddy.
  15. I was at the scene of an accident recently (not this accident) and it has changed me as a person in many ways. Seeing bad things on the telly and hearing about them on the radio didn't prepare me for the shock of seeing something so outside of the scope of ordinary life happening. You realise how fragile life is, I know everyone likes to use the phrase, "you might get run over by a bus tomorrow", but for a while you really do believe this and you see the danger in everything. The feeling has subsided now but it hasn't left me completely (which is a good thing, because being too scared to cross the road is not nice for anyone). I can no longer distance myself enough to see this man's death as just another statistic and my thoughts are with all of those involved. A terrible tragedy.
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