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  1. Hey Stu, I couldn't put up with all that charging/refills/dying atomizers/batteries etc and messing about in general so ended up buying some disposables, they were £22.50 for 5 at the time, did exactly the same job (if not better)than the rechargeable's and much more convenient,just thought I'd share. Also just to say that the e-cig's actually work unlike the patches etc (personal experience), you can also lower the strength of nicotine as you go, and can eventually just smoke the vapor if you wish, or just stop. That Magestic XP900 sounds like a beast, good luck Stu
  2. I was born with the "need for speed" genetic defect,cars,bikes,jet ski's,boats you name it I'd floor it, I'm older and wiser now but still like to put the pedal to the metal at time's,nowt you can do about it, like I say it's in your genes,roll on the day's when Douglas is twinned with toy town and we all drive noddy cars fitted with speed limiters you guy's might just be happy then...
  3. In my experience a heart attack is the one thing that will make someone stop smoking. I've seen loads of (predominantly male) patients in their 70s who had a relatively mild heart attack many years previously, which was the end of their smoking career. Had they not had it and therefore continued smoking, chances are they wouldn't have lived that long. It could be argued that a mild coronary is the best thing that could happen to a smoker. Emphysema is the really nasty smoking related illness but gets little publicity compared to cancer/coronary. With emphysema you progressively lose the ability to expel air and CO2 from the lungs and likewise the lungs lose the ability to absorb oxygen. The result is ever increasing strain to breathe out and even to speak. This causes the chest and diaphragm to work harder and increase in muscular development leading to a dome shaped diaphragm and characteristic “barrel chest”. The domed diaphragm pushes into the stomach and thus the sufferer is afflicted by acute acid indigestion at every meal. The arms and legs may go thin and spindly with all effort concentrated on the chest. CO2 in the blood plus lack of oxygen causes loss of memory, insomnia. Eyesight fails. Personality changes include anger, irritability and an argumentative nature. The chest is congested with mucus such that you fear to sleep as the discharge accumulates and is murder to get rid of in the morning. Daily life consists of dependency on asthma-type inhalers. The end stage requires permanent link-up to oxygen including portable supplies for outside. No one really knows when an emphysema patient will die. But the process of getting there is more drawn out than cancer. You can see people out and about with these plastic tubes fitted for oxygen. In the end you can’t move, walk, talk, speak or breathe and the old ticker gives out with the strain but it takes ages. Pray for a good bout of “the old man’s friend” - pneumonia - a nice flue or cold can spark this off and give you welcome half day out with the undertaker. I am currently watching a friend go down with this illness. Diagnosed four years after he quit smoking for good - Too late!!! You forgot to mention (cant imagine why) that Emphysema is an autoimmune disease, and thus can effect anybody, smoker's or not.
  4. Hi, just rooted out the email with contact info 01422 845069 if it's good let me know :)good luck with the sprocket, it works a treat.
  5. Yep I bought a Warmland 4 of the same guy, I also made a contact in the uk for spares but it was ages ago, I'll see if i can find the email and let you know,by the way a front pushbike sprocket makes a good temp repair to cover the hole
  6. God, all that thinking, you must be worn out. I try cock. Fixed it for you I'll try anything me, how ya fixed?
  7. God, all that thinking, you must be worn out. I am, try it sometime cock.
  8. I had a thought today whilst clearing snow off our road, so elderly folk who aren't so confident driving on compacted snow and ice can get out and about, that the inmates at Jurby would love a few days out clearing pavements etc.,and then I thought, risk assessment, new boots, coats,hats,long johns, equipment blah blah blah........... To Add, I found that a good strong garden rake is a good tool for shifting this icy snow stuff.
  9. I tend to order stuff before I run out, not after.
  10. Holy shit man, what did you download, the entire internet? seriously this happened to a friend of mine and he ended up getting most of it refunded, you need it itemised and hound the life out of them,they have to be able to justify a bill like that on paper, if it is legit at least you will know were you went wrong and avoid it happening again, good luck
  11. I received an ENT appointment last week,it's six and a half months away,guess it'll probably be longer now, they could have let him clear his workload before they stuck him in the pokey!
  12. Hmmmm, after a quick shufty about, it would appear that in Ireland the daily cost of keeping a prisoner is £222.00 per day! so 81,000 quid per annum! I guess it would be similar here, and yes The Bees your darn tootin, Ive seen kiddy fiddlers get off with less time.
  13. I have read this article and how anyone, can see this man's treatment as anything other than a gross miscarriage of justice has me baffled, also has anyone considered the cost of keeping him in jail for a year? probably a minimum 50 grand courtesy of the taxpayer, some of you guy's really just don't get it do you?
  14. Maybe he picked it up thinking it was a bag
  15. I have a couple of questions for those in the know.I have been reading the relative pdf from .gov (I think) which is here and I,m wondering after reading it,who is the "appropriate officer" that decides, "Whether the criminal offence with which the applicant is charged warrants the granting of Legal Aid" Also, on the financial side,when a defendant has to pay a contribution towards legal aid, how can the "appropriate officer" decide what that contribution should be when the trial hasn't started and the duration of the trial, costs,expenses ect are unknown? Thanks.
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