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  1. I thought Id take the chance to say goodbye to everyone as we are heading back to London. We have loved it on the island and are sorry to be leaving ....but family problems dictate we have to be near a good childrens hospital. Its been fun posting on the forums and Ill continue to read every now and then to see how you all are doing. Bye and thanks ..youve all been great
  2. The guy I know (who is the one from the paper) stores extra electricity in industrial batteries in his garage for those days when his consumption outweighs the production. I do grant you that he's a very knowledgeable electronic engineer who has skills at his disposal that many other people don't. He's had his installed for a year and he's already made back the money he invested in it. I guess it comes down to whether you prefer to accept the 'finger in the air' theoretical figures offered by a fervent MEA supporter or whether you'd prefer to accept the real world figures of someone who's actually done it, albeit second hand through me but I believe the information has been put into newspaper articles in the past. British Gas are selling wind generators at approximately £1500. They are also offering maintenance contracts and an installation service which, together, would seem to address ChinaHand's reservations. British Gas Link
  3. I think it might be helpful to state the obvious. During the time period referenced by PK :- N.Ireland Catholics suffered social exclusion, were posited as dirty and lazy and suffered numerous forms of discrimination on the grounds of their perceived potential disloyalty. In other words, Catholics in N. Ireland were associated with a particular identity. That identity was a significant departure from the Protestant / British norm. In my opinion, this was a classic example of social construction, but that is neither here nor there. There is a long and complex history as to why this situation arose. However, it had nothing at all to do with race or racism. PK is railing against this identity, an identity which posits Catholics as a group of social deviants. In my opinion, he is wrong, but he isnt guilty of racism.
  4. I do think it is reasonable, if you separate out parts of an existing thread and use them to kick off a new thread , entitled racism, to expect replies to be on topic. You have offered two credible definitions of racism. With all due respect, and trying to stay on topic, I cannot see PK has made any statements which would be classified as racist by reference to your credible sources. I do not like or agree with the content or tone of what PK has posted. His forthright comments, however, seem to be informed, not by race, but by an extreme reaction to what he obviously perceives as a departure from normality. Sorry ChinaHand, his opinions may be offensive, but racist ? I dont think so.
  5. I would imagine there is a significant minority willing to agree. For the record I strongly disagree with them ! When I posted my reply I was trying to stay on topic. ChinaHand had created a new thread on the specific topic of racism. Context and all that ........
  6. The problem with being a politician is one of being damned if you do and damned if you dont. I, too, am not an admirer of Mr Gill. However, in the interest of fairness, it is worth mentioning he is currently responsible for the conduct of what promises to be a very controversial investigation into energy prices on the Island. He has also, recently, moved a high profile amendment in respect of unfair dismissal legislation. During the past year he has been reasonably active in a range of issues including the distinctly unpopular and ongoing childcare inquiry. I dont really think his latest venture, which amounts to little more than lending his name to a safety campaign, is something he should be criticised for. However, I do understand your point about attracting personal kudos.
  7. Im probably missing something blindingly obvious about the link you have posted. Is there a problem with Politicians promoting safety in schools ???
  8. It doesnt seem to me that PK has actually stated anything which may be construed as racist. His views are certainly forthright and lack subtlety. I can well imagine they might cause offence. However, it does seem, to me, he may be expressing his outrage at people who live in circumstances and after a style which he perceives as a departure from the norm. In addition his comments are aimed at people who, after all, belong to the same racial type as himself. Racist ? I dont think so. Ill judged ? Maybe.
  9. Oh I think youll find it takes just a little bit more than your smellies to make us go moist !! (Moist enough anyhow) Nice smellies do add something to a man though. Ive been using Burberry's Brit Gold for the last few months. Its different and very sexy !
  10. I think you might need to be very careful about defamatory statements here. Please dont get yourself into expensive trouble , I should ask the advice of a moderator if I was you.
  11. It's very easy really, google did it for me ! here Thanks ever so much ! Now he should be happy for a while. I dont think he has ever managed a decent score in the past. Ans is right , he wouldnt use Google, I think he enjoys the challenge even tho it beats him every year. Thanks again
  12. My husband has been going mad trying to find this year's King Williams College Xmas General Knowledge Quiz. Has anyone been able to locate it online ? If yoy have tried it in the past , how did you do ? Its usually horrendously difficult !
  13. Too pet dislikes about dodgy parking. First people who park on pavements make it really difficult to get about safely with a push chair. It must be difficult for anyone in a wheelchair as well. Secondly, I just dont know how to get across the road safely when there are no gaps at all with cars parked nose to tail. Do I walk backwards pulling the pushchair or do I push it out into the traffic before I can see if anything is coming ? Either way always seems a bit dodgy to me !
  14. Oops !! Sorry things arent quite that bad. The actual figures are 419 million pounds and 300 million pounds respectively. Must have been counting sheep.
  15. No political system is perfect and I am certain, no matter where we looked, we would find some evidence of malpractice. The Island, undoubtedly, has one or two skeletons in its cupboard but, on the whole, has a reasonably good system which has served its citizens well. The comparison with China was made tongue in cheek. However, the intention was to establish some perspective. This small Island has done remarkably well and the key services provided, by Government, for its citizens, bear comparison with anywhere else in the world. I could have made an equally valid comparison against the poverty of services in the USA, India, Africa, and many other locations, including large areas of Europe. The Island does very well in comparison with most area in the world. Parliamentary systems tend to struggle if the separation of powers between executive and Parliament is indistinct. This will always be a danger in the Island given the absence of party politics. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the reliance on patronage which may erode the boundary and not, as you suggest, the opposite !We should note the answer to this particular problem lies in the hands of citizens and not in the hands of Parliamentarians ! I am not convinced the boundary has been critically eroded. However, there is some reason to be concerned that one or two MHks do not seem to understand the distinction between executive and Parliament. Im not quite certain how the MEA appeared in this thread but :- It would now appear the former MEA Board had incurred ongoing liabilities in the order of 450 to 490 Million pounds. At least 350 million of this would appear to be debt. Set against such a remarkable background, given the Island's tiny demand for power supply, it might, with the benefit of hindsight, have been remarkably astute to "stop" the MEA getting itself further entangled in any more business relationships. I dont know enough about this to make any analysis but look forward, in the fullness of time, to all being revealed !! I totally agree. But one might not have considered it so ridiculous given your original post :- Its ridiculous because the Island would come out rather well in any comparison you might care to make against the majority of locations in the world. I would agree it makes no sense to ignore the Island's faults. However, these faults are petty in comparison with those in other places and would argue we might do better to celebrate the Island's postive attributes rather than dwell upon its faults. Its a great place :-)
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