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  1. +1 for Avondale Dental in Onchan
  2. If anyone lost a pair of reading glasses in Douglas today, they have now been handed in to police HQ.
  3. Thank you, Waggler. Found the facebook page.
  4. Sorry, can someone tell me whereabouts this is going to be? Or is there a link to the official site? Thanks in advance.
  5. Do you have any details on here is this fishery going to be? And when is it due to open?
  6. Thank you everyone. Will have a look at the roof in daylight at the weekend and if I can't see anything I will give DPM a call.
  7. Thank you. I am hoping to get a repair done at the moment, but will bear them in mind for the future.
  8. Can anyone recommend someone to look over the polycarbonate (I think) roof of a double glazed conservatory and carry out any servicing / repairs it may require? The recent high winds appear to have shifted something and we are getting slight drips of water coming through. Given the enormous amount of rainfall we've had, its not too bad at the moment but it will only get worse. Thank you
  9. Apparently the Terminus Tavern does http://www.manngo.im/venues/terminus-tavern
  10. Would you please let me have a photo and dimensions of the wooden stools, please?
  11. Ooooppps! Just reread my original post.......mental note to self: proof read posts before submitting! (Also, wear glasses when typing!) We had confit DUCK
  12. War baby, I think we both know the answer to that question! Maybe they should have taken our order before sitting us at a table in the window! Luckily it was tipping with rain that night so not too many pedestrians looking in at the mess evolving at our table
  13. Thanks for that, MickeyBlue. What a shame, one my favourite Sunday lunch haunts........and sneaky Saturday lunchtimes
  14. Just heard a rumour that the Swiss House is closing down. Does anyone know if this is true or is it just hearsay?
  15. Thats the place. We went there a couple of weeks ago - food was fabulous. We had goats cheese wrapped in filo and smoked haddock croquettes to start. We both then had the confit dick on rosti and, as the food was so tasty, managed to force in a couple of desserts: eton mess and apple tarte tatin. Food was resonabley priced and the quality was excellent. It was full when we went and deservedly so.
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